1. $FB earnings will drive up the entire tech sector. Look for massive moves to the upside in $GPRO, $FEYE, $TWTR, $FUEL, $SPLK.

  2. Current LuthorCorp holdings: $FB $PBYI $FUEL $MPEL $KNDI $XONE.

  3. $FUEL this is worth double

  4. Earnings announcement: $FUEL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Aug 5 2014

  5. $FUEL I feel like I m going to regret not buying at 23

  6. $FUEL Love the company, hate the stock. $NQ Hate the company, love the stock.


  8. $FUEL Will there be a pre earnings run up?

  9. $FUEL August 5 earning will determine if this stock goes above $30 or below $15. Any guesses?

  10. $FUEL Watch!!! $FB Bought live rail. $GOOG Will be buying this (fuel) soon. Its all about platform. If not then someone will.

  11. $TUBE http://y.ahoo.it/lx2k0d0y I think a $FUEL and $TUBE deal for $YHOO gets them back in the ad game in a big way.

  12. $lock Followers DOW n day & 21of39 i cover up from open $lock 4% $trla 2% $rh 2% $fb 2% $twtr ? $sstk $rmax $rlgy $panw $mm $fuel $dkl $cvt

  13. $FUEL I can not believe this stock went from 70 to 19 on basically NO news except upgrades and buy ratings. Profit this year. Crazy growth..

  14. $FUEL I added more to this one.

  15. $FUEL IPO lockup agreement expiration way over corrected this stock. Holding back up to $50.

  16. @210TANK @Heisenburgh @IPOTrader @STAugustine @workndog @kosentradeso I like $FUEL $FEYE $RNG $BNFT and $VMEM

  17. @lavendarrush Here is my top 10 list: $MKTO $CSOD $SPLK $BNFT $ECOM $CVT $FUEL $RNG $NMBL $PFPT

  18. $gpro Followers 29of39 i cover up from open $gpro 3% $blox 2% $cvt 2% $feye 2% $fuel 2% $icpt 2% $mrin 2% $panw 2% $rkus 2% $ssni 2% $aviv

  19. Today’s Movers | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/CXkzdfjj $ECOM $ANGI $FUEL $HOV $EGHT $GTAT $KBH $RAS $YGE $HDY

  20. The Future Into $FUEL Technologies Will Help Americans & US National Security On Energy Off Foreign $OIL $ERX $PLUG $FCEL $QTWW $BLDP $HYGS

  21. $trla Followers 27of39 i cover up from open! $trla 4% $rlgy 3% fav $rh 3% $mrin 3% $kyth 3% $fuel 3% $blox 3% $bcc 3% $wday 2% $rkus 2%

  22. $FUEL Booyah advertising switched to Rocket Fuel Mission Control, an AI Digital Marketing hub offers better customer service, lower op costs

  23. $FUEL Rocket Fuel Expands Self-Service Platform With Features Tailored to Independent Agencies http://y.ahoo.it/jFYLPJr8 via @YahooFinance

  24. $FUEL $CRTO Wow, such a low volume and very few shortable shares available. Very very promising .... :)

  25. $FCEL is leading my portfolio today. All green $KNDI $PLUG $MM $SNTA $AVEO $PRKR $KING $CRTO $FUEL $HSOL and baby $TRIP tonight :)