1. @Tittipupa $PLUG http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-//EP//TEXT+OQ+O-2015-000113+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN just curious, how does this affect $PLUG and $GEVO ?

  2. $GEVO typing in my sleep, close @ $4.04 is on my mind, dreaming

  3. $GEVO How s the dollar doing, getting stronger?

  4. $ASTI $KNDI $FCEL $MNGA $MY $BLDP $PLUG $QTWW $GEVO $LXFR 10 ideas for the last quarter 2015. Great technologies with pps very low $AAPL

  5. $ASTI $KNDI $FCEL $MNGA $MY $BLDP $PLUG $QTWW $GEVO $LXFR 10 trading ideas for the last quarter 2015. Great technologies with pps very low

  6. $GEVO where r the folks with rockets, oops blocked them😳

  7. $ACI $GEVO Told these fools my KIDS want a NEW swing-set ! X-mas coming quick HURRY UP :-)

  8. $GEVO were will this open in the morning. .not pm

  9. $GEVO bull bull bull

  10. $GEVO: New SEC Filing for GEVO: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1587000_000120919115074199_0001209191-15-074199

  11. Gevo s CFO just disposed of 48 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2067883 $GEVO

  12. $GEVO Gevo could be a billion dollar company and never produce a gallon of anything, this is the beauty of licensing my dear friends.

  13. $GEVO A matter of time...Grass Roots to Main Stream

  14. $GEVO preparing for a major stock move! $plug sit and watch ! enjoy it all while trolls move down under the bridge!

  15. $GEVO Legal issues are over/ ASTM is coming/ Gevo has begun selling product/ Many interested customers waiting/ Praj deal imminent.

  16. $GEVO High-performance, clean, renewable fuel. All patented and no litigation. Full steam ahead.

  17. $GEVO will close hod

  18. $GEVO Up another 5%. Very good! Much more to come!

  19. $GEVO

  20. $GEVO You shall wake up and see this in the $3s.

  21. $GEVO Not dropping this anymore. Dreesen s boys are buying in. (she being a professional in the petro-chemical industry) Nowhere but up!

  22. $GEVO Angry. Running of the Bulls. Don t get gored.

  23. $GEVO looks like the shorts left...

  24. $GEVO Perfect chart reversal.

  25. $PLUG $amda $gevo $bldp Not such a manic monday afterall,,,nice start,,,can it keep it up or same ole,,,this will be an interesting week