1. http://y.ahoo.it/IammPXMK Reversal Stock for July 31st: $IPXL, $KEG, $HW, $XCO, $SB, $AMCC, $MGAM, $GNW

  2. $GNW may revisit 11.80 & if that doesnt hold, watch for a pull back towards 9.37 in the worst case.. Buy PUT options Strike 11 - Jan 15..

  3. $GNW isn t it surprising tht THE STREET - Cramer rated GNW Sell when it was 4.72 - 5.00 then rated Buy around 12 & Strong Buy at 15!

  4. July 30 2014 Breakaway Gap Downs http://y.ahoo.it/7yffjzMs $PWE $GNW $HNP $RBC

  5. List of today’s Breakdowns to watch for pops & drops Thursday http://y.ahoo.it/qB6LkDxY $GNW $XLP $KO $XCO $WMT $SD $GT $TSN

  6. @JarradFiorito Here is info about an awesome new site feature http://y.ahoo.it/xsCzRI1d $SPWR $KNDI $GNW $DANG $CBI $WIN $FB $WLT #MALWAREALERT

  7. Twitter Climbs Nearly +20% in Wake of Results Report http://y.ahoo.it/BegldsrD $TWTR $GALT $CALX $GNW $AMCC $GT

  8. Short watch list for tmw:$gt<25$, $gnw<14$, $see<32.5$, $slca<57$, also will watch:$hes<100$, $nfx<40.5$, $regn<320$, $peg<36$, $vrtx<91.5$.

  9. Here is tomorrows stock watch list & info about an awesome new site feature $SPWR $KNDI $GNW $DANG $CBI $WIN $FB $WLT

  10. Never fall in love with a stock $YUM $WFM $QIHU $GNW $GT $DEST

  11. Market News: Twitter, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Genworth http://y.ahoo.it/N1T9sb7A $TWTR $REGN $GNW

  12. $GNW we out.

  13. $GNW just a tad under $14 and pummmmmmelled?? Maybe a few cheapo calls will fill the bill?? ohhh baby!!!

  14. $GNW Stock saying I ve fallen and can t get up

  15. $GNW might close here.

  16. $GNW no buyers.

  17. @Sliver It ll pass 18 again & lower it goes the better the buying opportunity. $GNW too fundamentally sound to not bounce as big as usual

  18. $GNW slides quietly into the 13 s??? Whyyyyy? Well, if you do the math, check the chart and digest the sucky news early, you could have $$$

  19. $GNW CEO would not utter any estimate on reserve shortfall, super sketchy

  20. We just bought $GNW 14.07

  21. $GNW nobody will be left to sell after 6x volume value buyers will be loading up soon

  22. $GNW will close around 6X average daily volume this is a true flush which will follow with a fast reverse upwards 95% sellers sold already

  23. @Sliver $GNW fundamentally undervalued at even 18.

  24. Revealing admissions provided wrt $GNW conf call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/SSZuNT6q

  25. $GNW $13 to $11 will not be today but it will benefit the PUT game! $$$$