1. $GEVO close right on support..picking this up on any Mon. weakness.

  2. Black Friday sale on $GEVO

  3. @dvargsinator i think you may be right - seeing how the TSX played out on OPEC news today, there may be a great entry tomorrow on $GEVO

  4. $GEVO On pullback watch here for entry point.

  5. $GEVO Back to reality for this one. ill look for reentry at .25

  6. Share an idea on $GEVo Holiday Shake out/Fakeout before Whales swim in!

  7. @HairNation88 Are you in $GEVO?

  8. $ZBB .. 3 or 4 followers of this stock..lookin for a stock with some good news lately and the stock is actually moving higher on it..$GEVO.

  9. $GEVO Isobutene can also be dimerized & hydrogenated to isooctane. Need 3,8kg sugar for 1kg isobuten http://stocktwits.com/message/29665315

  10. $GEVO GBE> productivity should exceed 2.8 kg h .1m .3 and yield must be at least 84% of the theoretical value http://www.global-bioenergies.com/index.php?lang=en

  11. $GEVO > Competitor: Global Bioenergie can synthetise directly isobutene by its OGM. http://stocktwits.com/message/29664801

  12. @stevesparling $GEVO is just taking a breath, don t forget this stock has almost doubled from recent october low 0.26 . Wait and see.

  13. $GEVO just missed my .45 entry..come on back.

  14. $GEVO I am confused. Gevo just delivered on great news and yet the stock is not sky rocketed as most hoped it would. Invest mor or dump???

  15. $GEVO Seeking Alpha article on the latest LOI - http://seekingalpha.com/article/2710015-gevos-licensing-loi-is-a-big-deal?source=email_rt_article_readmore&uprof=44

  16. $GEVO appears ready to flame out and go south again. Gruber must go!!

  17. $GEVO could see a strong short squeeze tomorrow - time is up and there are lots of shorts that did not anticipate the good news

  18. $GEVO so so tempted to jump in to this at .45 if she comes back to me..like the recent news..price action.

  19. $GEVO short interest http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/gevo/short-interest

  20. $GEVO short interest

  21. Alert results: $BDR +14% $GEVO +0% $NES +10% $SYN +1% $TENX +8% $XOMA +2% ~ via @AlertTrade

  22. $GEVO had to slow down some. It s been up almost every day for the past few weeks. Vol is still there. Better times are ahead.

  23. $gevo hits 3-month resistance. Looks like .55 is next barrier

  24. $gevo could close green

  25. $gevo don t forget the real value of latest news - patience will be very well rewarded