1. $CNAT $GALT $RPTP $GILD $GLMD $ICPT $LJPC 2015 Calendar Of NASH Catalysts - Clinically Sound Investor | Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/3937051-clinically-sound-investor/3572025-the-2015-calendar-of-nash-trial-catalysts

  2. $GALT volume is picking up substantially

  3. $GALT GALT: The 2015 Calendar Of NASH Trial Catalysts II: Galectin Therapeutics And La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2768255

  4. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $BH, $ZINC, $REGI, $SUNE, $FSLR, $ONNN, $FIG: SHORT: $RAX, $SDRL, $FIVE, $GALT, $KNDI, $Z, $GPRO, $GSAT

  5. $GALT these MMs man, they run the price up quick to fill big orders then drop it back down within an instant as to not give anything away...

  6. Insider Transaction: $GALT Sale at $3.69 per share of 110 shares by Director Amelio Gilbert F on 2014-12-15.

  7. Galectin Therapeutics Inc. director just disposed of 110 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1336059 $GALT

  8. $3.81 !!! $GALT

  9. $CLDX $GALT GALT is quietly reversing its downtrend and has found support in the 3.50 area, up 8% today already

  10. $GALT Galectin Therapeutics Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filin.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/GALT/communique/824619

  11. $GALT should test $4 today if the market keeps up

  12. $GALT

  13. $CLDX $GALT some of my bios are heating up!

  14. @qq_its_drew I think $GALT could go towards netcash/share of $1.5 in the long term, but short term my target is $2.5. $KNDI PT is $7

  15. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $REGI, $SUNE, $FSLR, $ONNN, $VOYA, $FIG, $NUAN; SHORT: $BRLI , $ZU, $FIVE, $GALT, $KNDI, $Z, $GPRO, $GSAT

  16. $GALT someone must be trying to accumulate at low levels, down 7% on 600 share volume.

  17. $GALT short interest decreased by ~90k shares and days to cover is now at a whopping 17

  18. $CLDX $GALT $KNDI should pop again tomorrow http://finance.yahoo.com/news/celldex-therapeutics-initiates-phase-2-210100050.html

  19. $GALT sure hope 3.53 holds...

  20. $GALT Don t why this crap is under 6!

  21. @timboxx Take a look @ $GALT

  22. $GALT presenting today around 11:30

  23. $GALT GALT is presenting at the LD Micro conference to discuss 2014 overview and 2015 milestones http://finance.yahoo.com/news/galectin-therapeutics-present-7th-annual-173000481.html

  24. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $SUNE, $ONNN, $LNREF, $ACM, $FSLR, $FIG, $NUAN; SHORT: $FIVE, $GALT, $KNDI, $VIMC, $Z, $GPRO, $RMD, $GSAT

  25. $GALT This is unreal. Way oversold for a company surely going to phase2 with a product that is working