1. $GILD Can you say OPEX MANIPULATION? At 3:51pm stock took a TKO dive to the mat like a rigged boxing match from $106.95…….to close $105.96

  2. Share an idea on $GILD

  3. $GILD I don t understand how SLXP can trade at 191x P/E. I know what they do but come on!

  4. $GILD Heheh a million shares at 16:18 $ 105.9635 eh? Bleh I m way outta my league.

  5. $GILD Just stay calm when fake news drops it 10% like last week.

  6. $GILD Think today s weird? Look at FB AH trading 20m shares

  7. $GILD Very strange, after hours volume $BABA 0.7 million, $GILD volume 3.8 million.

  8. $GILD - http://y.ahoo.it/c3mm2SVE

  9. Very solid week here at $GILD. Some nice key events happening in the next few weeks. Will be very interesting to watch.

  10. $GILD - http://y.ahoo.it/VpNEvqgD

  11. $AAPL and $GILD at EOD http://y.ahoo.it/3k35mvYQ

  12. $GILD I ve seen option sellers manipulate a stock below max pain, but never so blatantly as today s close.

  13. $GILD what is that huge AH VOLUME? Can anyone please explain?

  14. $GILD More upside. Gild is bound to move higher after Baba failure to pop.

  15. $GILD and naturally the SEC didn t see anything (MANIPULATION) cause their too busy watching porn on the SEC computers!!!

  16. The market Bullish on Gilead $GILD http://y.ahoo.it/kA6GdDMc

  17. $BABA $AAPL $GILD I wonder how many 99.68 BABA bag holders there are?

  18. $GILD a $1 drop in 10 minutes ... FU MoMo crooks.

  19. $GILD Pathetic day. Thank god baba over. That s what this all is. It s over. Monday you ll c celg and gilead just fly.

  20. $GILD -- not a good way to end the day :(

  21. $GILD pure manipulation to bring under 106

  22. $GILD Again. Baba garbage is over. Monday celgene and gilead money will b flowing to them

  23. $GILD why this is dropping now!! not good :(

  24. $GILD watch this jump to107+ after hours

  25. @OptionsGame $GILD nice The sept 20 weekly at 12:00 1.25, 1.70 at 2:15. 36%. Do mm push the stock around much?