1. $GMCR this is in play for me long every day its over 117 or 117.5

  2. $GMCR choppy day, sold 120s for 38% profit, was up 160% didn t take profit was aiming higher, but at least sold 119s or 115%.

  3. $GMCR starting to roll over; if it breaks below $115 could be further downside. Needs a strong move above $115 to be bullish to $120

  4. $GMCR broke below 117.5 support selling, selling off for past hour

  5. $GMCR 117.78 stop on the short . I know I have 90% chance of losing money shorting but it did go red. I can t resist

  6. $GMCR do I see red? I am shorting Glitch in the matrix

  7. $GMCR sold my 119s for 115%, keeping my 120 s for now little more

  8. $GMCR gambling time - 124 CALLS for next week. Cheap but could be a big return

  9. Expected Ranges for 8/20/2014 (Momentum) - $FEYE $SPLK $WDAY $TWTR $SODA $PLUG $GMCR http://y.ahoo.it/UcmQsqoc

  10. The ten stocks that have beaten $goog the last 10 years http://y.ahoo.it/wnH544Nh $cern $gmcr #biotechs

  11. $GMCR ready for the next leg up! Been trading sideways since May

  12. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 2/3 $CY $DNR $DSW $ECA $EXPD $FANG $FLEX $FNSR $GMCR $GOGO $HERO $HK $ISIL $MRO $MU $NCT http://y.ahoo.it/0jJuy5Be

  13. August 19 2014 P&F Bullish Signal Reversal http://y.ahoo.it/ojYdwFgP $ZNGA $DHI $UVXY $LPI $L $ARRS $GMCR $LF $GIMO

  14. $GMCR Wow. A 15,508 share buy went through in AH at 116.93.

  15. $GMCR lots of action today...could easily see 120+ this week

  16. $GMCR wonder if the BO card will get played again.

  17. $GMCR 123 s for next week...nice trade vs OI

  18. $GMCR Being walked up very slowly and orderly, suspicious.

  19. $GMCR always talk about winners, here s a loser! LOL http://y.ahoo.it/GiwBr9wL

  20. $GMCR Big resistance right here, 20ma and psar, but getting over the T/L http://y.ahoo.it/k2CXasvp

  21. $GMCR Very nice move so far

  22. @Johhny: $GMCR Looks like the short play is out of the cards on the 110 gap fill. As I said last wk L is the trade ....Here comes the PAIN

  23. $GMCR new HOD, now lets push through 117.50 and hold

  24. $GMCR Bouncing! http://y.ahoo.it/yNyhY5cQ

  25. $GMCR Bollinger band view: Attempting to break into upper half http://y.ahoo.it/vnENTCcQ