1. $GILD held less than ABBV by hedge funds http://www.businessinsider.com/hedge-funds-top-stock-holdings-2014-11?op=1 which is bullish for the quarter

  2. $GILD we are not going below 100. Nice try bears. Returnto 110 starts this week

  3. $GILD I m bullish, long. I think we go back in the 90 s this week. Yea!!! More cheap Gilead!!!

  4. @GrindTime @ThinkandGrowRich123 But $FB is weak on fundamentals, contrary to $GILD.

  5. $GILD To all of you longs out there, ignore the bears. Reminds me a lot when FB was $25 and BOOM. Except Gilead is a much better stock.

  6. $GILD Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) Buys FDA Priority Voucher http://www.bidnessetc.com/29656-fbr-capital-maintains-outperform-rating-on-gilead-gild-stock/

  7. $GILD Does anyone know when Gilead s HIV newest pill will be approved by the FDA?

  8. $GILD should pop its shameful head over 101 then its a short.For the 4th time. http://stocktwits.com/message/29560529

  9. $GILD A laughing stock not a Jag.

  10. I have $GILD and $DIS programmed short into the algo. Trading with light size right now as its counter trend

  11. @koukabi Presently, I like $BABA A lot, but $GILD & $FB Not so much at the moment. Just sharing.

  12. $GILD what s the benefit of buying Knight Therapeutics Priority Review Voucher?

  13. $GILD $BABA $LUV all expecting running before earnings

  14. $GILD could use another push down https://www.tradingview.com/x/qoSRPVoZ/

  15. @silverjet2: $GILD Bearish technicals, down 3 days in a row, S 99.85 holding but 94.15 sits below, R 102.21 http://stocktwits.com/message/29552675

  16. $GILD

  17. $GILD Guess fwd pe going to go negative on us.. Imploding in t minus 2wks

  18. $GILD China lowers interest rates from 6 to 5.6 boost slowing global economy.

  19. $GILD I llbe up for pre market trading. Got my rrock star energy drinks and movies to last me the night. Going green tomorrow

  20. $GILD dumb question, do u trade option using the same brokage as your equity?

  21. @quig90 If finds S at lower T/L of ascending channel 99.85, $GILD should trend upwards PT 115.90/121.87; if S fails, could see 94.15/90.03

  22. @koukabi I think so and it could be passed in January or February and if it does it will be competitive with $GILD thus cutting profits

  23. @Ballman Inferior product, no other choice $GILD

  24. $GILD What puzzles me are commercials for abbv bot nothing for gild...WTF

  25. $ENTA The calm before the storm. Does anyone remember $GILD at 70 at sovaldi PDUFA date December 2013. $ABBV. All three $$$.