1. $GALT Big run coming!

  2. $GALT adam furenstein will unleash fury on you

  3. $GALT Volume stop in one shot an MM play with it

  4. $GALT hmm whats going on here?

  5. $GALT 8 this week possible

  6. $exel $cris $mstx $gale $galt great day to buy exel right now

  7. Watchlist for September 2 $PLX $CRIS $COUP $TKMR $GALT http://y.ahoo.it/4OtXusAo

  8. $GALT Initiated long position this week at $5.02. Great way to start a new hold as the very next day a 20%+ gain. Unrealized gain of 25%.

  9. $GALT watchn for long play over fri highs http://y.ahoo.it/W0ATBiWe

  10. $GALT common sense rules the roost on this trade... rare occurance

  11. $GALT think you were a dollar off... said i had no strategy? ya rog-o... i do... its not follow you

  12. $GALT who was in here posting his fancy charts and pushing his subscriptions saying itll land in 5.60 range on friday?

  13. $GALT added this morning

  14. $GALT flagging here http://y.ahoo.it/DJF5CLLU

  15. Another good week..Some of my winners tagged $GALT (34%) $LIQD (20%) $VEEV (23%) $INFN (7%).. Follow me and I can help you be successful!

  16. @XiXao: $GALT anybody´s holding till next tuestay?? Absolutely!

  17. $GALT anybody´s holding till next tuestay??

  18. $GALT run to 7 next week!

  19. $GALT see ya at sub 6

  20. $GALT lol guess the trading is done for the day

  21. $GALT seems like huh

  22. $GALT Everybody is on vacation already or what ?

  23. @bluewhistler not sure yet.. nailed $CNDO last week at 1.87.. and $GALT at 5.08

  24. $UTHR Wedbush s Liana Moussatos raised PT to $133 at beginning of Aug. Check out her other fav: $XOMA $ICPT $GALT - no position, darn

  25. $GALT and the worm turns...POS