1. $AAPL wish i were here instead of $ sina and $gmcr, huge tax raminifications. prevented me. i mean very huge.

  2. $GMCR this will by last message, and i promise. would not short stock before earnings!

  3. $GMCR. oh yeah. without bragging double major in econ and fin. accepted at rut. law concentration securities law avg. cost $ gmcr 80.62

  4. $GMCR. well i do not have an mba from columbia. i bugged the hell out mgt. at! gmcr, same co. lav. lowered their stake 2012. too bad

  5. $GMCR in a bearish trend and approaching $126.44 support. Bearish strategy: Long Mar1 110/132 Put Vertical @ $697.00 https://app.optionsplay.com/#share/54c6a1ca68b4a0137cee9698

  6. At its current price, $GMCR looks strongly overvalued, but good growth and EPS beat history makes it a buy… http://stocktwits.com/message/31768668

  7. $GMCR long 10, 556 shs short 170 65 calls 175 sh 40 calls 2016

  8. $GMCR my point when co. sells shares does not mean stock is bad. gmcr is a good co. will be 150 165 by yr end positive.

  9. $GMCR about 27 months ago major co sold their stake in intermune, sold my shares cause it was dumped got 11 last 12 months hit 70.

  10. $GMCR. been asked if yellen will raise rates, yes .25. coming summer or fall. what is wrong with green mountain? 135ish short term

  11. Shorted some $GMCR on news that Lavazza will sell a significant amount of their stake

  12. $GMCR http://stocknewsflow.com/909954_000090342315000023_0000903423-15-000023

  13. $GMCR “..currently engaged in important strategic transactions unrelated to the Issuer for which it will have significant cash requirements”

  14. Luigi Lavazza, who held 8% of outstanding shares in Keurig Green Mountain $GMCR, is selling shares in the Co.

  15. @OpenOutcrier: $GMCR Lavazza selling shares

  16. $GMCR Lavazza selling shares

  17. $GMCR WTF?

  18. $GMCR whack

  19. $GMCR: New SEC Filing for GMCR: Form SC 13D/A, No. 0000903423-15-000023 http://stocknewsflow.com/909954_000090342315000023_0000903423-15-000023

  20. $GMCR: this one could easily acquire $JVA. It needs to keep on the acquisition trail to keep its shares from deflating

  21. $GMCR High probability short set-up? - http://www.cortesanalysis.com/gmcr-stock-analysis

  22. $GMCR do not think if there is ever a coke take over it will be friendly.

  23. $GMCR coke is not going to pay 150 plus. $ gmcr knows that,

  24. $GMCR no idea how high this.stk will go with a strong earnings, i am long 10,556 shs. i have hedged by writing 170 and 175 calls. jan16

  25. $GMCR $140 by jan 30th easy! er feb 4