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  2. GERN - Technical analysis trend $GERN http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/03/gern-technical-analysis-trend.html

  3. $OHRP Another one? Well, time to gap up. Happened to $gern $aria will happen to this one too. It s all about time.

  4. The week that was: Covered the $GERN short earlier and reduced $CL_F exposure. (added the 10 back at 50.42).

  5. MEI Pharma: Upcoming Catalysts Will Drive Stock Rebound | Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/article/3024216-mei-pharma-upcoming-catalysts-will-drive-stock-rebound $MEIP $GERN $IBB #Biotech #Nasdaq #trading

  6. $GERN Slow & Steady wins the race

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  9. $GERN Yawn. -_-

  10. $GERN ...antsy on this one

  11. $GERN Anything under 3.80 is a strong buy.

  12. $GERN Giddy up

  13. $GERN up 2% . There is real value here. Holding up excellent. 5-6+ coming

  14. $GERN Bought starter $3.63

  15. $GERN Took a chance and bought yesterday at @ $3.67. Bailed out at $3.61. Didn t like the look of things.

  16. $GERN choppy days ahead... Trying to exit my position ASAP earnings otw as well

  17. NR4 http://www.dailystockplays.com/NR4-2015-03-25.html $VALE $AVP $OAS $RDC $YOKU $AMLP $GERN $HLF $SLCA $NRZ $AFL $TWC $LNC

  18. $GERN Need to trend trade or invest. Hard to do both with bio s.

  19. $CYTX $ATHX $BIND $GERN All fell early and stayed pretty steady after that. Watching those for possible entries tomorrow

  20. $GERN Would be cool if I woke up, big rumors flowed again and it jumped $2.00 premarket. (Then I d short it again... ;-)

  21. $GERN Green days usually follow big red...

  22. $GERN What a piece of junk. Down $.70 in 12 days. Once again it disappoints. You could set your clock to this turd.

  23. $GERN I m crazy, but in long at $3.67. Figured if we have a green day tomorrow, it might pop .05 or .10 first thing...hopefully!

  24. im at 70% cash. waiting for IBB to stabilize then i ll add/buy $ACAD $LPCN $AAVL $GERN $VSTM and $HALO

  25. $GERN I am in if this is back in $3.50