1. $GERN If you guy play clash of clan.. please join my clan.. search Supercold clan and click join. We need some new members.

  2. $GERN let s see if the support on weekly chart holds around 3.50s for the bounce run to 4$

  3. $GERN LIQD will gap up

  4. $GERN Should see a bounce tomorrow

  5. UPstocks latest newsletter $CYBR $UNXL $GERN $SCOK $NUGT http://www.upstockstrading.com/2014/11/upstocks-newsletter-unxl-gern-jrjc-xoma-cnat-sune-cybr%e2%80%8f/

  6. $GERN AH 15,300 shares @ 3.8374 and it would be great for tomorrow...

  7. @brbpab94: $GERN what happened to gern Normal retrace. Relax and have a good Thanksgiving

  8. $GERN what happened to gern

  9. @Moses_MoMoney @Starsail Or may be that this was due for some unwinding before the next leg up which I believe is the case. $GERN.

  10. @Starsail $GERN May be the primary end point may not be satisfactory or things are not as good as we are hoping. Highly unlikely though!

  11. $GERN T-line around $3.33.... Time to sit back and watch a bit.

  12. $GERN Let s have a strong close pleeeeeease..We saw the bottom of the day, let s hope tomorrow is less brutal.

  13. $IDRA $GALE $GERN all 5 dollar stock.

  14. $GERN Nice pull back for some more buyers to step in. Tomorrow should be fun

  15. $GERN Buy buy say thanks later

  16. $GERN History always repeats itself. If the ASH goes well and with J&J $35m, $GERN Should be around $8.00 by the end of the year!

  17. $GERN Getting caught in options, they are looking to keep a lid on at $3.5 or slightly above.

  18. $GERN Liking this better now.

  19. $GERN No worries here, healthy pullback. Holding for $4.24+

  20. $GERN push fill gap 4.20

  21. $GERN http://s14.postimg.org/r5sjw23j5/image.jpg

  22. $GERN Looking to add to my position around 3.55

  23. $GERN CLDX went up 2 days in a row and a small pullback..it s normal.....If u think GERN will be above 4, then you dont want to sell.

  24. $gern found bottom on Intra. 3.58 to 3.75 maybe

  25. $GERN Well, retrace support is at $3.28. Think it stops around $3.50. LIQD keeps on truckin though. IMO