1. Insider Transaction: $GALT Option Exercise at $3 per share of 500000 shares by Officer Czirr James C on 2014-01-27.

  2. $GALT Gonna gap up between now and mid November!! Load up cheap!!

  3. $MNKD $galt $exel $gale cost me a lot of $$ but $vsr and $ibio saved me. Although this rookie learned a lot..I m quitting while even. GLTA

  4. $GALT


  6. $GALT 50MA sitting at 5.22 only .05 away...could make the jump today

  7. $GALT shhhhhhhh.lets not jinx it.

  8. $GALT broke 5.00 :) - volume should start picking up a little now

  9. $GALT getting ready to break 5.00

  10. $GALT needs to break through resistance at 5.00 with some volume. Next resistance around 5.40.

  11. $GALT strong close

  12. $GALT Anything for Ebola in the pipeline? LOL!

  13. $GALT Wow. I once had this @ $0.84/share. *sigh*

  14. $GALT 62.7 Bid

  15. $GALT

  16. $GALT added 4.57

  17. $GALT Short interest increased by 100,000 and days to cover doubled to 14. Volume has been insanely low recently http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/galt/short-interest

  18. $GALT some big blocks popping up: 1,725 and 6,028 shares respectively

  19. @brbpab94 however $GALT is presenting at the 65th annual liver conference in november, which i think is a very good sign

  20. $GALT There we go

  21. $GALT Come on people wake the hel l up

  22. $GALT desperately need some good news so we can start moving

  23. $GALT Abstract Accepted as Oral Presentation finally hitting investors that good chance data is good. Heading to $10

  24. $GALT

  25. $GALT this is holding up well considering the market.. 4.80 may be the new support