1. $GMCR Pot. pullback in a Downtrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  2. $GMCR .

  3. $GMCR bottom pickers can give this a try ,, know your stops

  4. $GMCR in Head and Shoulders Pattern, Targets

  5. @CaptainJohn: @CaptainJohn: $GMCR the dark Roasting continues $SPX $NDX $XLP @SEN5241 thank you Jim appIPOtweeteciate @Rooster360 thx Ed!

  6. Scan results - Stochastic Buy Signal today: $FMI $KSU $W $KANG $KLIC $NYLD $CBD $GMCR $CP $LOCO ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/24/equities?selected_date=2015-05-21

  7. End Of Day Scan: Stochastic Buy $KSU $TLT $PWE $GMCR $LOCO $EOX $MHR $LINE $MUR $APC www.dailystockplays.com

  8. Most bearish stocks on Twitter yesterday. $YHOO $LOW $LUV $UAL $DAL $CRM $SPLS $GMCR $XAU $WMT $AVP $CAT More: https://www.tradefollowers.com/strength/twitter_weakest.jsp?tf=1d

  9. Out $GMCR 91.03 for +0.57 or 0.63%; entry posted 5/18. Would normally hold but moving largely to cash as not available for few days/weeks.

  10. $GMCR setting up nicely .. if we get to $92 by today then bigger squeeze tomorrow

  11. One of the bigger recent insider buys was yesterday s $1,347,300 purchase of $GMCR, according to this list http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/insider/

  12. $GMCR expecting $94 by tomorrow if we ramp up from here..

  13. $GMCR when bone head predictions become reality, story at 11

  14. $GMCR new HODskis! That s a mountain of green alright!

  15. $GMCR round 2 setting up.

  16. $GMCR flagging. historically likes multi day runs. could see 94 by tomorrow?

  17. How Investors Are Making Millions of Dollars in the Markets https://vimeo.com/128492833 $HLF $YOKU $SHAK $MOMO $NEM $LL $CRM $GMCR $NFLX $AMZN

  18. How Investors Are Making Millions of Dollars in the Markets http://snip.ly/H0nV $HLF $YOKU $SHAK $MOMO $NEM $LL $CRM $GMCR $NFLX $AMZN

  19. $GMCR Should be good for +10% from here and then a short again! $$$$

  20. $GMCR going to get back some of my losses. Picking up a few for a short play. Glad to see confidence from within the company.

  21. $GMCR so who s shorting?

  22. $GMCR couldn t resist. picked up some more 95 weekly calls for .05 =)

  23. $GMCR KafreakinBOOMSKI

  24. $GMCR first gap is 94.25

  25. $GMCR This chart is still valid.