1. $GEVO about to read MONEY ,MASTER THE GAME...have a good weekend all

  2. $GEVO nice close. Hopefully butanol being sold in March.

  3. $GEVO the mms made this breathe a little..

  4. $GEVO just wanted to pass that info along n I will be gone again. Good luck

  5. $GEVO on schedule like Iv always been told as Iv mentioned before. March is the earliest to be published

  6. $GEVO the astm ballot is in main/concurrent stage. Opened today closes March 14. I think that is a good sign for approval!

  7. $GEVO that should do it.. Another scrappy week with this stock..

  8. $GEVO this thing just cant gain any traction.. Wow..

  9. $GEVO Just bought 12,250 shares of $GRPN at $2.7982.

  10. $GEVO in stock dictionary Gevo means boomer rang😃

  11. $GEVO you would think people would be buying up to the ballot closing on monday.. Strange..

  12. $GEVO and back to negative...

  13. $GEVO Keep going up my dear Gevo!!!

  14. $GEVO why use this cornfuel when H2 will be dominating across multiple industries?

  15. $GEVO biofuel not getting any love it seems. GEVO might do better investing in H2 production.

  16. $GEVO Horrible news contacted Valvetech and isobutanol not even close to hitting marine market Atleast another year away demand low

  17. $GEVO wasnt andy marsh supposed to help with stock promotion? He has promoted this i to the ground..

  18. $GEVO by now the voting must be done? Even if its the 14th somebody already knows if its a yes or no

  19. $GEVO slow bleed here.. We will be under .30 tomm.. When the hell will those clowns upstairs and get this stock price moving..

  20. $GEVO this abuse is over the top.. We all might need to see a doctor after this.

  21. $GEVO only 96 k in volume? So strange..

  22. $GEVO why is there no volume?

  23. $GEVO Halted? No trading last one hour?

  24. $GEVO and so __ it continues :((

  25. $GEVO I don t get it. Why the reverse split? There is minimum cap requirement too, RS will not change that, kapish?