1. $GEVO I want to win! C mon, Gevo!

  2. $GEVO Fossil fuel divestment push hits Harvard...and beyond http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fossil-fuel-divestment-push-hits-harvard---and-beyond-140114822.html

  3. $GEVO I must retreat to the mountains to ponder the greatest questions, and I shall return Monday followed by favorable developments.

  4. $GEVO This has been, perhaps, the most useless week in Gevo s history. I hope there s a perilous recovery next week.

  5. $GEVO this company is recomending GEVO today. I dont know him and dont know If they are serious. http://www.equities.com/editors-desk/stocks/market-movers/top-basic-materials-small-cap-star-for-april-17-is-harvest-natural-resources-inc-hnr

  6. $GEVO Things shall happen regardless of your imaginary timelines, thou who covet patience need covet nothing else for he has already won.

  7. $GEVO slowly but surely....

  8. $GEVO The ask price on GEVO is down to $0.18 after hours trading.

  9. $GEVO greeeeen 2 cent

  10. $GEVO Show me The money!!!!

  11. $GEVO still holding I guess

  12. $GEVO When is the Reverse split ?

  13. $GEVO Might be a nice stock to invest in...after current value is cut in half by reverse split and dilution from GEVO selling more shares.

  14. $GEVO still down..after the split...bleeding wont quit..bright side good entry 10% below where the price is settled at.

  15. $GEVO keep an eye on MAXD i have that stock as well as being long in GEVO

  16. $GEVO $CYTX $HEB $NSPR What a truly boring week it was. I hope exciting days are ahead and stuff.

  17. $GEVO mixed emotions... great company but fundamentals scare me.

  18. $GEVO also has a deal with Ford in regards to the plastic components in their cars

  19. $GEVO the GEVO/COKE commitment is a couple of years old

  20. $GEVO does not say when deal was made

  21. $GEVO This is a lesson: don t invest with your heart. Or what you want things to be. The U.S. is mentally retarded, and products like this

  22. $GEVO The company has also entered into long-term commitments with industry partners Gevo and Virent to develop a bio-derived PTA,

  23. $GEVO Is the mention in this article old news? http://www.plasticstoday.com/articles/Coca-Cola-show-100-percent-biobased-PlantBottles-Expo-Milano-2015-150416

  24. $GEVO long & strong

  25. $GEVO Something is definitely brewing between Gevo and $PLUG. The question is, When will the news drop?