1. Insider Transaction: $GLW Sale at $24.54 per share of 12932 shares by Officer Kinlin Clark S on 2015-02-27.

  2. @Chartgasm $GLW ?

  3. $GLW looking for $30 by June. $APPL to $150 by June, too. Strong $V and $MA, adding $ABEV Artbreak? http://matthewrosestudio.blogspot.fr/2015/02/pressure-washing-indiscreet-but.html

  4. $GLW Samsung s new s6 phone to use gorilla glass 4 on the front and back

  5. Analytic Investment bought $GLW and now holds an allocation of 2.1% in their Focus Growth Investment Portfolio

  6. sit $JBLU $GLW $GM $XHB long $FXA short;watch incl: $FXY $6J_F $PNQI and $IBB comp;more tickers to come later

  7. Sreeni Meka holds an allocation of 2.1% in $GLW in his Long Term Value Investment Portfolio

  8. $GLW Hold your shorts! Wee

  9. $GLW: New Insider Transaction on GLW by Executive Vice President Kinlin Clark S: http://insideri.com/1606372_000112760215008818_0001127602-15-008818

  10. Corning Incorporated just filed its Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/24741/000112760215008818/0001127602-15-008818-index.htm $GLW

  11. $GLW Short this. Again.

  12. sit $GLW $GM $JBLU $XHB long $FXA short;watch incl: $AUDUSD $USDCAD $FXC $6C_F $USDJPY $6J_F $ZTS $IBB and $PNQI components; grains

  13. Vista IM holds an allocation of 3.0% in $GLW in his Core Holding Investment Portfolio

  14. $GLW is a SHORT. $22 is target to cover. Stop loss at $25.00. 10% return vs. 2% risk. Easy trade.

  15. @BeckyHiu @WallStJesus I grabbed a few April 25s calls this morning $glw right before ur post. You guys always jinx me!!!! Haha!!

  16. @FinancialJuice: Corning $GLW is working with BMW (BMW GY) to put its glass into cars

  17. Corning $GLW is working with BMW (BMW GY) to put its glass into cars

  18. $GLW @venkysrinivasan - @WallStJesus pinging some 4/2 cheapies going on now. ;)

  19. $GLW Looks set to move up

  20. @WallStJesus $glw Cliff notes plz

  21. $GLW Monster Jan16, Jan17 C bets from late last yr still chillin in OI

  22. $GLW small cheap action in 4/2 C: 1000 4/2 $26 C .18 -- u guys know the story here by now,

  23. Taurus: $GLW has a high probability of 77.8% to surge in the next 7 trading days (avg hist ret=2.9%) http://tradinghoroscope.com/stocktrading/taurus

  24. Watch this $GLW

  25. I like $GD > 142.55, $GLW > 25.20, and $MS > 37 and hold it for a day. Also watching: CMCSK, LVLT, APA,