1. $GLYC thin name, but love this pattern here http://y.ahoo.it/ZM16b64f

  2. $GLYC PFE reports results next Tuesday, and that may be when they announce dosing for phase III Rivipansel trial. It s happening this qtr.

  3. $GLYC Doesn t get enough attention, FDA approval will do the trick!

  4. $GLYC Like how it bounces nicely from 7.95. Found some good support

  5. Investors in $ICPT $INO $MNKD $GLYC $ETRM $RLYP $NVAX $AVNR, take a look at $MDVN for a strong add to your folio. http://y.ahoo.it/nT29P1GS

  6. $GLYC still acouple hrs left but this is the lowest volume I have seen on this stock, been following since IPO.

  7. $CYTR $ETRM $GLYC $GWPH $ICPT $AVNR $HEB finally, someone says something! http://y.ahoo.it/NVQYitlu

  8. $GLYC Loving this. Hopefully by next week everybody gets tired of selling and it starts to recover, ready for another ride up!!

  9. $GLYC New floor should be right above 7 this time. I m a buyer there

  10. $GLYC Can t wait to take another position here after selling stops.

  11. $GLYC Biotech taking a hit overall sell off

  12. $GLYC Following the market, good time to add. Low volume, might see lower 8s.

  13. $GLYC the early day swings in GLYC make me dizzy

  14. $GLYC Catalyst: Commencement of Phase III Rivipansel dosing & $25M milestone payment to Glyc- both occurring in the current quarter.

  15. @Rb2412 @Alpha2014 $GLYC near term catalyst is Rivipansel Phase III trial dosing this quarter and $25M milestone payment this qtr.

  16. @Alpha2014 Whats near term catalyst in $GLYC ! Any PT for that

  17. @Chiefmaugus Couldn t have said it better. $GLYC is a discount right now. Takes all Pharma at least 2 yrs to mature. Look @ $ICPT & Go long!

  18. $GLYC Nice little gem. Insiders lock up expired and so far nil shares coming out. They re more apt to hold than sell that s for sure. $18PT

  19. $GLYC a little perplexed. I know the volume was down, but a green IBB and no big sell-offs. Disappointing.

  20. $GLYC Needs good volume and this runs

  21. $GLYC $MRK will buy them. Their data on Sickle cell disease was +ive

  22. @Meddoc2006 Smaller biotech s take too long to react from Upgrades unfortunately like $GLYC and $MBII but I agree with $CYTK above 8 PT soon

  23. Adding $CNAT and $GLYC to the core for swing plays...

  24. $GLYC this is actually holding up nicely compared to the rest of the market

  25. Holding $GLYC $GWPH $MNKD. Just picked up $RGDO $AMPE $KYTH. Strengthened position in GTHP...tons of upside there.