1. $GAI This company is the real deal. I am very happy I picked this up in the early hours this has the possibility of running quickly to $11

  2. Watching $NETE $RJECT $OGEN $AREN $GAI

  3. $GAI Open tomorrow at $7.

  4. Gainers $GAI 110%, $LXRX 60%, $CAS 26%, $RNO 23%, $SSN 21%, $MLAB 16%, $DWCH 14%, $AMD 13%, $TEAR 12%, $SNMX 12%, $VTL 12%,

  5. $GAI Looks like end of day may bring SHORTS cover and a POP up!

  6. $GAI I see Donna is at it again!! Lol she s silly

  7. $GAI That tec. chart show the targets!!! it s supported on MA200 $5.89 and resist at $7.38 above $10.55 $GEVO $PLUG

  8. $GAI This share is going to test day high price ($7.52) very soon!!! hope it will break it!

  9. $GAI I see this only going higher before today s close

  10. $GAI: New SEC Filing for GAI: Form 6-K, No. 0001193125-15-274551 http://stocknewsflow.com/1057708_000119312515274551_0001193125-15-274551

  11. $GAI OHHHH BOY!!! here we go to $8.75 as the BUY OUT proposal!! $GEVO $PLUG

  12. Global-Tech Advanced Innovations: Dated GLOBAL-TECH ADVANCED INNOVATIONS INC. http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1890349 $GAI

  13. $GAI Just bought GAI BUY out for $8.75 huge UNDERVALUE!!! $GEVO

  14. $GAI starting to look really weak and overextended.

  15. Reportedly insiders selling on this pop. Probably fades all afternoon. #bearish $GAI

  16. $GAI, don t like the look of this one, sold all shares. Deal likely to fall though. Look out below.

  17. $GAI aaaand that s another Bulls#!t bid from g00k-land, I ve got your tender right here

  18. $GAI seeing this at $8 by EOD

  19. Top Gainers: Top 2 were both alerted this morning! $GAI $LXRX

  20. $LXRX up 56%! $GAI up 132%! This is how we trade! Alerted both these stocks this morning in our morning newsletter! http://DekmarTrades.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=d04f737e6d4d824e1a27b7283&id=c2d012f7ba

  21. $GAI looking good here. Based on buyout offer worth at least another $1.50/share.

  22. Top % Gainers: $GAI 138% on 253K vol, $LXRX 54%, $WRES 29%, $USEG 23%, $IHT 20%, $LOOK 18%, $CYRX 15%, $CAS 14%, $XCO 13%, $VTL $HTCH $FOMX

  23. $PLUG $LXRX $INTC $MU $LITEV $CAS $GAI $STRZB are active, PLUG is having good day

  24. $GAI

  25. Deals of the Day: $GAI gets going-private offer for $8.75/share http://thudderwicks.com/2015/08/yhoo-sre-ienova-hbc-regi-arlp-here-rr-anr-dgo-rbs-tujia-suzuki-snapdeal-shpg-simplex-allianz-gai/