1. $FEYE ticker renamed $FU I know I know.. this one is taken

  2. $FU well looks like the delisting is completed.

  3. $FU as you people got told months ago you $$$ would be ited up for months

  4. Sigma Advantage Investments holds an allocation of 1.4% in $FU in his Aggressive Stock Investment Portfolio

  5. $FU Hope there is news tomorrow !!

  6. $FU Looks like they were right about FU .., no response to SEC .... Noncompliance ... No internal investigation results ... Lost money !!

  7. $FU I m a firm believer!! I exercised my April 2.50 calls. Did TDAmeritrade have to cover the calls by shorting the stock? I hope so!!

  8. $FU Why arnt they responding to Sec ? Dead line is 18th april Hope to see some thing tomorow from FAB

  9. $FU Tons of activity on FAB s Weibo site today http://y.ahoo.it/btWtSJVm (unrelated, but did WB price their IPO yet?)

  10. $FU 17 April 2014 FAB premium video platform will be unveiled at the Beijing International Film Festival. http://y.ahoo.it/lXKlJDtP

  11. $FU 16 April 2014 Grand Opening of FAB Lufthansa Wangfujing store is the 2014 launch of their audio/video stores. http://y.ahoo.it/QMAHHVzw

  12. $FU 27 March 2014 [FAB] set up branch offices in Tianjin Wuqing to vigorously expand 5C Terminals in Greater Beijing. http://y.ahoo.it/XHq5jSuP

  13. $FU 19 March 2014 Interview with FAB Chairman Zhang Hongcheng who expects 100,000 5C Kiosks by 2015. http://y.ahoo.it/KbF1zNry

  14. $FU Mind you those titles are translated from Mandarin via Google for all i know they could read, Bankruptcy Attorney; Cayman Islands Banker

  15. $FU Don t really know what that means for FAB FU hopefully read something tomorrow as their response to the NYSE is due.

  16. $FU Well, FAB China and their subsidiaries are hiring. Over 20 jobs listed from March for Android Developer, Lottery Operations and Sales.

  17. $nq stock will probably recover in QTR3 provided Audit is good and nq stays listed otherwise it goes like $FU

  18. Sigma Advantage Investments holds an allocation of 1.4% in $FU in his Aggressive Stock Investment Portfolio

  19. $FU Where is Jimmy Rogers lately? Seems like he really stepped in it this time.

  20. $FU licio, get a job

  21. $KNDI $LLEN voluntary delist, $FU annihilated, KNDI is next. SEC investigation, followed by FBI. Pumpers changing their tune. HaHaHa

  22. $FU Still halted?

  23. Fab Universal Corp. Announces Notice Of Noncompliance With Nyse Mkt Listing Standards http://y.ahoo.it/rgOTytpn $FU

  24. @ProTraderMigel @nudeDAQ $FU, what do you know about the outcome? Its all assumptions at this point.

  25. $FU Dont know why NT 10-K are always approved but FAB makes NYSE MKT Noncompliant Issuers Notification sent 4/03. http://y.ahoo.it/EbnPspBN