1. $GALE shaking out the weak seller

  2. $GALE biotech bleeding like hell

  3. $GALE 2.22 next support 2watch imo per chart

  4. $GALE For everyone waiting on gale you should check out $amrs been going up for the last two weeks not trying to pump just pointing one out

  5. $GALE more like a pop with two o s. :)

  6. $GALE feel a pop coming

  7. $GALE another bad bad bad day going bk pretty soone

  8. $GALE people waiting on news i guess, no volume

  9. $GALE If it doesnt hold 2.30 then we will be heading back to where we were before the two day raly

  10. $GALE This has been quiet.

  11. $GALE Bio down

  12. $GALE It s been quiet for weeks, won t move up unless big news gets released.


  14. $exel $cris $mstx $gale $galt great day to buy exel right now

  15. @rbiswas $gale Don t just say unless you have a position. Its easy to spam up the discussion if you have no skin in the game.

  16. @Tenaciousvalor Just added $WTSL to my portfolio. Top holds: $AVNR $GALE $SOL $NQ $DANG

  17. $KERX $GALE $AAPL It s a money making kind of day!!! :)

  18. $GALE be careful, going to be <$2.00 !!! Just saying, no position.

  19. $GALE πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

  20. $GALE Frankfurter s I love them....yummm

  21. $GALE Up in Frankfurt

  22. @pierrules @WatUpE I made only once little profit on $GALE when it was $7. I learned I m not going to buy any more if it s more than $2

  23. $MSTX $INO $PPHM $VICL $MGNX $GALE $ONCY $RNN ...at some point something has to take off, been so long without any positive movement

  24. @chrispycrunch: $THRX 100% accuracy on calls: recovering. $GALE $ARNA $AVGO $ARMN $VVUS $GILD next? via @TipRanks http://y.ahoo.it/j181NjoY

  25. Will be watching $ONCS today, $INO and $GALE as well.