1. $GEVO wonder why gevo not getting DOE funding. Most EPA and DOE articles are positive

  2. $PLUG $GEVO $MNGA can someone loan me some money. Need to buy more here. U know u will get ur money back with plenty of interest!

  3. $GEVO

  4. $GEVO is gonna be a household name.

  5. $GEVO Some people put reverse tags on their twits (i.e. if they are long they click the bearish button) as sentiment is monitored by HF

  6. $GEVO seeking a general counsel. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/87841964?trk=jobs_jserp_job_listing_text&bypassMobileRedirects=true

  7. $GEVO any day the EPA will announce the mandates for biofuel volumes. GEVO is in a great position to move

  8. $GEVO i hit big on rprx been holding since 1.42 lol

  9. $GEVO With the COP21 Paris climate conference starting Monday, it wouldn t surprise me to see a billionaire announce investment in $GEVO.

  10. $GEVO look who I found @michael_therami at $NBG

  11. $GEVO that was me this pm. 300 shares. bought $kbio but sold quick broke even. Didn t buy back here. Still have many calls.

  12. $GEVO everyday its red.. Everyday! Has it closed green at all this month?

  13. $GEVO appeared more shorts covering this morning though. I guess it proves they are in the know. Whatever. Just get them out

  14. $GEVO And so it continues Dumb. Holiday Friday, average volume. We ve seen higher volume in recent weeks.

  15. $GEVO and so it continues :((

  16. $GEVO i am now all in short.

  17. $GEVO what a disgrace..

  18. $GEVO Don t let shorts buy your shares..cheap... Remember it is 5.00 stock

  19. $GEVO why does this keep dropping?! Only red stock in my portfolio.

  20. $GEVO Institutional ownership has been increasing while the short interest has been declining.Im long

  21. $GEVO agreed...

  22. $GEVO It would take a concentrated effort by alot of us, but it is possible.

  23. $GEVO The only thing we can do to keep our shares from being lent out for shorting is to put them for sale (limit) at a much higher price

  24. $EFUT & $kbio ! Next $GEVO

  25. $GEVO Keep your eyes on the volume kids, always a better indicator of something in the works, and our vol was 4 times usual Wednesday!