1. $GALE getting ready go higher

  2. $GALE good stuff here too

  3. $GALE tumbleweeds......

  4. $GALE Institutional ownership up 13.89% Q/Q, with 7,747,510 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/GALE

  5. $GALE 11:11:36 $ 1.76 10,000 was this a buy or sale can any1 tell me...

  6. $GALE What is GALE s Qtrly Cash Burn ?

  7. $GALE let it consolidate she s held up

  8. $GALE Is anyone else sitting high and dry on this one still? 2000 @ 3.56

  9. $INO $ADXS $GALE $CPRX $ONCS $RXII $OXGN This is such great news, that I had to share it. ACRX, PTN and SSH have phase 3 products. #buyout

  10. $GALE This is retarded today...

  11. Holding $SYN and $GALE and buying $BIS on every dip... I do not have faith

  12. $GALE waiting for next catalyst. Anyone? Anyone?

  13. $GALE will this be 7.00 soon? Lol omg paint has dried 5 times over

  14. $GALE I think unfortunately we ll drift in a range $1.50o to MAYBE $2.10 until Q1. But after Q1/2016... ^^^^^^^^ we go

  15. $INO Watch list of possible buyouts. Check it out: PTN, ACRX, SSH and S - $INO $CPRX $JNJ $MRK $GALE $ADXS $RXII $ONCS $TMUS

  16. $GALE you gonna chop me like that sweets? c mon twirl

  17. $GALE TPIV http://www.kait8.com/story/30205267/tapimmune-to-present-at-aegis-capital-2015-growth-conference-in-las-vegas-on-october-9-2015

  18. @Fernandoreis: ACRX, SSH, PTN, S $THOR $CANF $GALE my 2 stocks are moving yeahhh

  19. @foolsgold91789: Watching 10/7 PTN, ACRX, SSH, S, $BXE $CVO $CVSL $DNR $EBR $FSM $ORIG $WGBS $WPRT $WTI $INO $ADXS $JNJ $ONCS $RXII $GALE

  20. $GALE Still waiting for this to breakout. Up-15% day(s) should be just around the corner. Expect To test recent highs of 1.9s soon

  21. $CANF $GALE my 2 stocks are moving yeahhh

  22. $gale Oh yess, this is looking hot. Could be seeing $1.90 today.

  23. $GALE Uuu 1,76 break even cmon up up

  24. $GALE u still sexy yes u are

  25. $GALE why short Gale? 1) Either cash flow issues or 2) drugs fail. IMO, Neither of these seem to be an issue in the next 12-18 months.