1. $GILD oh no, the shorts!

  2. $GILD now lets see if the longs can make the scumbag algo trader shorts who jumped into this today start to quake...

  3. $GILD Well longs after the Waxman letter we were down more than 30% and that turned out OK, especially if you bought the dip big.

  4. $GILD I stand alone a tall old tree in another forest fire ! I survived them all and grew to be the tallest tree ! I continue to add fearles

  5. $GILD uptrend confirmed on 5, 10, 15min charts..

  6. @Katsu: $GILD looks gross but could also bounce right here - if not avoid already +2 since tweet

  7. $GILD don t ask if this bottomed , buy and wait for yourself

  8. $GILD been waiting for GILD to pop below 100... this is a gift...both long and short options plays

  9. $GILD Buy the dip?

  10. $GILD Overreaction finally getting confirmed? Let s crank up that $5B buyback machine up.

  11. A LOT of OI at the $110 Calls for Jan in $GILD -- I would imagine those are gonna want to get paid http://stocktwits.com/message/30547004

  12. @1nvestor: $GILD has traded 40 million shares today

  13. @humility_trader $GILD no hurry to BTD on it yet, will let is base and see what happens..

  14. $GILD Could this have bottomed?

  15. $GILD $IBB @OutOfBounds1 @BeckyHiu gild constitutes 8.23% of IBB s distribution http://www.ishares.com/us/products/239699/ishares-nasdaq-biotechnology-etf#tabsDistributions

  16. $GILD Let s make a new HOD...here we go..short squeeze in full affect

  17. Options with increasing volume @ CBOE: $GILD $OCN $AA $DOW $ACHN $CVX $ARCP $NE

  18. @KPL1974 Glad I sold $GILD when I did. Looks like their plan to pay for Pharmasset may need a little adjusting re price & timing.

  19. $GILD fading

  20. $GILD Untouchable compared with Abbv.

  21. @hertcapital @BeckyHiu I m wrong, its $celg. $gild is 6.83% soucre yahoo FWTW

  22. @hertcapital: @BeckyHiu Largest company by market cap in the industry group. thanks!!! RE: $GILD

  23. $GILD I went in short this morning an covered. I feel bearish on the stock...but this pop makes it tempting to nibble a bit...

  24. @stephanie_link says you re buying $GILD on the cheap today. She s right!

  25. $GILD CNBC The street trader said this is a buying oppty