1. @pjoduo: $FUEL Sold 26.85

  2. My fave spec stocks cont to be: $USU $VISN $FUEL to play.

  3. @Watchthis $FUEL Vs $CRTO The growth of Fuel is stronger. The stock is cheaper and the gains will be more. Both good going w fuel. Tuesday!

  4. Sold $TWTR yday and bought more $FUEL today. $LNKD Beats and setup nicely for Tuesday

  5. @Nicetwits in both. $CRTO is stronger than $FUEL. but i m green with fuel and red with crto. :) Crto will not miss. Fuel neither.

  6. $FUEL This stock is worth $24-27.

  7. $FUEL Thinking of buying more FUEL and selling $CRTO. More upside potential and buy out potential. wait for earnings. Both report Tuesday

  8. @Wealth_Builder lol rocket fuel is $FUEL

  9. exit $fuel for small profit

  10. buy the better $GOOG - BUY $FUEL http://y.ahoo.it/gonFKQEt

  11. $fuel Followrs DOW n day again (duh!)&over half 22/39 i covr+frm open!My $fuel soars 6% $data 4% $raly 4% &my Little IPO That Could $mm 4%

  12. Setups that we liked today (HUGE) that we ll be watching tomorrow. $TWTR $NQ $SODA $FUEL $TSAR $HIMX More setups.. http://y.ahoo.it/TPeki2dv

  13. $FUEL such a nice daily chart !!!

  14. $FUEL Sold 26.85

  15. $FUEL Waiting for the post shoulda bought at 23.

  16. momo double top coming up don t miss the ride - its got legs - $DDD $NOW $LNKD $YELP $DATA $WDAY $N $FUEL $FEYE $TSLA - #rotation $TWTR lol

  17. raised stops in $fuel $gpro

  18. My $SODA $XONE $FUEL & $ZU doing extremely well today. $KNDI needs a little push.

  19. $FUEL this one is going to have a 3 dollar day sooner or later.

  20. $FUEL Just sold my shares. If market is down, it will bring everything down.

  21. $FUEL Next resistance is 26.43 , after that 30 seems very doable.

  22. $FUEL Can this return to the $30 mark? Sure seems like it to me!

  23. $fuel running after 26 break, raising stops in this choppy market

  24. For all the $FUEL bulls out there, I believe are time may be coming!

  25. $FUEL there goes 26