1. $GERN funny thing is that there is still no bad news. Just low cost stocks. I m buying again

  2. $GERN it s coming

  3. $GERN I pray one of these days the FDA will lift their holds so this stock can finally move up again

  4. Bearish MACD Crossovers 2/3 $FNFV $FWM $GERN $GIGA $HAL $HERO $HOG $IO $IRWD $LXRX $MCO $MRVL $MTU $NSAM $OI $PB http://y.ahoo.it/ZrBkkWI4

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  6. $GERN Bad news coming or people dumping and sprinting to the exiits?

  7. $GERN no catalyst till eoy. Reaching equilibrium. Time to place your bets. Hold gets lifted yea or nay

  8. $GERN Im in

  9. $GERN $2.35 line in the sand... then selling off...

  10. $GERN fack

  11. $GERN Sold my shares took a 5 figure loss. Is what it is.

  12. $GERN Great potential but don t expect big things until late in year, early 15

  13. $GERN hmmm feels like this will be at least 10cts higher today...

  14. $GERN Any1 liste. To the asty conference call with CANCERUK?

  15. $GERN Might take entry at $3.09

  16. $GERN even Stephen

  17. @360BiotechWithDrTran: $GERN http://y.ahoo.it/cdWl7BA4 Linking to a paid blog -> block...

  18. $GERN http://y.ahoo.it/1dnf1a4J

  19. $GERN Geesh people, this is not a stock to day trade !

  20. $GERN weak

  21. $GERN yes

  22. @Thorgood .... life everlasting (can lengthen perfect cell reproduction in humans to more than 150 years.) google TA65 licensed from $GERN

  23. $GERN I think people are switching to $ACTCD (formerly ACTC). That stock is on a tear. I see ton of $STEM people switching as well.

  24. $GERN anyone else fustrated?

  25. $GERN Time to buy, methinks