1. $GALT Who s next lol.Tell me that all this false allegation of fraud is not creminal ? Im looking for another PR from galt about all this.

  2. $GALT Lawsuit in SPEX ,Lawsuit DRL and whats happen ? Nothing because 10-25 people apply for there lawsuits lol so... see you back at 14

  3. $GALT Lawsuits look like typical phishing projects I see by lawyers everytime there s a big fall in stock price.

  4. $GALT I guess most of people ignored my yesterday s posts... Lawsuits are serious issues...

  5. $GALT got in at 7.30!!!underwater big time..

  6. @CatBus i think that the jump to 10 will take some days because the oversold of $GALT

  7. $GALT Got in a little too early at $6.98 yesterday. I hope this is or is near support for now. Hate to dump shares at a big loss.

  8. $GALT testing floor to be

  9. $GALT Did somebody get even 1$ in he s life with one of those firm lol ? They will find nothing wrong with the BOD write this.

  10. July 30 2014 Unusual Volume Stock Scan http://y.ahoo.it/bJb9s1r8 $X $PWE $XCO $GT $YPF $GALT $GRMN $WIN

  11. $GALT Plaintiff seeks to recover damages on behalf of all purchasers of Galectin publicly traded securities during the Class Period.

  12. $GALT Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP Files Class Action Suit against Galectin Therapeutics Inc.

  13. $GALT Here we go again: Class action suit against GALT: http://y.ahoo.it/GXAQ0GZn

  14. $GALT Adam Feuerstein hit article = clear buy signal.

  15. @a5hi: SEC investigating AF! Finally! http://y.ahoo.it/2fjh8v8s I hope this actually pans out...it needs to include $AMRN $MNKD $GALE $GALT

  16. @jn2sales what other bios have been victims of AF paid bashing? $AMRN $ARNA $GALT $MNKD $NWBO others? Line em up

  17. Biotech investors everywhere rejoice as the SEC investigating AF http://y.ahoo.it/BiTYd3vH $MNKD $AMRN $GALT

  18. SEC investigating AF http://y.ahoo.it/5NDSpDV4 $MNKD $GALT @JimCramer needs to hurry up & disassociate before he goes down with ship

  19. SEC investigating AF! Finally! http://y.ahoo.it/fIsRZXtL I hope this actually pans out...it needs to include $AMRN $MNKD $GALE $GALT

  20. Twitter Climbs Nearly +20% in Wake of Results Report http://y.ahoo.it/BegldsrD $TWTR $GALT $CALX $GNW $AMCC $GT

  21. Unusual Biotech Option Volume (pic) & Full Report http://y.ahoo.it/0hm0tzkW $GALT $AEGR $HALO & 20 more http://y.ahoo.it/LOKCmhdf

  22. $CSUN $GALT just 4swing trade

  23. Alert results: $AXU +1% $EVRY +11% $FSI +2% $GALT +13% $GFIG +2% $NQ +7% $RUBI +7% $TASR +3%

  24. $GALT will go back to 7$ at least tomorrow ... oversold

  25. $GALT it will go back to 8 tomorrow