1. $FUEL This really went up and didn t today

  2. $FUEL Added more Fuel to my portfolio just now, this is another company which will be bought someday by a giant

  3. $FUEL im so excited to own this. the upside potential (especially at this price) is just astronomical, no pun intended.

  4. $FUEL I see good upside next few days.

  5. @Animale in this order. $FUEL $GWPH $DDD

  6. $FUEL a 70% premium for the Rocket would be about $28 you know where it was a month ago LOL!

  7. $FUEL on $CRTO BNP Paribas note saying a 70% premium would make a deal acceptable to shareholders $30.5 + 70% = $52 Publicis can afford it

  8. $FUEL $CRTO did NOT blow up today so the deal must still be on I am waiting for that acquisition announcement from Paris overnight soon

  9. $FUEL i want to see this over 21 by the end of the month. who else thinks so?

  10. $gpro Followers rest 25of39 I cover up from open! $gpro 5% NUHI! Fav $omex 3% $burl 2% NUHI! $pbpb 2% $fuel 2% safe play $bcc 2% $pf $cvt

  11. $FUEL Its still a super buy I guess.

  12. $FUEL Nice action

  13. $FUEL buying opportunity inmo! patience friends...

  14. $FUEL Needed to break 17,25 to see further hike.

  15. $FUEL Wake up!!

  16. $FUEL In!

  17. $FUEL order got filled. dollar more than last week.

  18. $FUEL Squeeze is happening

  19. $FUEL Added more at 16.50

  20. $FUEL Nice Start

  21. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals $ATRS $BPZ $BSX $BTG $CAVM $CRIS $ECYT $EDR $EPE $EW $EXXI $FIVE $FUEL $GRPN $LINE $TSLA $T http://y.ahoo.it/gapWxniz

  22. $FUEL We should see a big day if market is green.

  23. @Hankstar84 Do u wxpect a rally soon? Plz advise if this is the right time to go $FUEL long. Thx ton

  24. $FUEL Holding a nice position here beautiful stock with a great discounted price right now

  25. $FUEL Why d this tank the beginning of Aug? Bad earnings? Offering? Have never followed. Thanks in advance.