1. $SZYM Remember the clowns on SA pumping this at all time highs? Just like $GALE. In brain, out brain. In ear, out other ear.

  2. $GALE Ouch

  3. $GALE Seems to be all selling today . Friday AH was also a lot of selling

  4. $GALE We will be back under here before we know it

  5. $GALE why up premarket? likely will crash within the first hour....

  6. $GALE

  7. @jeroldl I am going to liquidate $ACHN just to preserve my gains and buy the March call options. But I need an opinion on $GALE. To stay or?

  8. $GALE interesting, will prob know Monday

  9. @SmokeyNYY yea the longs of $GALE are really rolling in the money thanks to paid shorts like you. Or maybe you just post for them. Lol

  10. $GALE making a possible treatment for cancer to help paid shorts keep their moms well....

  11. $GALE 300k+ shares after hours.... impressive

  12. $GALE curing cancer

  13. $GALE Triple witching, nothing to get excited about

  14. $GALE http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/gale/after-hours huge afterhours volume - something is about to happen folks.

  15. $GALE small caps are big time no no for markets stay away, buy some oil

  16. @neek9821 $exas maxim are idiots. Same people have a buy on $gale

  17. $GALE Come on gale im all smiles today all my stocks bounced back this week check em out $IBG.TO BSX.TO DSF.TO all winners $RNN STEPUP GALE

  18. $ZGNX $GALE

  19. @ssi123 That s my just before or after in my estimation ;-) I believe in the science is what trumps all for $GALE. 700+ enrolled & counting!

  20. $GALE every day low short volume www.shortanalytics.com/getshortchart.php?tsymbol=gale

  21. $GALE Wtf with this s.., maker dow 700 plus in 2 days, Mr g. Is down..

  22. $GALE Shorts are getting fat on this one. I feel a slaughter coming......

  23. SPX up 2%, all bios green . $GALE red. Shows you truly how garbage this is ..

  24. $GALE...The von Snootington Family is considering muscling ourselves into management positions and running this biotech ourselves.

  25. $GALE Always the buzzkill