1. Swing Buy Picks: $GERN, $HBC.CA, $LOCK, $LULU, $MNTA, $NTRS, $SBUX, $SGYP, $SPF, $SRPT, $STNG, $TGT, $TWX, $UA http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#MOREPICKS

  2. End Of Day Scan: 1234 Bullish $SYY $XOMA $FULT $SRPT $CSG $GERN $PGNX $NFLX $JPM $BAC www.dailystockplays.com

  3. $GERN The IBB was spanked today, I am waiting to pounce!

  4. $GERN in nasdaq biotech index GERN is #5 in gains at 0.74% - that s what kind of day it was

  5. $GERN watch 4.20

  6. @Think4self $ACRX under $4 is great buy, solid support around here , just like I stated earlier!! $BIOS $GERN $XOMA $PGNX $ZIOP $MNKD

  7. $GERN http://seekingalpha.com/article/3290415-geron-is-ripe-for-a-short-squeeze Frankly I disagree that GERN buying things would be bullish for the stock but...

  8. $GERN ITS HER TIME I TELL YOU @sogenerous

  9. $GERN - Main supports and resistances http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/06/gern-main-supports-and-resistances_29.html

  10. $GERN Institutional ownership up 20.67% Q/Q, with 21,671,700 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/GERN

  11. $GERN should be at $5 already... oh well

  12. $GERN @jerchess But he never gave up, none of them did!

  13. $GERN last traded at $4.06. The 1 week change is 1.49%, the 1 month change is 6.39%, and the 1 year change is 41.58%. ML alert

  14. $GERN - High Volume After Hours Nasdaq 3,175,078 / CNBC 3,188,248

  15. $GERN - @jerchess Look at Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein they were all an Army of 1 & look how the world evolved from each 1

  16. $GERN anybody else showing 3.5mm traded AH?

  17. $GERN Added some 4$ August calls. So you know. Now the buyout can happen whenever.

  18. $GERN has no reason to exist. Skeleton crew sponging off shareholders hanging around for bo. So am I.

  19. $GERN At 50 dma. Time to buy.

  20. $AAVL $EPZM $JUNO $KPTI $GERN planning to hold these long term. $FMI looking 2 flip in 40s, $CLVS I expect to be acquired within few months

  21. Bullish on $GERN? Zacks Equity Research of Zacks Equity Research thinks so:https://www.finstead.com/outlook/gern-geron-corporation#recent-opinion

  22. $GERN @bio_stock Big things come in small packages as the old adage goes and for millions of terminally ill, it s called H-O-P-E!

  23. $GERN Finished green! I did not expect this..

  24. $REXX $CPRX $HOV $GERN green babies