1. $GPRO I didn t buy in at 90.

  2. $GPRO why Bulls have not lose their taste of $90 stock?

  3. $GPRO oK, so how long is a Quiet Period supposed to be? I did see this before with another M&A so it is possible reason why no attend GS

  4. $gpro 2 billion dollar market cap with 30 million less shares due to buy back is 28 dollars a share...just saying

  5. $GPRO possible Merger & acquisition announcement. http://m.benzinga.com/article/6242009?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+benzinga+%28Benzinga+News+Feed%29

  6. $GPRO is going to ditch $AMBA and go with $QCOM. $AMBA is going to tank and $GPRO and $QCOM are going to take off running. I called this.

  7. $TWTR is the new $GPRO

  8. $GPRO Interesting

  9. $GPRO I guess we should be on the lookout for an 8K filing.

  10. $GLUU I missed the boat. Was ready to load up sub $2 before earnings but I went with $GPRO. 😒

  11. $GPRO the conference hasn t been on their website for days now. only the march one showed

  12. $GPRO Good find. Apparently the same thing happened just a few weeks before Kythera was bought by Allergan. http://www.streetinsider.com/Rumors/Kythera+Biophrarma+(KYTH)+Sees+Wild+Trading+Amid+Conference+Cancellation/10640797.html

  13. $GPRO Humana pulled out of the GS conference last year three weeks before they announced the merger with Aetna. http://www.fiercehealthpayer.com/story/humana-enters-quiet-period-until-july-29-refueling-acquisition-rumors/2015-06-09

  14. $GPRO If they hadn t pulled out, it would ve stayed on the IR site and they would have posted a recording by now. My verdict? Pulled out.

  15. $FIT probably bottomed. Like $GPRO (Related: $CRM): https://valuestocks.whotrades.com/blog/43664279307

  16. $GPRO New product isn t revealed until April so there is still time. New software next month as well

  17. $GPRO If your average is between $15 - $20 then don t worry about your money. A recovery to those levels in 6 months is realistic.

  18. $GPRO I cant understand why this stock is not @14 a share before any product launch or good news. I feel a firm jump is due next week.

  19. $GPRO http://stocktwits.com/badlink.html found this only rumored not confirmed

  20. $GPRO Roses are RED but Veggies are GREEN. Invest in veggies this valentine. They re good for your mental & physical health.Stay $fit

  21. $GPRO What is the verdict? Anyone know if they pulled out of GS conference or not? It appears that there were no buybacks today either.

  22. $TWTR Steve Balmer & friends must ve doubled down for it to recover well. If it pulls a $GPRO, this will go up tomorrow during down market.

  23. $GPRO $tsla loses money and $twtr is a dog and they go up. GoPro has tons of new revenue streams and the stock languishes. What Gives!?

  24. $GPRO last figure I found says woodman owned 35m shares. At one point he had $3.9B, now he s worth 1/4 that? Still all smiles. Fishy. In@11

  25. $GPRO I shorted from 64, now I see this is the time to cover and go long b/c you don t know what gonna happen in this crazy market...