1. $GILD I must be a gluten for punishment. In the Aug 105/120 Call spread today. I will keep an eye on this level though.

  2. $GILD guess japan and canada approvals don t mean squat.. GILD just makes 520 million + a week; whatever.

  3. Let me guess: $GILD s Harvoni only made $5 or $10 billion more than expectation, which is btw below expectation.

  4. $GILD trading account in for 100 shares @99.66 will sell at 102 rinse and repeat. 300 core shares @60 no touch.

  5. $GILD low PE stocks are considered value stocks which in turn= divy. The divy needs to double to 3.5% return to be serious.

  6. $GILD the day will come when this will move up and u will be chasing it and wont catch the ride up. Core position + trade some = $$$

  7. $GILD so how does this test 102 on Friday and takes a dip today?

  8. $GILD if you sick of gild price action check leaders $CELG $SWKS

  9. $GILD this way u make money and dont miss out on a big move up simple.

  10. $GILD if u have enough shares trade with some and leave some core position in case of a big move up or catalysis. Thats wat ive been doing.

  11. $GILD: $50B in Free Cash Flow over the next 5 years and this is the garbage price action we get. Nothing but loser chartists and technicians

  12. $CALA $OVAS $GILD all in penalty box today

  13. $GILD testing the 200 DMA

  14. @studatnu2002: $GILD glad I got out, no real short term catalysts, this will just float around until ER u say that after u got out ..lol

  15. $GILD glad I got out, no real short term catalysts, this will just float around until ER

  16. $GILD With a PE more than 70% less than most all the other bios are carrying why is it that good news is said to be baked in but not bad?

  17. $GILD for those with limited resources, the long term oppty costs are starting to mount, especially with so many other opptys flying higher.

  18. $GILD Where is GILDs buyback? The market is up and we are down (once again)?

  19. $GILD No new catalyst, then this purely a trading stock. Too many unknowns. Long in 1 acct & trade it in another. Retain ur sanity & get PD!

  20. $GILD The days of 115+ seem like years ago. Damn you $ABBV and $ESRX

  21. $GILD one of the most manipulated stock in S&500

  22. $GILD Frustrating stock. A 10% gain ALWAYS seems like it s only a month away but it never happens. But can surge down 10% in a day (twice).

  23. $GILD pretty much a perfect wedge 6 month chart. Where do we go when it pops? up or down?

  24. Even with $GILD being crap and getting absolutely smoked on $CANF .Still up 5.3% ytd thanks to $AAPL and $DIS . I ll take it..

  25. Longshoremen bottleneck: boatloads of $GILD cash waiting to be unloaded