1. $SPY $AMZN $USO $AAPL $GOOG $FB $NFLX $LNKD $TSLA $DATA lot of depth and insight in this article. Amounts to bad things coming, sell! Smh

  2. SVP of Google Inc. just picked up 52,704 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2400848 $GOOG

  3. CATASTROPHE AWAITS: SELL YOUR STOCKS http://greedypicks.com/blog/2016/2/5/catastrophe-awaits-sell-your-stocks $SPY $AMZN $USO $AAPL $GOOG $FB $NFLX $LNKD $TSLA $DATA

  4. Google Inc. s Senior Vice President just picked up 58,851 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2400836 $GOOG

  5. $GOOG Cramer: Tech stocks are falling knives, stay away unless you re a butcher block. $LNKD has people thinking whole Internet is slowing.

  6. Major owner of Google Inc. just picked up 2,175 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2400827 $GOOG

  7. $GOOG: New SEC Filing for GOOG: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1652044_000112760216039900_0001127602-16-039900

  8. Google’s Go Victory Is Just a Glimpse of How Powerful AI Will Be: http://www.wired.com/2016/01/googles-go-victory-is-just-a-glimpse-of-how-powerful-ai-will-be/ $GOOGL $GOOG

  9. Today was day FOUR of the six day sell off pattern $GOOGL $GOOG goes through after it reports earnings.

  10. $S and $CMCSA some sort of merger in the talks. I don t think Masa will sell Sprint out right. It s his little baby.$BABA $GOOG $VZ $T $DISH

  11. $nflx currently has a P/E of 295 lmaoooooo see $goog at 23

  12. Insider Transaction: $GOOG Sale at $783.52 - $810.25 per share of 16666 shares by Officer Page Lawrence on 2016-02-02.

  13. I see potential retrace to 672 for $GOOGL and 645 for $GOOG

  14. $SPY $DIA When I see the best of stocks like $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG $AAPL breaking down, the last thing I want to be doing is go into denial.

  15. $LNKD $aapl $fb $data $tsla $bwld $amzn $juno $djia $cmg $v $f $crm $yhoo $gpro $twtr $goog $nflx So true! so true!

  16. $STUDY Daily Recap $SPY BarByBar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hciNiNz-h3I&feature=youtu.be $SPX $ES_F $FB $AAPL $GOOG $F $PSX $TWTR $SUNE $UWTI $DWTI $TNA $UVXY $SVXY $VIX

  17. $GOOG well not anymore (;

  18. $GOOG just a quick scalp today between 2:55 - 2-57 ET for a little gain. Want to go long, depends on Monday

  19. $GOOG so it s at the lower Bollinger band on daily, still 40 away from 200 day MA. On the verge of pulling the trigger for a long Call...

  20. Stocks End Week Lower As Tech Melts Down Despite Strong Alphabet Report $BP $COP $LNKD $XOM $DATA $GOOG $YHOO $DIA http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/stocks-end-week-lower-as-tech-melts-down-despite-strong-alphabet-report?post=84991

  21. $GOOG $GOOGL Google s Next Big Catalyst: Cloud http://seekingalpha.com/article/3869716-google-pie-sky?app=1&auth_param=oh3f:1bb9lsg:289362ccf285f1cb2951af9f19943ea4&uprof=44#alt3

  22. $GOOGL $GOOG $AMZN $SPY make money on puts as well.

  23. $GOOG loved $680 holding. Got in right before close for a bump next week.

  24. $LNKD, $aapl, $fb, $data, $tsla, $bwld, $amzn, $juno, $djia, $cmg, $v, $f, $crm, $yhoo, $gpro, $twtr, $goog, $nflx

  25. How many partnerships does $GPRO actually have: $MSFT, $FB, $GOOG, $AAPL, $TWTR, Redbull, $AMZN, Costco. NO OTHER CAMERA COMPANY IS CLOSE