1. $PLUG Sorta regret dumping half my shares of Plug. But these three will pay off $MNGA $GEVO $PLUG together.

  2. $GEVO this stock is range bound between $3 and $3.30, till another pump or next round of PR

  3. @BuildNowForLater $GEVO why this stock went down like crazy ? ALL of the Pump and Dumps are down 10-15% today. See PTBI VLTC PBMD etc

  4. $GEVO why this stock went down like crazy ?

  5. @ProfessorLee: $GEVO My time has come I must go never to return here again Good lord how old are you people? Is there anyone here over 16

  6. $Gevo We long we Strong BOY

  7. $GEVO bought some GEVO to hold over the weekend. 3.05

  8. $GEVO My time has come I must go never to return here again, You have all provided smiles to my face so in that sense I feel like the winner

  9. $GEVO Gevo. You better get some.

  10. $GEVO The oil lobby whined that Biofuel levels mandated were too high, but they must accept that Biofuels are the future.

  11. $GEVO It s almost good that this thing is not running up to crazy valuations. Every time it does, the shorts tear it a new one. Wait.

  12. $GEVO With GEVO you have to just buy 10000 shares set your price to sell at 12.00 and check once a month. This stock will make you scream.

  13. $GEVO never ever listen to pumpers here (especially 2 pumpers).Every stock will go up(90%) one day after a dip -common sense.

  14. $GEVO The proposed 2016 standard for advanced biofuel is more than 700 million gallons – 27 percent – higher than the actual 2014 volumes.

  15. $GEVO We did not disclose anything new at the conference yesterday. Best Mike

  16. $GEVO told you

  17. $GEVO I m glad to be holding over the weekend. Very confident in 200% gains in the short-term. 700% in the medium-term. And 1000% long-term.

  18. $GEVO

  19. I have 16,000 virtual shares of $GEVO average @ $3.09 This SP better go up

  20. $GEVO what a sucker rally yesterday!!

  21. $GEVO UPDATE: Solazyme (SZYM), Gevo (GEVO) Active Amid New EPA Renewable Fuel Standard http://www.streetinsider.com/Insiders+Blog/UPDATE%3A+Solazyme+(SZYM),+Gevo+(GEVO)+Active+Amid+New+EPA+Renewable+Fuel+Standard/10607292.html

  22. @Intuitiv $GEVO nice find. Happy to see the date is today.

  23. $GEVO big scam pump and dump game with hired people on the board lol

  24. $GEVO EPA Proposes Increases in Renewable Fuel Levels Guess who has the patents on something > Ethanol? http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/21b8983ffa5d0e4685257dd4006b85e2/4f4bb602ad5b51b985257e54004b6e5f!OpenDocument

  25. @Clagger: $GEVO keep in mind that this stock has tested the 7.15 $7.15 x 9M = 64.35M mkt cap. $64.35M / 15.5M = $4.15