1. $SCOK I remember when the guy who posted 5 times in the last 10 min was pumping $giga, how did that end? Lol

  2. $GIGA In long on GIGA, higher lows; reaching support. We can see it hitting $2.10 before another pop

  3. $GIGA Alibaba temporary insanity as Cramer predicted last week, so predictable

  4. Day Trading Chart Setups for September 15th http://y.ahoo.it/hXf1cQjx $TRUE $MBLY $DSKY $CAMT $ISNS $VII $VLO $CMA $GIGA $FUEL $RADA

  5. weekly stats $VIMC $RADA $IVAN $SOL $IPCI $EVRY $CSUN $GIGA $MBLX $LUNA $SCOK $WPCS $IPAS $OTIV $CAMT $DRL $MTSL http://y.ahoo.it/FOVOoeeC

  6. Video of some chart setups for Monday: $VLO $CMA $ZU $XOMA $GIGA $SGOC http://y.ahoo.it/lmdko1BV

  7. Day Trading Chart Setups for September 12th http://y.ahoo.it/88hlkAFi $JD $ISNS $TASR $GPRO $VII $CSUN $GIGA $VNET $OTIV $XOMA $BBY $FUEL

  8. Video of my chart setups for Friday: $CAMT $GIGA $VNET $OTIV $XOMA http://y.ahoo.it/8jrW4q9w

  9. $GIGA maybe getting ready to run

  10. $GIGA

  11. $SCOK Four previous stocks day after their 100+ pct gain: $USU +49.39%, $GIGA -13.45%, $DGLY -14.94%, $RADA -31.32% .

  12. $GIGA in@2.33..personally expecting -5% in premarket then +20-25%...chances of me being right? hmmm

  13. $GIGA - http://y.ahoo.it/hYlBCDxe - Ouch .. that is going to Leave a mark - Down 5% for the day.

  14. $GIGA i knew this would head back to 2.40 but dont be surprised if it goes down more before heading back up to 3 again.

  15. $GIGA Im in - just figure the markets changed so I will just keep a watchful eye on it. Anyone else see news we should know about?

  16. $GIGA what happened to this this morning? It was up last night???

  17. $SCOK Became only the 5th stock in the past 100 trading days to gain 100% in one day. The others: $USU $DGLY $RADA $GIGA

  18. $GIGA 210.worst-case.target

  19. Alert results: $GIGA +13% $LUNA +10% $RADA +9% $SCOK +153% $SHOS +2%

  20. $GIGA hit 4th predicted move @ $2.43. Alerted 09:33 @ $2.80.

  21. Alert updates: $GIGA +11% $LUNA +10% $RADA +9% $SCOK +153%

  22. $HPJ great long term Microcap. ... question.... what is up with $GIGA ????????????????????

  23. Losers: $RADA -17%. $LDOS -16%. $GIGA -15%. $MXL -15%. $VRTA -14%. $MBLX -12%. $ABAC -12%. $USU -11%.

  24. Alert updates: $GIGA +9% $LUNA +10% $RADA +9% $SCOK +147%

  25. $RADA all the pumps for the last couple of days. $ensv $luna $giga $scok .. trade with caution. GOOD LUCK