1. @Tubgun The problem is that analysts still insist on $GILD 2017 sales cliff; competition from ABBV and MRK

  2. $GILD Still early, but we are inching up before hours 1.1%

  3. @Tubgun $GILD Which strike price would you suggest? Thanks!

  4. $GILD Hal earnings before mky open appl after mkk closes 20% of a&p report this week if good mky bottom put in ace last week Shpg cause it

  5. $GILD Nov 14 calls guys look cheap risk vs reward for short te ayers and a spread helps the conservative investors out there

  6. $GILD Crazy idea gild moves quickly to 120 based upon better sales and earnings and better forecast on Conf call with another buyback ? Poss

  7. $GILD A chance for all you young people to become wealthy just buy 2016 say 90 calls and hold on I think you will make 6x your investment

  8. $GILD Options risk reward is so cheap for 2016 it s a no brainer and I don t care what institutions do ! If it gets cheap it will be bought

  9. $GILD So if you project 12 next year and a reduced pe of 15 you get 180 but what biotech with this lock on HIV and hep would sell 15 pe?buy

  10. $GILD Feb earn say of 2.35 per share will put trail 12 at 9.so 9x 20 pe puts iit at 180 earnings growing 400% this year and 20% next more

  11. $GILD 120 likely 30 days after earnings ! Oct 28 will earn day 1.95 that 6.26 trailing 12 months at p e of 20 that s 120 feb earn more

  12. $GILD $105 EOD!

  13. Looking really good with all the positive catalysts in line. $GILD will reach its new highs soon. http://stocktwits.com/message/28171288

  14. $GILD No new Ebola break out in Texas or anywhere else in United States . This has to be a psych lift to investors ! Out of bond into gild

  15. $GILD Only surprise will be upside for 4 th qtr report of hovani and newly launched plus buy back what an opportunity to make a lot of $

  16. $GILD So if Q3 isn t predicted to be over the top, but Q4 will due to Harvoni... is there a rush to buy more now, ahead of Q3 results?

  17. $GILD Asia markets open strong futures Europe strong u s mkt futures up 72 . Symphony has started Solvadi sales stronger than expected

  18. $GILD http://seekingalpha.com/news/2039865 Next week, Tuesday (28 Oct) AH s ER. Can t wait!

  19. $GILD sell it before it hit $65.00 JK

  20. @Flurple @Kate49 Some big bounces in $REGN, $GILD and $AMGN Friday,think there s more upside on $BIB. Futures up, let s see how Monday goes

  21. $GILD How many stocks do you know with a $500 BILLION addressable market for just part of its portfolio? Huge upside. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2281753-analyzing-the-hepatitis-c-market-size-why-it-may-have-bullish-implications-for-gilead

  22. Planning new positions for tomorrow: $GILD, $IBM, $MSFT, $NRP, $RIG, $VSLR and $WMT long; $AAL, $FEYE, $KNDI, $MON and $P short.

  23. $GILD $CELG Better load up on $CALA. There s massive insider buying going on.

  24. $GILD Earnings reporting October 28 after the close. The conference call will begin at 1:30 pm PT/4:30 pm ET.

  25. @jasonthomassf $gild patient warehousing 3rd qtr, dam breaks open starting 4th qtr