2. $GILD 95 next week. Good chance 98.

  3. $GILD Back to 95 by Tuesday

  4. $GILD Only down 5 cents. Relatively speaking, that s a successful day!

  5. $GILD The naysayers act like Gilead is not going to get paid. Really? Gov t might drag their feet but they are going to treat. GILD = higher

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  7. $GILD WS, MM & Hedge Funds feed fear to investors. Don t be sheeple getting fleeced and sell. Hold your shares, will be worth $100+ in Oct.

  8. $GILD Retail investors don t behave like sheep to the slaughter, 3 important FDA decisions coming next 2 months that will move stock higher.

  9. $PDCE $GILD both picks couple months ago buy those dips people $PXLW will start LONG again soon

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  11. $DDD $GILD this is time to get in. This is when you would ve said i wish it was at that price This is the price. Take advantage!

  12. $GILD shy of 3 pm it looks like they are going to leave the ST charts in a spot where we will not know if a deeper cut is coming. Sideways.

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  17. $AAPL $PCLN $GILD $BIIB Looks like we are out of woods😊

  18. $TKMR Is this the next $gild?

  19. $FB $AAPL $GILD A Green Market would be most appreciated

  20. $GILD FEELING LUCKY? shorts having short term memory issues :-$ http://y.ahoo.it/hIFqIceL

  21. $GILD give me moar, i want moar!! Elevation time!!!

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  23. @OptionsGame hope those puts are distant expiry..$GILD IS HUMMING

  24. $GILD Too strong... It s addicted to altitude

  25. The 3 Horsemen $GILD,$XOM and $AAPL are rising together...the robos are back $SPY