1. All in the $100-$145 range $AAPL $DIS $COST $NFLX $GILD $NKE $GWPH $ECL$HD $CVS $SKX $DPZ $JNJ$SJM $SBAC$COP placed in order what s your pic

  2. $GILD picked up 200 shs, and will continue to buy if no catalysts in August and it otherwise plays out weak.

  3. $GILD we buy from China so much hope gild mgt can get better than 100 dollars for 30 mm chinese ! I don t think China same price as Egypt

  4. $GILD analysts revising upward their target price ! BMO 159 ! China deal coming soon 30 mill patients and 300000 new ones min yearly

  5. $GILD -- BMO is calling for $159, which is 13x 2016 estimate of $12.35 EPS. Eye popping numbers for sure.

  6. @pnross25: $GILD what is causing this volatility? Volatility in stocks is caused by overlap of the determinants of supply and demand.

  7. $GILD harmless joking or pointed sarcasm, etc. is OK, but out & out lies are uncalled for

  8. $GILD green tomorrow, not many other safe places to keep your money in this market! Need a moderate start and a strong finish!

  9. @robconnors: $GILD chart says to short tomorrow Robbie Conley got blocked so many times had to come back under new name-- bye bye, BLOCK

  10. On SP500, 6 stocks were 50% of $SPY gain in 2015 ($200B): $AMZN, $GOOG, $AAPL, $FB, $GILD,$DIS (-6.5% after hours. Learders don t stumble

  11. Interesting times ahead $IBB. $CELG gaps up on $RCPT acq., $AMGN fail candle/gap-n-crap. $GILD looking toppy on earnings. $REGN FAIL CANDLE.

  12. $GILD Technical Trade Card -> http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=stock&ticker=GILD

  13. $GILD Even at $130 by January the stock will still be trading at around 10X 2016 EPS and 8-9 2017EPS + have huge cash to keep buying back

  14. $GILD January 2016 $125-$130 spread return is 163% extremely compelling return for little movement.. will be adding this tomorrow.

  15. $GILD chart says to short tomorrow

  16. $GILD September 4th spread $118-$123 pays about 110% return on investment.. extremely compelling and will be adding tomorrow.

  17. $GILD i hope my jan 115 calls triple in two months. that will be a 18k gain for me. i will be happy with that.

  18. @CoolHobieCat are you and the wife long any $gild? It is so much cheaper than even $aapl. Pure no brainer.

  19. @Afortyyearold you long $gild? It makes $aapl looks expensive In comparison. I see no reason not $125 by early September and $130 by January

  20. $GILD ironic communist china recognize and in process of negotiation for gilead s cure whereas a democratic india denied solvadi s patent

  21. $GILD - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/gild-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_4.html

  22. $GILD good night all so damn happy about all the catalysts in front of us besides great earnings doc and buy back

  23. $GILD grandson bought shares calls and sold puts he is with us again !

  24. $GILD long term calls of 2017 are now up over 10x what I paid for them. I believed and it materialized ! Love gild dr m dr B the best

  25. $GILD can t wait for weakness I am going to buy more shares sell naked puts and buy long term calls !