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  4. $MACRO $SPY $QQQ $FXI what if the pundits have been wrong, that media has fogged the data, that what is stated as information is noise?

  5. $MACRO $SPY $QQQ $FXI what if the west is no longer the center of the universe, that all mrkts are no longer always correlated?

  6. In the Green: $EPI $FXI $VPL $UUP Note $VWO up only +0.04% vs EPI +1.45%. FXI + 0.57%.

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  13. $FXI $EWH $EWT etc in china a bankster / charlatan gets a bullet in the head not a congressional hearing. but us civil action is on d way ;)

  14. $FXI $EWH $EWT etc china strong arm of hong kong politics a concern. but its mrkt rxtn, not opinions that count.

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