1. Just saw $GMCR cold beverage machine when I went to go place my coffee order today. No CO2 required, no mess... Bad news for $SODA

  2. 20x FY 15 earnings is a much more reasonable valuation for $GMCR than when it was double the current price.

  3. $GMCR has come back to earth like I thought it would. Getting interesting here.

  4. $GMCR was up 800,000 last year on this stock sold 9000 shs at 74.52 so lost 150000 after up 800,000 down $ 450.909 in 5 days

  5. End Of Day Scan: 52 Week Lows $GWRU $CVX $CPA $GMCR $NPO $RDS/B $SNDK $WTS $STX $OII www.dailystockplays.com

  6. Technical Collapse -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=rc&ticker=GMCR $GMCR Down -2.52% to New Low

  7. $GMCR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxR7RYuF2fU

  8. New ETF Identifies Sector Leaders $PCLN $GMCR $CMG $WFM $SDOG $EW $CI https://www.vetr.com/posts/4179648549-New-ETF-Identifies-Sector-Leaders

  9. INSANE Day. Huge number of opportunities in breakout. ⇛ http://www.CMLviz.com $STUDY $CB $DO $VJET $GMCR $LION

  10. $GMCR a close below 74.5 would be nice..then tomorrow close below 74.

  11. $GMCR H&S Pattern, Earnings: 8/5, 0-Stars,Targets

  12. @NaviAvatar $GMCR Running out of Cash, only 91m left as of last Q then minus the 45m divvy...takin on more debt $SPY

  13. $GMCR yes 74.5 ..just made my weekend. ..keep going down

  14. $GMCR this is getting taken to the woodshed today because they took on a more debt? 1000 s of other Co s are doing the same w/ int rates low

  15. $GMCR what a piece of shizzy

  16. $GMCR sell program | 74.51 / 74.20

  17. $GMCR low of day 74.55

  18. Juicy... @CBOE: July Volatility for largest losers in NADAQ 100 in 2015: $MU 35 $GMCR 30 $SNDK 34 $WYNN 36

  19. July Volatility for largest losers in NADAQ 100 in 2015: $MU 35 $GMCR 30 $SNDK 34 $WYNN 36

  20. $GMCR time to sell my July $80 puts for 300% profit and wait for bounce to buy some $70 puts?

  21. $GMCR bbq this weekend...nobody buys coffee makers for 4th of huly..they buy beer, brauts, and bbq s

  22. $GMCR: not going to lie-Einhorn blew it big time by closing out his short position near the highs. Now the shares have completely imploded

  23. $GMCR seeing some activity here ready to drop below 74.5

  24. $GMCR if you were a fund manager and didn t sell on June 30 you sure as hell will be selling this week

  25. $GMCR come on 75