1. $VIPS Playin dis like the $NQ junk an the $FU dbl junk from months ago heha thanks for alert @capilalist

  2. $JCP $FU $BITA I was cleaning up some files early morning and found some old charts (previously posted) thought worth mentioning for $STUDY

  3. $ZU should change it s ticker to $FU cuz that s what it said to it s long term investors. $SPY

  4. $FU $TWTR

  5. $COCO $FU $NEWL $ANV hating bashers is easy - doing real DD on trash you own is not ... cheers.. U have been Partridged, more to come

  6. @Partridge: $COCO this leader of $POOPOO portfolio is still trading? Aug. 26 at 10:22 AM --> not for long $NEWL $FU friend Sep 9 2014

  7. Fulton Financial Corp announces quarterly dividend of $0.09. Payable on 4/15/2015. 2.92% Yield. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/FULT/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct&DefaultTab=Dividend $FU

  8. $FU I guess muddy waters was right about this one

  9. $FU currently trading at .04 on gray market under ticker fabu

  10. $FU ding dong ceo still alive?

  11. $NQ If you are still long on this you deserve to get taken to the cleaners. Remember $FU

  12. $fb don t make me change the ticker which starts from F .. Former $fu longs know

  13. $STUDY $FU So how well did this stock do after this call? (just previously posted) Detailed account. http://stocktwits.com/message/31480529

  14. $STUDY Remember $FU? Know the signals of when to exit these types of #stocks ASAP (before the fall) assure profit http://stocktwits.com/message/31480465

  15. $CMGE LOL another china disaster like $FU an $NQ

  16. $DRL this can be halted forever like $FU

  17. $NQ Be careful. Don t get stuck in this when it gets halted like $FU.

  18. $NQ as i said months ago this is junk an it may end up just like $FU did

  19. $MU and intc should be $FU Steve Sanghi. POS that guy

  20. $GTAT unfortunately I learn nothing when I win... you learn a lot when lose $STUDY join $FU $NEWL crowd

  21. $KNDI Reminds me of $FU

  22. $VIMC This reminds me of $FU and you all should know how that ended......

  23. $VNET reminds me of $LLEN anyone remember when that report came out? people kept saying report was false..then SEC halted one day also $FU

  24. @Partridge: $COCO this leader of $POOPOO portfolio is still trading? Aug. 26 at 10:22 AM --> not for long $NEWL $FU friend

  25. $DGLY kinda reminds me of $FU