1. $FXCM Opened in Frankfurt at 1.93 Eur = $2.16

  2. $FXCM Stuttgart 1,868€ BID

  3. $FXCM How is Frankfurt doing

  4. $FXCM Has a corralation with $GLD $slv than most people know. Short term is bumpy but long is incrediblely profitable. Make $$ here

  5. @RG4L analysts upgrades to buy, likey! Here comes the next wave of Momo to take $FXCM up!

  6. $FXCM Ford Equity like Zacks relies too much on past earnings patterns - doesn t factor in recent events and uncertainties.....

  7. $FXCM sexual

  8. $FXCM Ford Equity Research Upgrade 2/27/2015 STRONG BUY http://stocktwits.com/message/33365372

  9. $FXCM 14million shares will have to be bought back by short sellers.To me this is as important catalyst as loan payment +recovery of $135mil

  10. $FXCM - So I take it Seeking Alpha posted another FXCM slanderfest? dont want them getting paid for my click, but it shouldnt be a surprise

  11. $FXCM Ford Equity Research upgrades FXCM INC from HOLD to STRONG BUY.

  12. $FXCM it is yfx.f bid ask starts at 4am local time. Starts trading at 6am. I think its midnight in ny

  13. $FXCM Hoping to see guidance, and see the future plan on this company.

  14. $FXCM this guys article is poorly written and baseless.

  15. $FXCM could dip below $2.00 this week and stay there @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/fxcm-careful/

  16. $FXCM http://seekingalpha.com/pr/12667656-leucadia-national-corporation-announces-fourth-quarter-2014-results it mentions all dividends and distributions pay by FXCM go directly to them. Also other % payments besides loan

  17. $MCP are $NBG are fried and done fopr speculators - just like $FXCM @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/nbg/nbg-mcp-pick-top/

  18. $FXCM is still floating on hot air @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/fxcm-music-stop/

  19. $FXCM and $NBG are BS stocks @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/nbg-and-fxcm-are-part-of-a-new-breed-of-zombie-stocks/ - #sourcingstocks

  20. $FXCM Earnings will not be about blowing est. this round due to the obvious. Market just wants to know they are a viable profitable co.

  21. $FXCM Estimate ER High $0.23, Mean $0.168 Low $0.14

  22. $FXCM I m bullish, but just realized they ve missed the last 3 earnings.. And earnings expectation is .17...

  23. $FXCM Germany is not open yet, trhttp://www.boerse-frankfurt.de/en/equities/fxcm+inc+cl+a+dl+01+ag+US3026931069y midnight.

  24. $FXCM the price in Frankfort?

  25. $FXCM Can anyone confirm if ER is released before or after market closes on Wednesday?