1. $GDX $IAG $CDE $GORO The only reason i dont sell is, is every gold and silver miner going to 0 ? Holy crap gold still at 1300 !

  2. $GLD $GDX $IAG $GORO Said it before and say it again, miners dont move till silver moves. Pt 21.50 and HOLD. Imho this yr but not this week

  3. @skyzer Your time is coming soon now,very soon. Imho the gold miners have 5% downside left max then the fun starts $GLD $GDX $GORO $IAG

  4. Uncomfortable Investments right now: $URRE $USU $AVL $ANV $GORO $KGC $WLT $ANR $CDE these certainly do not follow the herd.

  5. Going to stay with a little $GORO because I like blood and horror - nice weekly low base going to bust an upside your head move one day. :)

  6. $JCP $TWTR $PGH $GORO $ARR - Did today s market action suck, mostly yes. Am I worried, mostly no.

  7. $GORO tempting here

  8. $GLD $ANV $IAG $GORO $CDE Just my opinion but dont add more to miners till silver catches up, around 21.75 and holds it

  9. $GLD $ANV $IAG $CDE $GORO All miners starting their pop and fade already, all still in box,will break thru but not sure today

  10. $GORO nice pop with volume

  11. Earnings announcement: $GORO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, May 12 2014

  12. Video Chart Review $TWER $VALE $NOW $BECC $AUMN $EFC $AAPL $ORN $HK $ITB $GIMO $KNDI $BWEN $SUN $TSN $DDD $PBY $GORO http://y.ahoo.it/PVJO9oWv

  13. $GORO will begin trading ex-dividend on April 9, 2014 and will pay out a dividend of 0.01 cents for each share - http://y.ahoo.it/Z19LNaPO

  14. $ANV Owned this till last week, still terrible price action, bought $IAG ,$GORO instead.Good up day in gold and no change ? Something wrong

  15. Gold is trading higher. Stocks to watch $IAG $HMY $HL $RGLD $AUY $GG $GSS $GORO $GFI $EGO $ABX $BRD


  17. {video} Best Stock Pick $IWM $DDD $TSLA $TWTR $GMLP $ARNA $POZN $MSI $LMOS $GNTX $GORO $KKR $IBCP $MACK $TCK $BIB http://y.ahoo.it/eNB0rkKw

  18. $anr $aci $wlt $btu $fb Can t complain!today was a good day 80% of my money in coal rest in stocks that didn t tank like $jcp $lf $goro etc

  19. $AUQ $FSM $GORO all turn bullish...again.

  20. $GORO Nice move today great daily and @NoanetTrader here.

  21. $GORO could get even more interesting through 5.10

  22. $GORO starting to move with volume

  23. $GLD $ANV $GORO $CDE Well yesterday was a nice bounce today looks like we will give it all back, patience required :) Still 6-12 months view

  24. $GORO Surprised trading below $10

  25. Check out admissions put forth as to $GORO conf call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/BGZa8Zfm