1. $GALE A great summary on SEC investigations for the unfamiliar http://media.mofo.com/files/Uploads/Images/140122-SEC-Investigation-Handbook.pdf

  2. $RNN $GALE Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving all!

  3. $GALE bring on the next bounce

  4. $GALE Looking good!

  5. $GALE Someone or ones doesn t want it to get away from them imo.

  6. $GALE What never ceases to amaze is that if in fact this company is trash, why is the stock so very held down?

  7. @ThePrayingMantis @Kevsp2001 @KDinvest if you guys think insurance is going to pay out if $gale found guilty or liable then WHEW - Naive :)

  8. $CRIS, and of course this beast climb snuck past me! =( $ARIA, $MNKD, $IDRA, $GALE soon enough, $HABT, $IBIO

  9. $GALE Now freakstein Telling US xoma is a Bad Stock to invest. Freakstone we dont Need your advice. Lets call him After gale reach 10 Bucks

  10. $GALE lets go green already, want to eat turkey happy

  11. $GALE And if the shareholders who are suing win then all legal costs & compensation related to that are NOT covered either

  12. $GALE Not so fast :)

  13. $GALE I m going to commit a crime - but wait I might have to pay a huge fine if caught?? No problem I ll just get an insurance policy

  14. @Kevsp2001 @KDinvest Read 10Q insurance covers their legal costs if not quilty - does not cover LC or SEC fine if quilty $GALE

  15. $DRL anyone take my advice and go for a nice flying under the radar stock like LIQD? I like $GALE for a rebound soon too...

  16. $GALE any upcoming catalyst of hope here?

  17. $GALE Could go green.

  18. $GALE looks like it wants to go green

  19. My Number 1 Stock Pick In the World http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/my-1-top-ranked-stock-in-the-world-335292/ $URI $BDSI $CAH $NPSP $MZOR $PETX $ANAC $RMTI $GALE

  20. $GALE too much talk downward trend doesn t make sense, Fishy Mgmt they might get hammered by Sec.

  21. $GALE added long 1.78

  22. $GALE where is the volume?

  23. $GALE Averaged down a bit at $1.79. I don t see this going TOO much lower.

  24. $GALE http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/06/28/3-potentially-game-changing-investigational-breast.aspx

  25. $GALE the only thing that is going to save this stock price is a buyout otherwise this stock price is going down