1. $GALE management shakeup needs to happen ASAP

  2. $GALE mycube.. I think everyone gets the idea that you are short.

  3. $GALE Short interest spike http://y.ahoo.it/Pc5o8AiI

  4. $GALE Short interest on GALE http://y.ahoo.it/OmmaWcGg

  5. $GALE Come on $ 1.29...

  6. @MRdr I ve counted about 43 law suits against $GALE. Seems that some law firms are having a hard time finding a Lead Plantiff.

  7. $INO $kerx $gale I got options I got time. Patience is $$$

  8. @Mrmookie123 @Rebuy27 Better to be First Out than Last Out.. $GALE $CYTR

  9. $GALE Not Stock related, but everyone have a great weekend on the Gale Board. Short or Long I respect your views. See ya on Monday.

  10. @Rebuy27 $GALE Rebuy... If your not into holding this one I d get out ASAP. This one could head south more.. I m holding for years !

  11. $GALE $ 1.29 approaching

  12. $GALE No news always a plus

  13. $GALE Be careful

  14. @Rebuy27 I think you may be the first person in stock market history to go from $AAPL to $GALE.

  15. @ValueInvestor2013 Well Congrats to ADAM F and his Cronies... Good For Them.... Can t stand the Man !!! $GALE

  16. $GALE is Shorted by Adam F and His Short Trading Corp NO LIE !!! ADAM Pump -----> $SRPT $SRPT has no until catalyst is 2017

  17. $GALE why is $GALE down ?? read this http://y.ahoo.it/TvnE2XEF

  18. $GALE 1.29

  19. $GALE closes with 200,000s on the Bid

  20. $AAPL come home to daddy and I might sell my $GALE at a small loss to get back in

  21. $GALE I put a limit order in to sell at a ridiculous 2.17 just for kicks. Change the CEO and it will pop some

  22. $GALE seems to hold it well at 1.8

  23. $INO $gale $kerx holding calls

  24. $GALE Now, Don t bash me for asking a question, but why all the small 100 trade sizes??? !! Probably a Short trick!!

  25. $GALE ... of course not. How could it run with me holding long?