1. $GALE 2.35 tomortow , 4 friday, don t ask why, just watch..

  2. $GALE Out of curiosity what s the spread you guys see on the bid/ask? OH is showing me a bid of 1.78 and ask of 2.41

  3. @Think4self Hardest falling bios on watch for rebound $ACRX,$ADHD,$SNSS,$AMRN,$OREX,$ACHN,$CLDX,$GALE,$CYTR,$CYTX,$NSPH,$ECYT,$TNXP,$SGYP,

  4. $GALE 1.85 . Don t jump (aka buy) before then, or at least save bullets

  5. $GALE Long$$$

  6. $GALE Really? is it below 2?

  7. $GALE Pos

  8. $GALE After er better be 6

  9. $GALE Not the bid. Start looking at the BIGGER picture here. You know the market in General. I am AT 60 Percent cash right now.

  10. $GALE You better be 5 By jan

  11. $GALE You folks might want to start looking at the bid

  12. $GALE How d you make out @SGINVESTOR I m in at $2.27 and I ll be out again at $2.58. Mattwatch and learn. buying not buying which is it?

  13. $GALE Oh No @SGINVESTOR Gale is below 2.00 !!

  14. $RXII $gale $kerx $arna $amrn $aapl $bana $vhc seems like it s game over for the market will re enter Dow 6,000

  15. $GALE it does look like we got a candlestick hammer here

  16. $INO $gale $kerx wow can this year get any worse down big

  17. $GALE Sold out all my stocks to own just this margin no good

  18. $GALE freaking bashers comming,the translation of Hugopinto is we r begging let us buying deep and you just look@us funny dude

  19. $GALE Where is Pierrules the pumper at? Is it going to $5 by the end of the week?

  20. $GALE We may experience further downtrend wind till we consolidate on 1.8

  21. $GALE entering the last hour of the day! If we don t see this little guy pick up volume and steam we might not have seen the bottom yet!

  22. $GALE Hot totty

  23. $GALE this is killing me....

  24. @pierrules hold tied with $GALE will bump to 2.5 next week.

  25. $GALE this is exactly when you (long) can put this shortie in corner but buy with cash not margin