2. $GALE cream cheese and a bagel

  3. $GALE guys buy this one it is pure gold this is the new $KBIO. 10k investex when soon it gets to 100$ and I become a millionaire.Cayman 1y!

  4. $GALE look at the one month chart, either she moves north or down with force

  5. $TGTX as stated earlier, lots of presentation going at #ASH. The stock could break out to next level starting this week. $ARIA $GALE $INO

  6. $GALE KaloBios short sellers facing squeeze as CEO Shkreli says will no longer lend stock http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kalobios-short-sellers-facing-squeeze-as-ceo-shkreli-says-will-no-longer-lend-stock-2015-11-27?link=sfmw_fb

  7. $GALE how are people hedging their position to protect against interim data??

  8. $GALE $KBIO I think it is CTIX. News is the catalyst, no options for hedging, an unknown # of shorts, some naked, unlisted. Perfect storm ?

  9. $GALE next $KBIO x10 tho

  10. $GALE uhh, no

  11. $GALE About to run? $2.00 coming soon?

  12. $GALE just a litle bit more patience. I wait since 2013, average 1.97, few more months and I win.

  13. $GALE this is as painful as watching a bumper rust...

  14. $GALE ready for a bounce to 1.7

  15. $GALE WILL POP OFF TO $100 a share buy while you can at this price. Just bought another $2,000 shares, early Black Friday shopping.


  17. $GALE Just kicked $GALE in the taint -

  18. $GALE boring give me 80% move

  19. Mix Cap Most Movers- $BMRN $FRAN $GALE http://streetwisereport.com/mix-cap-most-movers-biomarin-pharmaceutical-inc-nasdaqbmrn-francescas-holdings-nasdaqfran-galena-biopharma-nasdaqgale/137516/

  20. $GALE good buying opportunity traders and volume will come soon

  21. $GALE http://newswatchinternational.com/news/company-shares-of-galena-biopharma-inc-nasdaqgale-drops-by-2.html

  22. $GALE http://www.octafinance.com/galena-biopharma-inc-hedge-fund-sentiment-improved-in-q2-2015/293063/

  23. $GALE Lawsuits being settled. Divesting commercial sales. Loose ends being tied up. BO or Pship coming?

  24. $GALE Might be time to re-enter here ...

  25. Galena Biopharma ($GALE) To present at The American Society of Hematology (ASH) 57th Annual Meeting & Expo in Orlando, FL December 5-8, 2015