1. $GALT i smell your fear and i offer you pennies on the dollar for it.

  2. $GALT lol i keep seeing shorts pile on these dips thinking thats the crack, then they get squeezed out

  3. $GALT

  4. $GALT After the fall I bought this at $7, then sold for a loss. Have repurchased some at $6.09, thinking it will work towards filling gap.

  5. $GALT keep calm and enjoy the ride...8$ next week

  6. $GALT well see where it lands today

  7. $GALT oops ;)

  8. $GALT stepping out @ 5.94 from 5.46

  9. $GALT $CRIS about to break out if your looking to take some profits from yesterday great place to put them !!

  10. $GALT well, gotta expect some type of red after a $1.30 run

  11. $GALT whoa, for the drop ....

  12. $GALT Buckle up !

  13. $GALT 100 more @6.05

  14. $GALT my friend who is shorting. are you afraid? because the chart says so... you better get out.

  15. $GALT $15 stock trading at $6 - that s what is this about. There were no reason for the drop from 16 to 5 other than bad PR

  16. $GALT looks like someone wanted in at a lower price! Manipulation works in both directions!

  17. Seeking alpha is a vehicle of truth....yes some people are ridiculous and churn out works for $ but isn t that all $Galt did?

  18. $GALT This war news needs to stop! it s disabling institution traders to halt >> http://y.ahoo.it/RXMnN6oI

  19. $GALT I love the smell of pump and dump in the morning....it smells like fraud!

  20. $GALT Here s the link back few weeks. Like to know status>> http://y.ahoo.it/OnZxCiMY

  21. $GALT Any status? lawsuit could shrink to penny >> http://y.ahoo.it/4Yjr9zEn

  22. $GALT Know where the status is on the multiple lawsuits? I hate uncertain lawsuits alleging GALT insiders used to jack up the price to $19

  23. $GALT - Keep buying fools - http://y.ahoo.it/uONo7eCL

  24. @HighGrowthFinancial Is it still worth buying $tube at this price 14 buck?? And $GALT . Thanks

  25. NetSol Tech (NASDAQ: $NTWK) Stock Gained 40% $GSM $REX $ISNS $GALT $NEWT - http://y.ahoo.it/KH69xQ4t