1. $GENE I already bought 10 shares at 4.14. if she drops, I will not care

  2. $GENE the mid day climb

  3. $GENE buy in now. Hold til 7.

  4. $GENE moving

  5. $GENE watching this base

  6. $GENE http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/gene/institutional-holdings

  7. $GENE tight bands, going to spring.

  8. $GENE - Main supports and resistances (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/05/gene-main-supports-and-resistances_21.html

  9. $GENE I want to laugh

  10. $GENE You are still the 2015 Biotech Champion!

  11. $GENE Great stock for shorting

  12. $AMDA Buy it now guys or cry later! $BIOC $PBMD $AVEO $NSPR $ISR $GENE

  13. $SPHS $PBMD $ISR always short biotrash pumps on the Ask and let the chasers hold the bags #see $GENE $BIOC $SGNL up over $7k today

  14. $GENE needs to close over 4.35

  15. $GENE gonna POP soon, but check out $AVEO Pharmaceuticals up 20% today on news.

  16. $GENE What the the concensus here? Thinking about jumping in tomorrow.

  17. $PBMD Let s not compare $PBMD with $GENE people. $GENE makes cancer detection kit. $PBMD cures cancer. Which do you think is more valuable?

  18. $ATNM Unusual volume at the close. Keeping an eye on this pre market 5-21-15. $ISR $PBMD $GENE $BIOC $AMRN $UWTI $DWTI

  19. $ISR here are some examples of similar garbage. $BIOC $ENZN $VGGL $GENE $PTBI $ICLD $GEVO. ALL the same stuff

  20. All my peeps let s share some ideas for some gems for tomorrow $ISR $PBMD $UWTI $GENE $BIOC $AMRN

  21. $PBMD $GENE $MEIP $BIOC $EBIO We sent ebola stocks to the moon, these bio s have allot more meaning for us then those.....thinking here.

  22. Moving $$$ into $GENE tomorrow. #Grow&GO

  23. Watch list video for May 21st (con t): $GMCR $VGGL $VBLT $ONTY $EYES $GENE http://ticker.tv/greatstockpix/555d1913c9f9093541000002

  24. $GENE needs to close over 4.35 tomorrow gonna get jiggy if it does

  25. $GENE another 4.35