1. $GEVO @Squash Seems link ends the debate about production, GEVO intends to get everyone ELSE to do the production & license/install process

  2. $PAL $GEVO $BAA the race to $1 ..... Who will win !!

  3. $GEVO help me understand something please. People should invest for the long-term gains in stoppering about a .04 swing.

  4. $GEVO Retrofitting strategy and economics >> http://www.gevo.com/about/our-business/commercialization-strategy/

  5. $GEVO I believe in gevo but it doesn t seem like any1 big does I m down with Andy being on as a stk newb w/o any pr it seems like a seesaw

  6. @Unemployed_Luxury: $GEVO what should we expect march 3rd for the reports? What reports?

  7. $GEVO what should we expect march 3rd for the reports?

  8. $GEVO add at support.20/.22 or res..30/.31...that is the ?.

  9. $GEVO http://stafforddaily.com/analyst-rating-update-on-gevo-inc/351795/

  10. $GEVO Possible connection for Marsh & Gevo. on Cusp of binding agreement here in red >> http://www.ethanolproducer.com/articles/11849/gevo-announces-cost-saving-initiatives-new-technology >> http://stocktwits.com/message/33324995

  11. $GEVO ping pong

  12. $GEVO needs to close above 28

  13. $GEVO We need minimum 5 cent move

  14. $GEVO boom

  15. $GEVO Looks like the suspense will continue

  16. Hot Basic Materials Stocks: $DOW $NBR $GEVO $KGC

  17. $GEVO 3 mins of listening may explain Andy Marsh s Joining of GEVO BoD listen from 18 to 21 min, A must listenIMO > https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1052716

  18. $GEVO Let review, Supreme court WIN, Boating WIN, CEO of Plug Power Joins BoD, what do you think they are doing over there sitting around?

  19. $GEVO hair trigger imo

  20. $GEVO h

  21. $GEVO need some fluffy PR. How bout branson fillin his jet with it!! Or his fleet of jets

  22. $GEVO hell of a promotion

  23. $GEVO are we expecting to see GEVO mentioned on Plugs E/R in March?

  24. $GEVO some news would be good..

  25. $GEVO what are we Waiting for???