1. $GILD investors have been highly focused on Hep C but we remind investors that Gilead’s HIV franchise is also a $10B+ giant - Barrons

  2. $GILD Gilead Sciences: Don’t You Forget About Me - http://y.ahoo.it/XKpG4Fwg

  3. The Fab 5 - update http://y.ahoo.it/rtnnEY32 $AMT $CELG $DECK $GILD $HES $R $WDC $WLK $URI

  4. Moved Upper Bollinger Band1/3 $AKS $APP $BRCD $CRM $DKS $EAT $GILD $GPS $HFC $INFN $ISBC $LINTA http://y.ahoo.it/awRiYVoy

  5. $GILD OEX Bullish Xover Portfolio holding breaks 100. Now returns 376%. Stock Trends Report on Gilead Sciences $GILD http://y.ahoo.it/hZft07aF

  6. @SippinCoughy $NPSP and $GILD are my tow picks $GILD has more to run and $NPSP About to get started.

  7. $GILD @Tubgun Not to be rude, but you don t need to post 10 times in a row...we understand your position/thoughts on Gildead

  8. $GILD How many sold at 88 to 92 don t you feel frozen now in not buying it back short pits and buy calls don t watch make real wealth buy

  9. $GILD Don t be surprised if gild continues to move higher towards 140 withostly green days if you are watch ILand not buy more u will regret

  10. $GILD I am seeing very large blocks to buy share price going up on smaller volume no sellers just institutions trying to buy at a lower pric

  11. $GILD Just because it s moving up every day by points does not mean it s time to sell it s actually telling you it s time to buy!

  12. $GILD There is no comparative drug in history but polio vaccine seems best. When vaccine is created everyone wil get it ! What s gild worth

  13. $GILD After three years if reported sales and new pipeline and wider distribution and seeing mkt share we will value it till then buy itb

  14. $GILD Read seeking alpha fair value for gild it is eye opener and one approach frankly I get higher valuation based upon 20 year cash flow

  15. $GILD Ben weber from seeking alpha applies Ben Brahman approach to valuing gild range between 91 and 470 most likely value about 207 read

  16. $GILD needs a small pause here now. any p/b can be bot on the lower frame

  17. $GILD Analysts consensus price target reached @ 105. Look for them to start raising. RBC raised yesterday. Others could follow.

  18. Major Players continuing to bust into new highs http://y.ahoo.it/fux51STj $AAPL $QQQ $GILD $GMCR $AKS $X $MS $GPS $LUV $M $DIS

  19. Gilead Sciences s PT raised by RBC Capital to $115.00. outperform rating. http://y.ahoo.it/2BF6wnBI $GILD

  20. $GILD this one has my blessing to take a short rest, then blast off to new highs

  21. @xrod1961: $GILD Timber rest of August! Handle created today folks. Right after daycare let out

  22. $GILD Rise the rest of August.

  23. $GILD Timber rest of August!

  24. $GILD Had my shot to put 70k down for 1k shares a while ago but didn t. Could have made over 30k. Oh well. Good luck to the rest.

  25. $GILD another great week folks. Congrats to all longs. Enjoy your weekend!