1. $GNW dead cat bounce

  2. $GNW again they shake out the weak as they continue to buy/accumulate large positions before they take this up FAST when it gets going soon

  3. $GNW . Glad I added twice to my leaps yesterday. Seeds of good performance are usually sown in time of distress.

  4. $GNW arent they facing a possible class action suit?

  5. $GNW you never know when they throw another bomb :)

  6. $GNW not so sure, this company is full of bad news time to time

  7. $GNW ..very easy to see that is going move higher towards 8 in the next two weeks and then after March expiration probably on to 10 to 12

  8. $GNW Closed the gap with 700k, healthy volume in first 15 minutes. Bullish? Very likely it was an over reaction.

  9. Financial Sector s Activities Under Review: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/financial-sector-at-a-glance-genworth-financial-nysegnw-newcastle-investment-nysenct-canadian-natural-resources-nysecnq-royal-bank-of-canada-nysery/151676/ $GNW $NCT $CNQ $RY

  10. @TA_Trader12 $GNW sold at EOD. what does tomorrow hold...down after hours. Looking for a double bottom at $6.75ish Imo we c high 6 s today

  11. Genworth Financial Tanks On “Material Weakness” http://www.bidnessetc.com/35980-genworth-financial-gnw-tanks-on-material-weakness/ $GNW

  12. $GNW ...obviously not willing to face up to the fact that you ve been wrong all week on this one. That s not harassment - it s a fact.

  13. $GNW Some1 here is posting things like it won t go lower & they re CONSTANTLY WRONG. Mention that & he reports you to ST 4 harassment.

  14. $GNW How many shares it took to bring it down 1.36% AH, 3,000 shares; about 0.001% of days volume.

  15. $GNW Look at the book value. Time to break this up and sell the pieces.

  16. $GNW Also just look at the mkt in the end, shoot up to 150+ for the day. Tomorrow shud be interesting n stovks like gnw will get killed, 6 s

  17. $GNW This is what you see, and no idea what goes behind scenes... Bid is higher than ask on one exchange and and crazy http://stocktwits.com/message/33413910

  18. $GNW next few days shud drive this into 6 s. Waiting for statements from SEC on this

  19. $GNW $44 million error was corrected in the fourth quarter prior to issuing its results, and it is aiming to implement improved controls..

  20. $GNW Could see some short term swings but that mistake is overblown and a great entry point. Similar to $LL fiasco which is due to shorties

  21. $GNW It is overdone. When the original news came out, it traded 80 million on that day. Today is only 20 million and closed 3% from bottom

  22. $GNW Roll up roll up. It s gap down time. Ding ding ding.

  23. $GNW Huge volume here, yet ST is seemingly ignoring it.

  24. $GNW: Horrible growth on this one. Stay away... https://quantifiedalpha.com/stockData/GNW#growth http://stocktwits.com/message/33408590

  25. $GNW next few days shud be rough n red, will short moreif it stays in this range