1. $GALE exploding

  2. ICYMI Tuesday: Galena Biopharma Enters Into Definitive Agreement To License http://y.ahoo.it/dLv3JsrG $GALE

  3. $GALE 2.70 gap fill in progress

  4. $MNKD Insider sold heavely this stock is another $GALE Or $CYTR

  5. $GALE - http://y.ahoo.it/Tfh0HxNk - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 2.954. Time: 1 day 5 hours. Volume: 5,266,000.

  6. $GALE put your running shoes on

  7. $GALE Buy in at 2.70 coming soon

  8. $GALE In at 2.99. Let s see what sort of movement we get today

  9. $GALE $STEM. $BHRT successful in heart stem cell treatment in Honduras today. Future bright for this one. Imagine healing all with cells

  10. Biotech Unexpectedly Broke Concerns Barrier- $DARA, $GALE, $ONTY, http://y.ahoo.it/uzWbRsDW

  11. $GALE

  12. $GALE Not daily but month chart has it

  13. $GALE Cup handle on daily


  15. $GALE strong close EOD, tmrw certainly up

  16. $GALE AF made a foolish opinion public in bashing $INO last month, wrong move. Now waiting for Gale to continue uptrend into positive data.

  17. $GALE Cramer and AF abused Gale in Jan & Feb, causing a retail run. Dream Team is gone, lawsuit went silent, SEC is investigating wrong guys

  18. $KNDI This reminds me of $GALE, from $7 to under $2, sad.

  19. $GALE pretty decent look here http://y.ahoo.it/y1Uj9Q89

  20. $GALE 3.50 please :)

  21. $CYTR LOL if $GALE overtakes this in share price now THAT would be funny

  22. $GALE It s like someone is just playing with this stock.

  23. $ARIA $PCYC $PBYI $VNDA $ACRX $ZLTQ $GALE Biotech explosion in the works!

  24. $FB $qcom $ino $ESRX $ebay $BIIB $DDD $GALE $YGE $VOD $HIMX $BMY $KNDI $VMW $TSLA $BX $EJ

  25. $GALE nuevax???http://y.ahoo.it/JXxaSOFd