1. Analyst Highlights - Week 4 - Healthcare (Part I) http://www.smarteranalyst.com/Highlights/Analyst%20Highlights%204'15.pdf $GILD $GALE $CTSO $ZGNX $TTNP $TKMR

  2. $PLUG Send Marsh to $GALE - match made in haven - they need in house pumper prev CEO hired a shady outfit to pump it - SEC didn t like it

  3. $ZGNX $GALE Buyout targets for 2015

  4. $GALE When is the ER????

  5. $GALE Knew I should ve averaged down. Smoke is clearing. Once SEC clearance is announced by mgmt...like every tree, reach for the sky.

  6. $GALE just look today chart , Shorts doupt !!

  7. Hmmmm, $GALE making a run for it. Need to see support behind the move.

  8. $GALE Moving$$$

  9. $GALE I think is taking off soon

  10. $GALE up 3.66%

  11. $GALE any news here?

  12. $GALE popping

  13. $GALE Still LONG for NeuVax$$$

  14. $GALE BNHLF bladder cancer FDA decision in Q3. Big $$$.

  15. $GALE Under $2 is a great price, long since 2012

  16. $GALE Good move!

  17. $GALE shows positive

  18. $CYTR Loooool this is called a scam stock. $GALE $ADXS I m rarely wrong on biotechs. Classic

  19. $GALE back in a few this morning .57

  20. $GALE if this falls down to 1.5 I m a probably snag some shares. Sitting at 5700 shares at 2.2

  21. $GALE This is the link $1.28 http://www.streetinsider.com/SEC+Filings/Form+4+Galena+Biopharma%2C+Inc.+For%3A+Jan+16+Filed+by%3A+SCHWARTZ+MARK+W./10179189.html

  22. $GALE Why is the management giving themselves shares at $1.28, scammers.

  23. $GALE note2self : bought at 1.60 ;average 1.61

  24. $GALE I wish I had more cash to buy more

  25. $GALE Good day