1. $GALT No love here. Sad

  2. $GALT Hoping ICPT rubs off on GALT today!

  3. Now: @GalectinGALT $GALT: Carbohydrate-based cancer and liver disease therapies #RedChip Global #CEO #Conference bit.ly/146qLZo

  4. $GALT GALT is presenting today around 11:30 at the RedChip investor conference

  5. $GALT low volume day where the market was down up to 390 points and this stayed green, bottom must be in

  6. $GALT moving nicely today on a indecisive market day

  7. New bullish conversation activity in $GALT. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  8. $GALT Gap from $3.23 on 1/7 filled this a.m. Cleared for recovery.

  9. $GALT volume is starting to pick up @rational1

  10. $GALT Gap will fill @ 3.23. Almost there.

  11. Buy list this week $RXII $THLD $CBLI $IPCI $MEIP $RPRX $YELP $GALT Shorting $ADXS

  12. $GALT speaking of WOOF WOOF. 5 straight days of WOOF WOOF. Would be nice to see some upside. Filling gap perhaps?

  13. $GALT THERE is a price to pay,,for years of discrediting great companies,,trying to develop meds to help man. WOOF WOOF ADAM WOOF

  14. $GALT Adam finds life cruel,we call it a KARMA,,,,bad things will happen to bad people and ADAM F YOU;RE A BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD MAN.WOOF

  15. $GALT hey Adam woof woof

  16. @tradewithjoe: $ALKS Trade Setups - $ALKS $AMAG $ANTH $ARNA $GALT $HALO $ROIC $SONC $WTSL $DHT $DKS $JCP - http://www.tradewithjoe.com/strong-volume-gainers-172015/

  17. $GALT maybe those fruit juice pectins cure dog cancer? PFE testing BELVIQ in animals

  18. $GALT hey Adam,sorry your pooch has cancer.karma always hits you where YOU deserve. guess you re not in the mood to destroy a bio tech ?

  19. $GALT Look at icpt. They aren t testing on patients with as advanced NASH. GALT is testing against late stages

  20. $GALT This is going back to the teens. All of you shorts and negative posters will be proven fools-It works-They have cash and a shelf.

  21. @Retro807 $GALT

  22. @SmarterAnalyst: $GALT MLV Reiterates Buy On Galectin Following Final Results From GR-MD-02 Phase I Study http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/07/mlv-reiterates-buy-galectin-following-final-results-gr-md-02-phase-study/

  23. @SmarterAnalyst: MLV Reiterates Buy On CNAT, GALT, GLMD As Gilead Acquires Phenex Program http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/06/mlv-reiterates-buy-cnat-galt-glmd-gilead-acquires-phenex-program-nash/ $CNAT $GALT $GLMD $GILD

  24. Healthcare sector Update: http://www.streetregister.com/healthcare-sector-update-arena-pharmaceuticals-arna-halozyme-therapeutics-halo-galectin-therapeutics-galt-advaxis-adxs/256341/ $ARNA $HALO $GALT $ADXS

  25. $GALT Would finish in green.