1. $GALT more AH volume than usual today

  2. $GALT Loading up the truck

  3. $GALT Any update on the pending lawsuit?

  4. $GALT will we see a breakout today?

  5. $GALT Just saw they Halt Galt today because of volume.Its a joke or what ?

  6. $GALT bouncing off of 5.22 and being pushed down by 5.40

  7. $GALT lawsuit deadline ends today, will voluke pick up tomorrow?

  8. $GALT closed on LT trend line the past 3 days... Waiting for something

  9. $GALT Sold my position at BE this week. GLTA.

  10. @qq_its_drew Dumping my shares today. Need more dry powder for $DRL. Will come back to $GALT next week.

  11. $GALT Why the ultra low volume?

  12. $GALT target $10

  13. $GALT target 2.50

  14. $GALT this thing is like a coiled spring

  15. $GALT in 5.05

  16. $GALT love how this is down 5% on 30,000 shares

  17. $GALT short interest decreased slightly and days to cover is now about 7 http://y.ahoo.it/TE6eZcIo

  18. $GALT wow this volume is insanely low

  19. @APB I have no stock in $ICPT yet, just watching it. What is your average at $GALT ?

  20. @APB Sorry, got it confused with $GLMD which got the big pop yesterday. $GALT is the POS stock down $19 to $5. Very scary.

  21. Anyone think $GALT could get back up to the 6s in the next month?

  22. $ACRX almost a cup and handle on the chart... $galt is already there, about to break out.

  23. $GALT pretty sure the chart is what you can call as a perfect example of a cup and handle this baby is about to skyrocket.

  24. @44wall $GALT is closer.

  25. $GALT Dr. Omenn is a leading cancer researcher, now part of GALTs board of directors http://y.ahoo.it/mwmAq9vk