1. $GLUU v.s $GPRO Which one is the best investment and why?

  2. $GLUU Don t like this decline what is happening

  3. Left 3 trading days before reporting Earnings , sweet ! Big $ Big $ . $gluu

  4. So far 4152 calls vs 373 puts have traded today in $GLUU

  5. $GLUU Bot 5000 for trading 7.26

  6. $GLUU looks like bottom for the day as big bid here

  7. $GLUU interesting , but not that much , will watch to break $ 7.5 , then $ 8

  8. $GLUU - Closed @ 5+ six days, then @ 6 or higher six days, today looks like day 5 of 7 or higher. Nice steady climb towards 8+ next week.

  9. $GLUU going into ER below 8 doesn t make any sense I think we will get there by Wednesday.

  10. $GLUU Doesn t really matter - if this would have gone up 10% today, there would have been problems Mo / Tu. This way, Monday will be geen

  11. $GLUU too obvious

  12. $GLUU I will be ok with a close above 7.22

  13. $GLUU I tried to get out at $7.40, if I did I d be buying right now.

  14. $GLUU RSI oversold, BB squeezing, MACD soon to cross if we hit 7.34-7.35 Could cause the end of the day rally we re all looking for

  15. $GLUU Added on the dip

  16. $GLUU MACD oversold. Out the bottom of BB setting up for a strong bounce here...

  17. $GLUU doing business with reality tv stars is a no-brainer.

  18. $GLUU buying hard here at 7.30-7.32

  19. @Baguaboy: $GLUU Sorry ... STILL no t/over talk

  20. $GLUU Sorry ... STILL no t/over talk

  21. $GLUU All of this and yet STILL t/over talk from a predator .. It will blindside us all

  22. $GLUU how many of you think this will hit 15 before the end of the year?

  23. $GLUU Power hour

  24. $GLUU Would love to see her break the 7.40 before the last 30 min. Then we d have the power time to climb higher

  25. $GLUU Drumroll here comes 7.40 again!