1. sit $GILD $RWM $UUP long $6A_F $6J_F $FXC $FLR short;orders $6B_F $6A_F $6E_F $FXE $FXY $FXA watch $TLT $ZN_F

  2. EURUSD Daily Analysis – October 23, 2014 http://www.curveaheadmarketstrategies.com/eurusd-daily-analysis-october-23-2014/ $FXE $EURUSD

  3. Germany factory gauge up to 51.8 in Oct vs 49.9 in Sept - $FXE $EWG

  4. Spain unemployment rate fell to 23.7% in 3Q14 vs est of 24.1% vs 24.5% in 2Q14 - $FXE $EWP

  5. Euro-region factory PMI rose to 50.7 in Oct vs est of 49.9 vs 50.3 in Sept - $FXE $EKH

  6. Pimco s global banking specialist expects 18 banks will fail ECB stress test. Results to be published on Sunday - $FXE $EKH $EUFN

  7. $SPY $SPX $UUP $FXE ETF Digest Dave s Daily: Simon Says Take One Step Back http://etfdigest.com/davesdaily/?article=4377

  8. @Gbones2692 @daddymac @JERRYamitofo @webmiztriz $GDX just made a new mulit-month low into the close $FXE down target = $120....GL friend!!

  9. @Gbones2692 @daddymac @JERRYamitofo @webmiztriz $FXE tanking , here comes $UUP , flush time for miners

  10. @4Patterns: $NQ Those who Trust the market get Thrust-ed ! $SPY $DIA $ZNGA $NQ $FXI $IWM $FXE $XLE and most of all trusting StkTwit board

  11. $NQ Those who trust the market get thrust-ed ! $SPY $DIA $ZNGA $NQ $FXI $IWM $FXE $XLE and most of all trusting StockTwits board .

  12. sit: $GILD $RWM $UUP long $FLR $FXA $FXC $6A_F $6J_F $OII short orders $6B_F $FXB $6E_F $FXE watch $USO $CL_F $ZF_F $ZN_F $TLT

  13. @WallStJesus: $FXE Bearish flow: Oct 123 puts lead opening action, 4111x @BeckyHiu in sync with the charts @chessNwine

  14. crude inventories were bearish but euro move is really driving it today imo making matters worse $USO $FXE

  15. $FXE posted chart y day. Bear flag now lower. Take notice. @BeckyHiu http://stocktwits.com/message/28294307

  16. $EURUSD Looks like may retest demand level at ~1.26194 Macro view $FXE has downside bc EU deflation http://stocktwits.com/message/28268124

  17. If you have not noticed, $FXE bear flag @BeckyHiu @lumberjax http://stocktwits.com/message/28266189

  18. NEW POST: Stock #Market Recap 10/21/14 {Video} http://ibankcoin.com/chessnwine/2014/10/21/stock-market-recap-102114-video/ $AAPL $CMG $FXE $QQQ $UGAZ

  19. short euro? With that amount of bearish sentiment? No thanks. I ll take the other side of that cc: @Convertbond $EURUSD $FXE

  20. ECB buying covered bonds in effort to revive EU economy by enticing banks to lend more freely again - $FXE $EKH

  21. sitting $GILD $RWM $UUP long; $FLR $OII $FXE $6A_F $FXC $6J_F short;orders on $6A_F $6E_F $FXY $FXE $FXA watching $6B_F $CL_F $ZN_F

  22. sitting $GILD $RWM $UUP long; $FXE $6A_F $FXC $6J_F short;orders on $6A_F $6E_F $FXY $FXE $FXA watching $FXB $6B_F $USO $CL_F $ZN_F $TLT

  23. Short-Term Uptrend on EURUSD Oct 20, 2014 http://www.curveaheadmarketstrategies.com/ $FXE $EURUSD

  24. New Post: Euro: How A Time & Price Square Out Called A Bottom http://www.seeitmarket.com/euro-time-price-square-call-bottom-13830/ by @BartsCharts $EURUSD $FXE $STUDY

  25. Look what happened the next day! Charts from this week: Thurs Oct 16, 2014 $6E_F $EURUSD $FXE $STUDY http://stocktwits.com/message/28164982