1. LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $GEVO $ECX.DE WATCHING: §KERX $RSH $OIBR $AEZS - RUHUK signals for today @ http://y.ahoo.it/wIReiHnf

  2. Tr adePorts: $NAVB $DRWI $MSTX $BAXS $DHRM $GEVO $IMMU $MVIS etc... http://y.ahoo.it/VjVpSyie

  3. $GEVO great I only need a 3x from here... I m far from cheering...

  4. $GEVO Giddy up !

  5. $PRAN cool 15 min chart $GEVO nice volume $ARIA close 6.3++? would help. $RSH think it goes back up today GL

  6. $GEVO has the spike look 5min

  7. $GEVO wants .69

  8. $GEVO in @ 0.55

  9. I see daily 50ema at 0.62 currently $GEVO

  10. $dcth $gevo

  11. If $GEVO blows through this resistance, its over!

  12. targeting 0.61 for my small amt of $GEVO

  13. My post from Friday @Flipthatstock: My Watchlist for Tuesday: $GENE $GEVO $DGLY $PLUG

  14. @alandelmz @Norsman @MadMarsupial @misterfoti $GEVO ?

  15. $GEVO http://y.ahoo.it/77NoQHFR

  16. Extra watchlist for today: $NLST $KGJI $GEVO $AEZS

  17. My Watchlist for Tuesday: $GENE $GEVO $DGLY $PLUG

  18. $GEVO Resistance points with the Ichimoku cloud are 0.57 and 0.62 anything above that could gap up to the 0.78 range: http://y.ahoo.it/EGf4A9IG

  19. Stock Watchlist for tomorrow: $ATRS $EBR $GEVO $LIQD $OIBR $RIC #stocks #charts #smallcaps #brazil http://y.ahoo.it/0dfvfoJb

  20. @StockKingz: $GEVO I would buy around .43 or a break above .58-.6 if it holds. Needs 2 break .53 n hold it $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/ewbJ52EU

  21. Stock Watchlist 2 September: $ATRS $EBR $GEVO $LIQD $OIBR $RIC #stocks #charts #smallcaps #microcaps http://y.ahoo.it/Heps75ql

  22. $GEVO Chart for GEVO- buy around .43 or a break above .58-.6. Needs to hold and break .53 right now. $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/bxTQIRTk

  23. @StockKingz King please analysis on $GEVO - Thanks!

  24. My Watchlist for Tuesday: $GENE $GEVO $DGLY $PLUG

  25. $BAC $BDC $CASY $CLDX $FSI $GEVO Bullish harami patterns to trade for next week