1. $GLD $GC_F duly noted. A hedge I will need to keep my eye on. Currently do not own any but should

  2. does any body like $DUST today ? $NUGT $GC_F

  3. Gold gained 27.60/oz (2.1%) last week, remains above 20dMA; S/T momentum trending up. $GC_F $GLD $GLDX $NUGT

  4. $NUGT $GC_F gold morning @AllinCapital 😘

  5. In Commodities Basket, only precious metals Gold $GC_F Silver $SI_F Platinum $PL_F are flashing upward momentum in an otherwise Sea of Red.

  6. $GC_F Gold Weakness Will Shock Most..... #Gold #Forex #Brexit #Euref

  7. How #Elliottwave forecasted the rally in Gold and Silver on 3/23 http://elliottwave-forecast.com/video-blog/elliott-waves-forecasting-the-paths-of-silver-and-gold/ $GC_F #XAU $SI_F #Silver

  8. $GC_F #Gold 4 Hour chart presented to clients of www.elliottwave-forecast.com on 6/22 #Elliottwave $XAU

  9. $GC_F Dow

  10. $GC_F dos

  11. Had a nice hit on $GC_F last night at 11.15, long 1324.4 out 1333.30. Now back to 1327ish... long again at 1327.33

  12. $GC_F not this time

  13. $GC_F doe opens green? Gold gets pummeled

  14. $GC_F because charts don t mean poo. Did you pre chart the brexit vote. I didn t think so

  15. $GC_F Bull flag on a bull flag breakout. I don t get how people think this is bearish

  16. $GC_F looks like a monster bull flag to me

  17. $GC_F soon enough tonight all buyers will be under water headed back to 1220 then move lower

  18. $GC_F gold should be at 1300. It s not because there is no safety in gold. Or cash. Maybe real estate.

  19. $GC_F Goldman AVE Gold target 2016 = 1250$

  20. Today s Top 3 Trades (trend reversal/momentum ideas) $VIX $VX_F, $ES_F, $GC_F https://goo.gl/dnIi2J #Indices #Commodities #Brexit

  21. $GC_F ... GOLD setting up for a CRASH ... baby baby

  22. $GC_F whack

  23. $gld follow up from my pinned chart. On track for the Hillary/Trump bump $gc_f $nugt $jnug $btg $gdx $abx $slv $uslv

  24. $GC_F .. GOLD PARTY BUS ... coming to an END // $ES_F 2001.50

  25. $GC_F $GLD $GDX