1. $STUDY Can t go down forever. Really? $WLT $GALE $AMRN $MNKD $GDX $CLF Trade good stocks. http://y.ahoo.it/PfLZQdYh

  2. @LeRatton $GALE Is another winner for biotech junkies, like me

  3. @LeRatton Of course. The other reason why I m holding off... I sense a bullish decrease shortly after the IPO... Already down on $GALE 2much

  4. $GALE Once again Relax. Held up better than others:)

  5. $MNKD fml. . FU and $gale $exel.

  6. $GALE Where s Tradster, He ll give you a price prediction !! 1.80 gets me back in with my old girlfriend !!

  7. $GALE one day this will pay off, but today is not that day

  8. $GALE Very quiet

  9. $MNKD $GALE $INO I love losing money. -said no one ever

  10. $GALE Can t fight the mkt today. Few think long term when somebody yells fire and everybody runs for the exits.

  11. $GALE No vol

  12. $GALE I need a good week. Just gimme something.

  13. $GALE Not meant to be posted as new news. Just reminding people there is alot going on with Gale

  14. $GALE Neuvax approval in Israel and Gale receives significant royalty payments from Teva trial.

  15. $GALE I usually like a lower price. 401 or Neuvax could move to fast track approval IMO.

  16. @jbfdonn99: $GALE @matt_molloy I m in at $2.27 and I ll be out again at $2.58. Matt.....watch and learn. buying not buying which is it?

  17. $RXII What we need is Slick Willy to present Week Twelve results or borrow the dream team from $GALE. LOL!!

  18. $GALE Just a matter of time:) Have a Great weekend folks:)

  19. $GALE Not buying until dilution news. (Although I like the current price).

  20. $GALE need some SEC news so this can get back over $4

  21. @Ar42: $GALE very quiet here. Only bag holders left in the hallway also put sellers like myself and POS lurkers like you.

  22. $mstx $rnn $gale $galt $mstx take a look at kwk looks great for a possible double in the winter BUY

  23. $GALE very quiet here. Only bag holders left in the hallway

  24. $GALE When will the SEC announce their answer to the investigation? Seems like it could be any day now...

  25. $GALE Up .2 one day down .2 other days. It s not going anywhere soon. Wait 2 years