1. $GDX ( #metal #stocks ) Expected direction ...and the probability. $GLD $NUGT $JNUG $UGLD $GOLD $SLV $SLW $GDXJ $GC_F

  2. $GDXJ uh oh spaghetti-o?

  3. $GC_F $GLD ‪$GDX $GDXJ bearish weekly, bullish daily. Needs to hold 1170s (20MA) for 1260-1280 target or down we go.

  4. $GLD $NUGT $DGP $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG Don t forget the Debt Clock. If rates do rise then debt service explodes! BLS lies!

  5. @CommonCents15: $GC_F $GLD $IAU $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ $DUST $JDST We re always in the hole with our bookies...I m such a degenerate, sigh

  6. $GLD $DGP $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ Gold calls by StanChart & BoA --> $1,300 by 4Q15. Lower weak UBS call 12 months out! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-31/higher-u-s-rates-pose-no-bar-to-gold-rally-for-bofa-stanchart

  7. $GC_F $GLD $IAU $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ $DUST $JDST How s my favorite group of ADHD afflicted degenerate gamblers doing this fine evening?

  8. $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ $GLD $DGP CB s detest deflation. Why? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-30/steve-keen-deliberate-blindness-our-central-planners

  9. @Gbones2692 $GDXJ $JDST $JNUG by the power of Greyskull , miners decoded

  10. $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ $GLD $DGP Bottoming here on Weekly Gold? May test 1150ish, but should rise from there!

  11. $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ $gl

  12. $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST The COT data looks more bullish than Jun. and Nov. of last year.

  13. $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST All eyes on 18 DMA (1,174.99).

  14. GOLD - Technical analysis trend $GLD $GC_F $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JNUG http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/03/gold-technical-analysis-trend.html

  15. $GDXJ $JDST $JNUG by the power of Greyskull , miners decoded

  16. GOLD - Pivots (support and resistance - intraday) $GLD $GC_F $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $DUST $JNUG http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/03/gold-pivots-support-and-resistance_31.html

  17. @Misgavladach: $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT $GLD Time to take a rest?.At least 0,38 fibo retracement expected.

  18. $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT $GLD Time to take a rest?.At least 0,38 fibo retracement expected.

  19. $JNUG im happy where we are here- look at the pattern - stick with it, it will turn around soon!! $GLD $GDX $GDXJ

  20. @staffpro1 Bagholder update $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $ABX $GG woossshhhhhh down she goes, :) :D did u open this acct between mowing lawns today?

  21. @staffpro1 I could retweet this everyday and always be right :) $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $ABX $GG did u just set up this fake bear acct today?

  22. Why Gold Prices Are Catching My Attention $GLD $IAU $SLV $GDXJ $GDX http://etfdailynews.com/2015/03/30/why-gold-prices-are-catching-my-attention/

  23. Gold Miners approaching the close as the worst-performing sector: $NUGT now -5.4% $GDX now -1.9% & $GDXJ now -3.0%

  24. $GLD $GDX $GDXJ $ABX $GG woossshhhhhh down she goes, timmbbeerr :) :D bagholder c====3

  25. $JNUG $GDXJ Just went right off a cliff on the 5 min