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  2. $FUEL somethings cookin or this stock was just beaten to death and investors are showing some mercy

  3. $FUEL perkin

  4. $UWTI $MPO $DWTI $USO $CVX $FUEL $GEVO $UGAZ $DGAZ $DGAS Either buy tons of shorts or avoid this at all cost! Major pipe coming or bk

  5. $UWTI anyone else following $MPO thoughts? $DWTI $USO $CVX $FUEL $GEVO $UGAZ $DGAZ $DGAS They replaced their CEO a few days ago.

  6. $BLOX reduced to $4.80 now go down like $FUEL

  7. $GTLS $GEOS $GMAN $FUEL $RYAM crap meters at all time highs

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  9. $FUEL HOD with strong volume

  10. $FUEL HOD with strong volume

  11. $FUEL Think about it guys. There has to be a reason they rejected that buyout offer. I think they believe they can turn this company around

  12. $FUEL coulda made a quick buck here. missed it

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  14. $FUEL Bankruptcy Bound

  15. $FUEL way undervalued - fuel rejected $350M buyout earlier this year - huge upside potential

  16. $FUEL Fed got fever. nothing will grow except damaging!

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  18. $FUEL With George John now out of the way, it s time for Randy Wootton and the Board to seriously consider a takeover bid from Gravity4.

  19. $FUEL May/2015: Rocket Fuel rejected a $350 million takeover bid for the company made by rival firm Gravity4. MAKE THE DEAL TODAY!

  20. $FUEL With George John now out of the way, it s time for Randy Wootton to seriously consider a bid from Gravity4. DO IT FOR SHAREHOLDERS!

  21. $FUEL George John, co-founder is gone! Thank God! Hopefully Randy Wootton, CEO will focus on what s needed to increase SHAREHOLDER VALUE!

  22. Departure of Directors or Certain http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2194403 $FUEL

  23. $FUEL How about a buyback?....

  24. $FUEL New Executive team in place now to negotiate realistic buyout, including Yahoo (prime candidate).

  25. $FUEL [Impressive pipeline of qualified candidates for CEO] my rump. Hope Wooten is a great and effective leader, but he was only one.