1. $GEVO and they need more cash to survive for this Q

  2. $GEVO no hope for this company, I heard r&d is dead, people at production looking for new jobs and they are leaving. Bankruptcy soon.

  3. $GEVO besides that, I see a bright future here. Especially with future partnerships (Expected with $PLUG).

  4. $GEVO only thing pushing me away from here at the moment is an expected offering anytime now. Will be purchasing after offering.

  5. $GEVO Yeah, because big oil hasn t been the smart money making trillions of $$$ all these years...

  6. $PLUG $BLDP $GEVO I m following the smart money https://fortune.com/2015/04/25/billionaires-versus-big-oil/

  7. $GEVO Hydrogen partnership to be announced this year as main goal

  8. $GEVO listen at 18 mins Gruber states Butamax/Dupont/BP have been beating them up for yrs, but GEVO is winning in Court; it will come to end

  9. $GEVO Huge News! Packaging News – Coca Cola to Reveal its Natural PlantBottle - May 4.. http://www.injectionmolding.com/coca-cola-to-show-100-biobased-plantbottles-at-expo-milano-2015/

  10. $GEVO Lawsuit will go away, technology is built out....this is what matters; current $40B market will be exploited

  11. $GEVO Read the last earnings report and educate yourself --- GEVO is burning around $1 million in cash per week. Out of money very soon.

  12. $GEVO Multiple companies currently are in licensing discussions

  13. $GEVO listen and believe http://www.wsw.com/webcast/roth29/register.aspx?conf=roth29&page=gevo&url=http://www.wsw.com/webcast/roth29/gevo/index.aspx

  14. $GEVO has an army of, what s that, Professor Lee? EYGs. Eager Young Grasshoppers. And we re on the hop to glory.

  15. $GEVO The tide has turned in many ways, I have come to believe that any price under $35 is a bargain. Shorts you shall feel hurt soon.

  16. $GEVO Gevo s Chairman of the Board is also Virgin Atlantic s CFO, and co-founder of the Virgin Green Fund.

  17. $GEVO $4.20 or .28¢. isn t that big of a mountain to climb. So, for newcomers, it s a very safe bet this will re-reach that level. Soon.

  18. Short sale restrictions initiated. $GBSN $GEVO $VLTC

  19. $GEVO I love Biotech! And dentists, car repairs, exwives the IRS, dirty cops and politicians and communism. But man do I love BIOTECH :/

  20. $GEVO ant $VTI but no shocker there.

  21. $GEVO only things dropping now that are still actually green for me are $ohrp and $xco

  22. $GEVO its a crap end to a friday almost everything is dropping now.

  23. $GEVO Major loser that guy. He will be homeless one dsy soon

  24. $GEVO so that march mou with praj not worth nothing, thats a 10yr deal

  25. $GEVO @renhffn Go read through his feed....having a rough time shorting the last couple of days. Ha!