1. $STUDY Just as important as the ones you get are the ones that you (choose to) miss. Suggested a sell (break even) yesterday on $NUGT $FUEL

  2. $FUEL the cries for buys. just another day.

  3. $FUEL This is going to 12.50 s.

  4. $FUEL Buyout in the works?

  5. $MNKD $HCLP $FUEL are all on my buy radar. $TUBE and $GWPH (once it hits 100) are on my sell.

  6. $FUEL Will be easily be bought by a giant sooner then most ppl can predict

  7. $FUEL Looking like dead!!!

  8. $omex Followers rest 25of39 I cover up from open! Fav $omex 5% $burl $ssni $sfm $rkus $rh $pf $panw $mrin $icpt $fuel $fb $dkl $cvt $blox

  9. $FUEL Don t let them take any more of your money folks. Bought in the 70 s sold in the 50 s NOT LOOKING BACK. 100% SCAM STOCK

  10. $FUEL LoL C mon, .50 spread between bid and ask..

  11. watching $BTU, $JNUG, $NUGT, $FUEL, $GTAT, only half day trading today, kids getting shots.

  12. $FUEL Rocket Fuel Shareholder Alert: Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck, LLP Investigates Securities Law Violations http://y.ahoo.it/jjBQSDE8

  13. Day Trading Chart Setups for September 17th http://y.ahoo.it/3im8JdGa $MACK $FEYE $DSKY $CAMT $RADA $NETE $ECYT $LOCO $FUEL $TKMR $TRUE

  14. $FUEL Not going to time it.

  15. $FUEL Shake out still in progress, I am still up and holding. It should go to 24-30 after ER.

  16. $FUEL wow only 6 lawsuits in under a year after going public! What a stellar job the CEO is doing!!!

  17. $FUEL fuel is green.

  18. $FUEL volume is really low...sub 300,000

  19. $FUEL so pissed i sold yesterday

  20. $FUEL trades less than 2x’s revenue, consolidation in a hot sector - short squeeze potential here ~

  21. Watching $FUEL for a squeeze here, shorts added another 1 mil shares last 2 weeks of aug(25% more) - buyout candidate - $17.50 first stop

  22. New report -www.chartfreak.com lots of charts $IWM $SPX $RUT $QQQ $PRAN $MOBI $CMGE $FUEL http://y.ahoo.it/OLaPW6Nu

  23. $FUEL Almost sold today but never executed. Still going higher soon; chart http://y.ahoo.it/HcGbON8o

  24. $FUEL jeezus how many lawyers are suing this company now ROFL!

  25. $FUEL Isn t Rocket Fuel gasoline and coke? Gimme the stock and the stuff!