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  5. $DGAZ $GASX clearsignal...

  6. @Bartek310: $JNUG $DGAZ $UVXY $GASX waiting for that A$$ toilet paper made out of $DOLLARS to be delivered... $USLV

  7. $JNUG $DGAZ $UVXY $GASX waiting for that A$$ toilet paper made out of $dollars to be delivered...

  8. $DGAZ got to hit over $5...in $GASX

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  13. $UNG is down 25% from 2014 high, but the same as Jan 1! So what can we deduce. Does that rhyme w/ any recent years? $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASX $BOIL

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  22. $GASX $DGAZ can anyone explain the discrepancy between these? a site maybe?

  23. $DGAZ signal $GASX

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