1. $GENE she is always green

  2. Dumped all my $GENE and bought more $SLTD. Excited to double that money next week...

  3. @Sum_Guy: $GENE Could it possibly close green? its gonna open stupid green

  4. $GENE Could it possibly close green?

  5. $GENE keep dancing gene, you like dancing, who cares which melody

  6. $ROSG percolating. this thing is going to pull a $GENE one day again so for now we wait.....

  7. $GENE $ONVO $MEIP I expected a bounce somewhere here. WTH?

  8. $GENE $SGNL $BIOC always short the pumps hard on the Ask with this biotrash then clean up when the bagholders unload # up over $11k

  9. $GENE Looks good again, watching volume.

  10. $GENE i am glad she is enjoying herself

  11. $GENE For small Biotech stock lovers, this has pulled right back to the 200 DMA. Stops right underneath u. Risk vs. reward intriguing here.

  12. $GENE Jump $0.10. Drop $0.10. In seconds. Why? Why is the price movement in this not at all smooth?

  13. $GENE biotech up today. Wonder if GENE will finaly get its head out of its ass and move!

  14. $GENE as I said - just wait for news. When it comes, just watch people topple over each other, as they try to get back in

  15. $GENE always green during AH!

  16. $GENE I feel GENE is having fun by herself. everybody is ignoring her

  17. $GENE I m liking that finish. I think she s ready to get back on top. I m tired of being of the bottom for once.

  18. $GENE Probably hit 200sma before uptrend.

  19. $ROSG shes holding the $3 line, just need some volume with the good PR! $FXCM $GENE $CRIS $CLRX $UWTI

  20. $GENE Since its all time high it is forming the biggest and longest cup.

  21. $GENE Come on....let s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @weezerr: @weezerr: $GENE Angelina Jolie endorsement will help a lot

  23. @weezerr: $GENE Angelina Jolie endorsement will help a lot

  24. $GENE she will get my attention. over 3.85 or below 3.53

  25. $GENE no volume