1. Greatstockpix Day Trading Chart Setups for October 1st http://thestockmarketbasics.com/2014/10/01/greatstockpix-day-trading-chart-setups-for-october-1st/ $TKMR $DGLY $NETE $TRUE $GDOT $CREG $FUEL $RADA $DSKY $LVS

  2. $XONE. Bought today @ 21. Company s numbers suck, but it s so low that it makes a decent vulture play. Almost like when $FUEL hit the 14 s.

  3. @fjodor @Dirtch @BoilerTrader 0 confidence. Slowing $, crazy competition, integration $, etc. all indepdent cos. fail: $SZMK $TRMR $FUEL

  4. $FUEL Programmatic I/O conference Google exec Drew Bradstock recognized Rocket Fuel for detecting fraudulent toolbar ad injection on YouTube

  5. $FUEL http://rocketfuel.com/blog/forensiq-confirms-the-quality-of-rocket-fuel-programs. This is really good news. Independent third party confirms as quality and limited to no bot traffic overflow

  6. $FUEL Couple green days for this stock on normal volume


  8. $FUEL I think 20 is possible

  9. $FUEL looking good

  10. $FUEL What are thoughts on $FB impacts with new Atlas ad server?

  11. @SPUNKY0505. $GPRO. If this is the most delusional situation u have seen, then see $DDD, $FUEL, $VJET, $PLUG for more stellar pop-n-drops.

  12. $FUEL chart held support and looks ready to start a run. http://y.ahoo.it/KqVRtGa9

  13. Day Trading Chart Setups for September 30th http://y.ahoo.it/ssPTCHu9 $RWLK $CYBR $GDOT $CREG $MBT $LOCO $FUEL $TKMR $DGLY $RADA

  14. $fuel Followers rest 28of40 I cover up from open! My $fuel soars 6% $fb NUHI! $pbpb $panw $omex $modn $lock $kyth $goog $feye $burl $bnft

  15. $FUEL Wohooo ;), this company will be bought

  16. $FUEL new intraday HIGH

  17. $FUEL up over 5% on the day!! http://y.ahoo.it/woqe7Zzs

  18. $HIMX $FUEL $BAXS holding for Tuesday.. potential gappers

  19. $FUEL Would anyone care to explain why the majority of the candles on this chart are so short?

  20. $FUEL I think some news might break in AH, no?

  21. $FUEL if it breaks 16.35 next stop 18.60 (15m chart) http://y.ahoo.it/RaV1gqiE

  22. $FUEL perking up. If it can get above $16.50 with some volume in the next few days, I wil buy. Stop below $16

  23. $FUEL beautiful move up today

  24. $FUEL nHOD

  25. $FUEL might rocket off these level. Jan $15 calls saw buyers during lunch at $2.75. 1500 traded so far.