1. @ambition And $gale will bounce up with a clean slate. Only concern will be AF and his doubts on neuvaux. New strong data would have $gale

  2. @ambition You have to see that ppl setup their stops at supports. If those fail $gale has been very accurate at retracing to levels of

  3. $GALE Everything Green in My Portfolio except this one. Last 1/2 of position bought at 1.77 sold at 2.18. Little Profit..GLTE..Going below 2

  4. $GALE wow no severance package.. give us some money!

  5. Galena Biopharma Appoints Mark W. Schwartz, Ph.D., As http://y.ahoo.it/MLcPc5D8 $GALE

  6. $GALE Galena Biopharma, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/27vhzWbQ

  7. $GALE wtf

  8. $GALE Bummer...my sell order didnt get filled

  9. $GALE just when u thought it was safe to buy bio stocks! ;)

  10. PT Chg 8/22: $GALE, $MRVL, $BKD, $CRM, $CRM, $KSS, $LOW, $INTU, $RIG, $M, $GPS, $LB, $CACI, $ROST http://y.ahoo.it/8Y7cFQPj

  11. $GALE if this can close at 2.20 it would be a bullish doji and would feel really good about a reversal.

  12. $GALE Mark Ahn got fired, is this good news?

  13. $GALE When are the longs going to reserect the old Buffet buying GALE rumor - LoL - they have tried everything else!


  15. $GALE Nice bounce

  16. $GALE here comes the green

  17. @Tweetlesstang17 And will close them today. In the end that money will flow back to $gale and I will ride the move up.

  18. @Tweetlesstang17 To add into your position is a different argument. I m long $gale but I wot fight the markets

  19. $ARWR possible reversal, watch it how it ends today. $INO $MNKD $KNDI $Arna $GALE

  20. Cramer : I have $MNKD $GALE $AMPE $CARA $NWBO. AM I diversified?

  21. @Norsman Agree. It s getting harder and harder to squeese some from $gale. I m closing my position today. I would wait on $epzm then. Where

  22. @clarkjohn18: $GALE No position for me yet- but catalyst wise it seems June 2015 PDUFA is next major one

  23. $GALE If you guys really want a good pick check $EPZM. Nice retracement. If you are lucky to grab it at 30 don t let the opportunity escape!

  24. $GALE Nice bio-tech play with low risk and high reward. Looking for 3.80 plus by October 2014.

  25. $GALE ending green would be amazing