1. $BIOC and $VGGL on secondary pumps usually fail and these two are no different $GENE as well sell the pops http://otcbully.com/latest-trade/

  2. $ROSG Holding, $LOOK Sold, $ORMP Holding, $GENE Sold, $ENZN Holding & Buying on Dips, $ENZN & $ROSG should have excellent coming week imo

  3. $UWTI and here comes the $GENE people saying it s going to $20

  4. $GENE set high on Mon open.

  5. GENE - Price closes below the Pivot Point $GENE http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/04/gene-price-closes-above-pivot-point.html

  6. $GENE amazingly enough there is a corresponding bid at 4.7 for 30K

  7. $GENE MM has put in a sell order (all or none) 30K at 4.71 to scare people

  8. $GENE , calm today

  9. $GENE Well this stock is being resilent and not dropping below 4.72 seems the shorts sellers are finding it harder to borrow stock

  10. $GENE may see some big moves during power hour

  11. $GENE if shorts hold over the weekend and positive news comes out Monday morning ... well get the idea ?

  12. $GENE MM and short sellers dumping 100 share lots to pull the price down

  13. $GENE when you rub a magic lamp what happens ?

  14. $GENE lets see if we can close near 5 or above

  15. $GENE noticing that buy orders (just like yesterday) are loading up in the queue

  16. $GENE so more shorters can t borrow your stock

  17. $GENE about 2pm EST the shorts better start covering ... holders lock in a high price like 5.50 so more shorters can

  18. $GENE Cant decide if to take the small loss or keep holding, any potential here, was in at 5.20...

  19. $GENE lol this is so funny :) media says people dumping but research and outlook in news in 04/23 sounds sooo positive. I dunno. You?

  20. $GENE nobody100 is shorting of course

  21. $GENE long above 4.20 is bit risky at this time ..

  22. $GENE I wonder if the company will provide news next week on ER ?

  23. $GENE holding the 4.80 level will we get a bounce like the last 2 days

  24. $GENE richie8000 must be a snot nosed whip since he doesn t know how many Australian soldiers gave their lives and saved US soldier

  25. $GENE and got their butts kicked. Not intelligent fighting lol