1. Stocks worth a watch ; $GBSN $DRRX $VLTC $GENE $NYMX $ONCY. I think you could swing all of these stocks

  2. $GENE - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/07/gene-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_28.html

  3. $GENE nice close!

  4. $ESI $PLUG $GENE slow but strong day.

  5. $GENE Lets push!

  6. $GENE A little green would be nice!

  7. $CYTX ready to take off. Receives Conditional Approval from FDA for Alopecia Trial $GENE $BIOC $VBLT $THTI $SPHS $SZYM $XBIT $PBMD $AMDA

  8. $GENE Up on ASX. Let s see what happens here, earnings shortly.

  9. $GENE sold half of my GENE shares still think it has the potential to make a new high,guess i ll have to play the waiting game this week.

  10. $GENE - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/07/gene-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_27.html

  11. $GENE like i said if this stock hits 3.30, she will go more down

  12. $NYMX I ll stop... BUT the crazy thing.. This thing ACTUALLY has a product that s good.. Not just another $GENE, def. another $ITEK

  13. $GENE is also a distributor of $ROSG tests. So we have $GENE $TEVA and GeneKor among others as distributors for $ROSG tests.

  14. $AAPL I need to revise the so good to me list of $AAPL, $AMBA, $GENE and add $ITEK. $ITEK is up like 60% over the last two weeks

  15. $GENE why are the 2.5 calls going for .15?

  16. $AAPL $AAPL, $AMBA and $GENE have been very good to me today!

  17. $GENE get in before it s too late. ER on friday!

  18. $GENE Nice!

  19. $GENE Watch over $3.57! Could make a nice squeeze toward its 200EMA

  20. $GENE Making HOD

  21. $GENE moving

  22. Active Stocks in the News: $COG $GENE

  23. Eyes on $GENE!! Is about to take off

  24. $GENE nice!

  25. $GENE POP