1. @InsiderBuySuperstocks Can t wait to see $GDP next week!

  2. OIL. $USO $SCO $FCG $GASL $UCO $BAS $GDP $CRK $OIH $XLE http://stocktwits.com/message/29546712

  3. $REXX Energy, These 6 Stocks Are Rallying Along With Energy And Materials $GDP, $PBR, $REXX, $VALE, $XLE http://seekingalpha.com/article/2702875-commodities-today-energy-these-6-stocks-are-rallying-along-with-energy-and-materials

  4. $KEG $GDP $CRK Strong days. Too soon to say bottom in but any buy here for a longer term hold will eventually pay off. I think I think.

  5. $GDP I still don t like the inverted hammer daily candle anyone else is questioning that ?

  6. $GDP cover starting soon, will for to 11+

  7. Stocks with good weekly options, Nov 28th: $DDS $GDP $RUBI $CLF http://sfoscanner.com/pages/cache?id=u20q166

  8. $GDP squeezed, EOD 11+ , starting covering after 3:30

  9. $GDP is this a gap close or a real sell off?

  10. $GDP there is the selloff back to $9

  11. $GDP today s candle doesn t look to good is it over for the rally???

  12. $GDP looks like this is going to be a fight between 10 and 11 on closing. Exp Date

  13. $GDP $KEG $CRK Yr from now some are gonna look back & kick themselves for not buyin these beaten down oil stocks at these unreal low prices.

  14. $PTR breakout. $FCG $GASL $BAS $CRK $GDP

  15. $GDP ready for part number 2 back above 11

  16. $GDP 500k shares in 30min that looks good keep on going

  17. $GDP great start testing 50 SMA on daily now

  18. $GDP u snooze u lose

  19. $GDP noooo .. come backkkkk....

  20. $GDP nice opening hope it will hold have a feeling we close at $11

  21. Talk about a beautiful day! $JNUG $PBR $EBR $GDP $USO $UGA $SDRL $WLT $HERO All Green Everything.

  22. $GDP looks like this is going to fly high today

  23. $HK $GDP What blows up first? Shale Oil Junk Bonds? http://dollarcollapse.com/credit-bubble-2/what-blows-up-first-part-5-shale-oil-junk-bonds/

  24. $GDP beat down chart but nice day today. watching for another big green candle tomo. 10 support area http://stocktwits.com/message/29492113

  25. $GDP good closing