1. $GERN 1K share position started here.

  2. @Treenhome: $GERN lookin good again here. short float 16.77% http://treenhome.blogspot.in/2015/01/gern-lookin-good-again-here-short-float.html basing more is healthy. could go soon Imho

  3. @Think4self I warned about $CANF,$ADHD,etc don t fall for the pump by going long.You can trade/swing it. $AAVL,$OMED,$VSTM,$GERN,$INFI,$IG

  4. $GERN It twitched!

  5. $GERN January 31st conference information. https://www.evms.edu/media/evms_public/departments/cme/3rd_Annual_Hematology_Winter_Brochure.pdf

  6. $GERN Investment club adding 20k shares today. Looks very strong holding off bears here.

  7. $weat $aci $aapl $INTL $ge $gern $phmd $plug $LIQD $nadl build your Bull army :) don t forget to mention $300 M deal http://stocktwits.com/message/31652694

  8. $GERN called it right so far, green day tomorrow

  9. $GERN She wants to go green so bad!

  10. $GERN R-squared w $IBB has to be well above 1 here. Anyone have that correlation coefficient?

  11. out $GERN 3.24 for -4.5% loss for meantime.

  12. $GERN Going green perhaps..

  13. $GERN Are we at $5 yet?

  14. $GERN Boom! Adios sucka $2 holla!

  15. $GERN About to lose 3.21 in 3...2...1...

  16. $GERN 3.21 held so far...will add as much as my broker can find under 3.21

  17. @sogenerous Yep getting my $ back with $GERN short!

  18. stopped-out 1/2 $GERN @ 3.23 from 3.38, -4.5% loss, half remain.

  19. $GERN This so far has been very predictable. Bounced from support and probably will end day in red (but above 3.21) and have green tomorrow

  20. @yieldhawk $GERN ER means nothing for clinical stage biotechs with no products on the market. This is all about the trials and the FDA.

  21. $GERN prolly best to wait for ER in March to get in...could see 2.5 s IMO

  22. @Think4self Warned you guys about $FOLD pump yesterday. Becareful out here folks $SGEN,$EPZM,$GERN,$AAVL,$OMED

  23. $GERN Wow nice support @ $3.19. I am impressed.

  24. $GERN loading truck

  25. $GERN good time to buy and make more money