1. The Australian Dollar Sinks With An RBA Rate Cut - Time For A Big Unwind? $FXA $FXB $UUP http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/the-australian-dollar-sinks-with-an-rba-rate-cut--time-for-a-big-unwind?post=93315

  2. Australian Dollar Sinks With RBA Rate Cut – Time for Big Unwind? http://drduru.com/onetwentytwo/2016/05/02/australian-dollar-sinks-with-rba-rate-cut/ $FXA $AUDUSD $AUDJPY #forex

  3. $6A_F $AUDUSD $FXA Reserve Bank of Australia cuts 25 bps to 1.75% to spur growth prospects - http://www.investing.com/news/economic-indicators/reserve-bank-of-australia-cuts-25-bps-to-1.75-to-spur-growth-prospects-399429

  4. $FXA cut or cut. The oracle has spoken cut till 1.75% wtf

  5. $FXA ETF announced a special dividend date of May 2, 2016 and will pay out a dividend of 0.07225 cents for each share - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/fxa/dividend-history

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  9. Gold eyes $1,300 as dollar sells off http://seekingalpha.com/news/3177768?source=ansh $UUP, $GLD, $FXE, $FXF, $FXY, $FXC, $FXA, $IAU, $PHYS

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  11. SIT $DLR $FXE $KO order $PAAS watch incl: $SLV $SI_F $FXE $EURUSD $FCX $FXA $FXC $CHK tempting;no point in rushing if trend is real it lasts

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  13. The Bad $GREK -3.5% $EWA -2.4% $FXA -2.1% $IBB -1.3% $XBI -1.1% $XLK -0.5% The Ugly $QQQ -0.8%

  14. Sit accounts: $KO $FXE $AG long; orders $DLR $WBMD watch incl $CHK $FXA $FXC $FCX

  15. $FXA Matters would be much worse for the Aussie if the dollar would pull it s self together, but once again $DXY is down.

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  18. Sit: $FXE $KO long;orders $DLR $WBMD eyes $FXA $FCX $CHK $SI_F $SLV notes:if narrative is not just short squeeze,2015 pariahs>2016 paragons

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  22. The Aussie dollar has become a favorite among money managers http://freecotdata.com/currencies-2/ $6A_F $AUDUSD $FXA

  23. watching $FXA $FXC $CHK $FCX $SI_F weekly prices against 50 wk SMA (or 200D ma,whatever you prefer);closer & closer; w/ huge risk-reward

  24. Daily #Market Digest: #UK #Retail Sales, #ECB, #Gold Surges $GLD $SLV $FXA https://t.co/yfCyOAy7KFTalkMarkets

  25. Daily #Market Digest: #UK #Retail Sales, #ECB, #Gold Surges $GLD $SLV $FXA https://t.co/MPG0ub4G4dMarketsRecap