1. Daily Biotech Update: Tiny biotech $PGLA is up 116% in 2 months. http://y.ahoo.it/gFY3jFnZ $RNN $INO $CHTP $ITMN $GALT $GERN & 225 More.

  2. $GERN Bio sector closes above its 200 MA with volume and so does $GERN above its 20 MA after a while! very bullish!

  3. $GERN - It s good to see it crossing the 5 Day Moving Average and the Bollinger Bands tightening.

  4. $GERN the day FDA releases partial hold, this will sky rocket


  6. $GERN I know this stock is well financed and has a good oncology program. How high will it go and how soon?

  7. @sogenerous @Dash718 @kiksbutt well some families have $GERN kind of kids too. 2b fair I made $ from geron but getting killed now.

  8. Daily Biotech Update: Know Everything http://y.ahoo.it/sDdbeKyb $RNN $INO $CHTP $ITMN $GERN $GALT $PARD & 225 More

  9. Speak Life.... http://y.ahoo.it/dTl8dnbx why? Because today sucked & tomorrow has to be better. $ARIA $IBB $GERN $RNN #biotech

  10. @Dash718 @kiksbutt i got fam of squandering children $PCYC $MDVN $EPZM $GERN

  11. $GERN and $NBIX

  12. $GERN upside %50 at this point downside maybe %5

  13. $GERN This is natural behavior because most investors are not able to buy when price goes down and big players know that

  14. $GERN Just look at short interest, it almost doubled between 3/14 to 3/31 http://y.ahoo.it/qiEWeEiw

  15. $GERN In my experience whenever someone says stay a way from the stock that means short sellers afraid others buying in dip

  16. 2014 Hall of Shame list: $NEWL $SPEX $BODY $PRAN $GNI $VTUS $ICLD $RXDX $VJET $EDMC $DRNA $GALE $NIHD $FWM $GERN $WTSL -- Stay a mile away!

  17. Daily Biotech Update: http://y.ahoo.it/5NYx1yIA $RNN $ITMN $INO $AHRO $CHTP $GALT $GERN & 225 more

  18. Daily Biotech Update: http://y.ahoo.it/mh7KnP0z $RNN $ITMN $INO $AHRO $CHTP $GALT $GERN & 225 more

  19. @alandelmz $GERN nice volume.

  20. $GERN Ready to move back to 2s

  21. Pre-Market Gainers 4/14 $LXRX $EW $MSTX $CWTR $AHL $PAL $JASO $GDP $ICPT $RTRX $CYTX $ADXS $GERN $PANW

  22. $GERN Very interesting price

  23. Biotech Daily Update: Know Everything. http://y.ahoo.it/Wh8dKoVn $RNN $INO $CHTP $ITMN $GALT $GERN & 225 More

  24. #RNN 1.09 , $INO 2.86 $KNDI 11.84 $NLNK 21.17 $GWPH 48.40 $GERN 1.86 Loaded up this morning @ 9:57am

  25. is $GNK for real? I ve been watching this stock die all day, and now its decided to go nuts in the last 20min? $AMRN $SYN $GALE $GERN $HZNP