1. $GERN

  2. $GERN

  3. $GERN

  4. $GERN tis is going to zero

  5. $GERN impulse buying is stupid, don t do it! I guess I ll own it for a while. At least I made $7 a share on $ASTY

  6. $GERN someday soon this will be at $6. RXII is ready to run

  7. $GERN here is another bio I own shares of that might be a good one to add to around here. While $CLDX has me buying

  8. Share an idea on $GERN I m dyslexic I thoight this stock stood for green come on boys buckle up for this bumpy ride im hitting the gas

  9. $GERN $asty is up

  10. $GERN the current price rise of $1.45+ of $INCY can not be argued, but $GERN will have its day. Just not now! I + more $GERN today

  11. $GERN #imetelstat or drugs with real bad side effects of Ibuprofen, Humira, Enbrel, ,Jakafi, and the ultimate destroyer chemotherapy

  12. $GERN Geron s Imetelstat: No Threat Now Or Possibly Ever To Incyte s Jakafi Franchise http://y.ahoo.it/NbxPNLNP

  13. $GERN $INCY: I don t see Geron s Imetelstat posing a threat to Incyte s Jakafi: http://y.ahoo.it/rJ2om1Gu

  14. $GERN Doji today

  15. $GERN Fighting with the 50ema, which wants to cross above 150sma :)

  16. 9/23 MOJO Day Trading Morning Watch List $$MNGA $NXTD $OTIV $CJJD $OTIV $RWLK $JRJC $SGMO $CRNT $GERN

  17. $GERN this sucks

  18. $GERN wah

  19. $GERN some kind of PR that is positive would be nice before it goes under $2 eh? Where is the BOD on investor support?

  20. $GERN Oooh I just love those BBs :) I ll hold for another month or two if need be.

  21. $GERN Weakening downtrend, 10 day wants above 20. Any chance we re seeing a double bottom on the week?

  22. Charts Upd Ydy: $CGEN $XLNX $FEYE $LVS $NBL $MNTA $KNDI $KKD $HOV $HALO $GPOR $GLUU $CNP $CHK $ZNGA $GERN $CRNT $MNKD http://y.ahoo.it/3x2y62kT

  23. @afmarko99 Thanks Mark it s was very helpful and ironic I live on a dairy farm and have a bunch of $gern hope my lite comes back soon to

  24. $GERN Updated Chart: http://y.ahoo.it/APiuiNli

  25. $GERN Don t know if I should be happy or sad... sad because it took me out of 1/4 of my position at $2.19 or happy because it bounced back..