1. $GILD a close above 99 will be perfect.higher high and off we go

  2. $GILD Turnt up!

  3. Is $GILD leading an $IBB comeback?

  4. $GILD the market is going down and we are holding strong. when the market pops up in the afternoon we should see 100+

  5. $GILD, $BMY, $TWTR - long.

  6. $GILD we will be going through 100. As stated previously this is the period I expect news prior to earnings bias upside thru October 27

  7. $GILD separation between members of biotech ETF s began Monday and gild continues to outperform the ETF Pair trade long gild long bis

  8. $XBI $IBB $GILD $AMGN I ve been playing these for the last 8 trading days and can t help but feel this is becoming severely manipulated.

  9. Holding swing $UNG $GILD $JAZZ $BLUE check feed for timestamped entries/exits public on Twitter & Stocktwits. 91% accuracy #strictlytrades

  10. $GILD sold half to lock in some gains at $99.02. Broke trend line. Still in long 50%

  11. $GILD please add under 100 cheap and sentiment and bias on our side

  12. Next resistances $CYBR @ 54.30; $JUNO 50.41; $XON @ 32.62 & 34.14; $GILD @ 101.01 as long as mkts are long?

  13. $GILD wants triple digits.

  14. $GILD Come on get over 100 today!

  15. $GILD almost 100...keep as LT

  16. $GILD So why it is not free falling today?...just saying..I am long..

  17. Repositioning for a Crazy Faced Rally | Trading Algorithms with $AMCX, $GILD, $SLCA The Fly http://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2015/10/07/repositioning-for-a-crazy-faced-rally/

  18. $GILD hope we see an up $5 day soon.

  19. $GILD finding buyers @ 95.05$ , today its at 99.50$ - ystrdays post boom $$$

  20. $GILD If you haven t covered by now... you re asking for it.

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  22. $GILD with the Bio sell off this is now a bargain! :0) Bought today

  23. $GILD higher high hold them

  24. $BMY, $GILD - Buying more.

  25. $GILD Fantasy Football ~~~~ You too can fund someones retirement!! LOL