1. $FXCM Question is will go first back to $5 (0.50 pre=split), bankrupt, or LUK force sale in 2 years per loan? Common SHs get $hit!!!

  2. $FXCM the calm before the storm. cant wait for march there wont be too many more days like these.

  3. $FXCM

  4. $FXCM Read the loan terms- even after loan fully repaid, LUK still owns 90-100%. And there s $150m in convertible notes. Common SH screwed!

  5. $FXCM Stock is 0.97 pre-split, should be delisted! Institutions won t/can t buy or own a company common stock like this!

  6. $FXCM Don t listen to scamy mgnt! They mislead about loan repay time, buybacks, insider buys! LUK has said nothing about restructuring loan!

  7. $FXCM market ripping this down, not even twtr is down today lol

  8. $FXCM This is a scam! If good news were coming volume would be picking up and price increasing! Slow bleeding death! POS!

  9. $FXCM I feel bad for you guys! Look at 1-year chart, will slowly go down again. LUK can force sale 2 years and leave SHs with little!

  10. $FXCM It would seem everyone is thinking the same thing Anticipation

  11. $FXCM Thank you for the new truck. Closed position.

  12. $FXCM 2,600 stock on bid, let Bears sell ...

  13. $FXCM This stock us a big scam! Stay away from it!

  14. $FXCM another 100 shares block haha

  15. $FXCM WOW huge volume LOL

  16. $FXCM Garbage! Nobody wants to buy this POS!

  17. $FXCM somebody buy one share at 15 instant trending

  18. $FXCM we are going higher, this level is completely joke !

  19. $FXCM who s the &&( hole that made this go down on only 100 shares haha

  20. $FXCM 200 day average 11.45, 50 day average 11.34. Golden cross is near ...

  21. $FXCM today is FXCM day ! Going higher ! Lol

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  23. $FXCM This Stock reminds me of a bunch of Through Bread Horses that have just lined up at the gate.

  24. $FXCM

  25. $FXCM This is a cash machine!!