1. @tsidhu holding naked $GILD calls is gambling,. Time decay kills em big. Always take profits/loss fast Have core position& trade around it

  2. @aapl4kiki @Smurph3 $GILD big funds/institutions dumping big &/or hedging w/short position or puts here. Wise to hedge/take profits(or loss)

  3. $GILD who owns common shares in gild on here? I own $37 k

  4. $GILD LOL! Just saw the OI for the Dec 5 75 puts. Someone was like, $0.01?! WTH why not?

  5. $GILD if you short gild Ihope you burn in a fire

  6. $GILD can tstand turkey day. Parents yelling at me . while my ffavoritestock teeters on tanking or reversing. FFML . iI mgoing to sleep

  7. $GILD should be at least 20-25$ in the money by then... easy imo

  8. $GILD looking to grab some Feb 20 100$ calls... any opinions? figure its a nice er play

  9. $GILD Did you notice that this is the bottom? GILD can only go up from here and the next stop is $130. Do yourself a favor, relax.


  11. my biotech holdings up $JAZZ $NPSP $ACHN $MYL $ENTA $CLDX $IMPV and $ACRX. My losing biotech $GILD; sold $ANIK Dec calls today.

  12. $GILD Sentiment really SAD. Never ever going up again I guess. Like we own Radio Shack or Wet Seal. Don t worry, be happy! Enjoy turkey day!

  13. @JaredTyndall @TriathlonTrader Of course, $GILD at 97, 95 and 93. $2500 worth of calls with each drop, No brainer--LOL!

  14. @cybercash28 $GILD to 150$ in 2015 :)

  15. $GILD Market will continue to rally--until end of Jan--right at GILD ER, lol!

  16. $GILD So, what are we buying while we stay long and wait for this turkey to come around? $AAPL, $MU, $AMBA, $SWKS Any other great ideas?

  17. $GILD one of the most miserable stocks all around

  18. $GILD Does anyone think the smart money knows ABBV pricing and it s a significant enough discount to hurt GILD more than most anticipate?

  19. $GILD And to boot in a insane bull market climbing weeks on end straight up. We go down.

  20. $GILD You just don t go down every single day like this. I ve never seen such bad pride action. Even the worst stocks have weeks up. Joke

  21. $GILD You just don t sell off 40 days straight. Not with such a cheap company pipeline. I m starting to think it s something else.

  22. $GILD So what s the relationship between abbv and gs?

  23. $GILD Happy Thanksgiving to all. :)

  24. $GILD Happy thanksgiving to all! Gild is cuffed at 99 to 100 this week next weeks presentation on dec 3 and the weekend Conf dec 6 move ^

  25. $GILD Dec monthly 110 strike -- such large oi on both sides.