1. in due time... @livinloud10: $FUEL This should be down in the single digits...

  2. $FUEL This should be down in the single digits...

  3. @Championinvestor $FUEL

  4. $FUEL Anyone who wants to start a fresh position here at $FUEL go for it, last alert by me was for $GRPN @$5.80

  5. $FUEL Trading oversld Consensus Price target:$30.75 (113.39% upside), revenue & eps beat, this will reverse big time

  6. $FUEL Boys Aded Fuel in my portfolio, just strted a psition, grt company, ppl have no idea abt how Big data industries will thrive in future

  7. $FUEL looks interesting

  8. $VJET chart similar to what $FUEL looks like without the pops yet... but it s the potential.

  9. $FUEL Should finish EOD 15+ today

  10. $FUEL 3 September conference call may bring it up to $21+, may be a good option to add here.

  11. $FUEL giving it another try - in $15 calls for SEPT

  12. lol @TheVenetian: $FUEL Best value out there!

  13. $FUEL buying all day now and UNLESS the $SPY market goes down then we have a bottom on the most out of favor favorite

  14. $FUEL Don t want to speak to soon, but up 1% with decent volume so far. just a fairly decent sign to see in such bloodshed..

  15. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 2.3% in $FUEL in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Investment Portfolio

  16. $FUEL Best value out there!

  17. $FUEL 14.13 is coming up, that is S3

  18. $FUEL hoping for less stool and more fuel today. Huge gap up is going to happen but first we re playing limbo with shorts and swing traders

  19. $FUEL Its one thing to think like and insider an being one. No insider hangs out sending stocktweets. So chill the fck out basher. SMH!

  20. $FUEL Looks like all cheerleaders of doom and gloom are out in full force in this. Shame you re not an insider. Just retail like every1 else

  21. Investors continue to absorb a massive amount of feces being dumped on their heads for owning this name $FUEL

  22. $FUEL The symbol change to FOOL was a great idea, but I have a better one ….. SUKR

  23. $FUEL From the 70 s to 14.50 in short order, WOW what a great stock! If the SEC ever needed to do an investigation…Damn!

  24. $FUEL The bottom is in clear sight from here…Zero is comming soon! The CEO Should be in jail.

  25. $FUEL No bottom in sight. I ll wait for single digits. What a shame