1. $OPXA Everyone from $gale $isr $aveo $pbmd $cere piling on eventually.

  2. $GALE Epic battle between bulls and bears underway! Pushing hard on both ends. Who breaks first?

  3. @TraderNick: $GALE http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rally-galena-biopharma-gale-shares-121812915.html

  4. $GALE has three day patterns up up up and crash at least from what irember

  5. $GALE You ve got to expect a little retrace

  6. $GALE I wonder who s in control Bulls or bears hmmm

  7. $GALE http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rally-galena-biopharma-gale-shares-121812915.html

  8. $GALE wish i could add more.

  9. $GALE Sit tight.. Our time is coming

  10. $GALE classic Gale

  11. $GALE buy order at 1.5

  12. $GALE ouchie

  13. $AAPL Need to Look at $GALE Breast Cancer Vaccine for when the women that stuff their iphone in their bra get excess radiation.

  14. $GALE buying hasn t even began!

  15. Looks like today s gonna be a good day held $BIOC $OPXA $AMDA $GALE WOOOTTT patience is a virtue, GLTA

  16. @ambition $GALE just buy in now the hype hasnt even started yet youll be greatly rewarded in short/medium and long term $CBLI $PBMD

  17. $GALE pre market bid to ask ratio is growing in favor of the bids

  18. $GALE today should be slow but steady rise to $2.00


  20. $GALE hope Gale PPS will hold at this level . Waiting for some positive news

  21. @Mensa1963 $GALE this will drop useless comment. All rising stocks eventually drop.

  22. $GALE Nice volume early with all the catalyst on the horizon thia has no way but up

  23. $GALE Institutional ownership up 13.89% Q/Q, with 7,747,510 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/GALE

  24. $GALE Looks like we are working on the upside of the cup which means a run to $2.06

  25. @Mensa1963 $GALE. no way this is even near OPXA today. He is just promoting $OPXA he don t mean