1. merger is complete...Should allow $FUEL To grab bigger dollars with Big companies vs a dollar here and a dollar there with smaller guys

  2. $FUEL How do rumors get started. Seems like the X+1 got some buyout attention. Here we go... http://y.ahoo.it/n2s0ZRnC

  3. $FUEL @management, That s more like it http://y.ahoo.it/uehhw5R2

  4. $FUEL http://y.ahoo.it/ZYFVbHUO here s link

  5. $FUEL CEO speaks about lawsuits...re-affirms rocket fuel as industry leader. $YHOO $BABA

  6. @livinloud10 $FUEL at what strike price and month?

  7. $FUEL Something is brewing in the tanks. Someone bought 500+ calls towards the end of the day.

  8. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 2.5% in $FUEL in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  9. $FUEL volume is CRAZYYYY!!! 42,000 and growing. lol

  10. $FUEL if it would just pick a direction

  11. $FUEL @livinloud10 I do not comment like fools again & again to pump the stocks, anyone who buys at current price will make $$$ s :) cheers

  12. $FUEL This has a pin in. Mind and it s not 20

  13. $GLUU or $MNKD or $PLUG or $FUEL or $TUBE ? anyone have a good reason to or not to on any of these? thanks

  14. $FUEL It is still cheating in positive day!!

  15. $FUEL Hahaha wow bears are plain fooling everyone here, fuel is a steal at current trading price

  16. $FUEL is in need of an activist investor to flush out the incompetent upper management. George H. John fiddles while Rome burns.

  17. $STUDY Just as important as the ones you get are the ones that you (choose to) miss. Suggested a sell (break even) yesterday on $NUGT $FUEL

  18. $FUEL the cries for buys. just another day.

  19. $FUEL This is going to 12.50 s.

  20. $FUEL Buyout in the works?

  21. $MNKD $HCLP $FUEL are all on my buy radar. $TUBE and $GWPH (once it hits 100) are on my sell.

  22. $FUEL Will be easily be bought by a giant sooner then most ppl can predict

  23. $FUEL Looking like dead!!!

  24. $omex Followers rest 25of39 I cover up from open! Fav $omex 5% $burl $ssni $sfm $rkus $rh $pf $panw $mrin $icpt $fuel $fb $dkl $cvt $blox

  25. $FUEL Don t let them take any more of your money folks. Bought in the 70 s sold in the 50 s NOT LOOKING BACK. 100% SCAM STOCK