1. $GPRO Nxt after GPRO is LOCO, 1/21 lockup. Then MBLY 1/28. Want Mbly to make another run, breaks its high. LOCO, was hoping for 40+, may not

  2. $GPRO Room, this is th IPO game/scam. Overprice IPO, then private equity sells (FB guys owned @ $2-3), Pump into 3rd/4th mth, suck in the

  3. $GPRO retail horde, thn WS dumps ahead of the 12/23 lockup. Chk 6mth charts of FB FEYE TWTR GRUB KING. Same chart pattern. $30-40 late Dec

  4. $GPRO Too bad I sold my 300 January $29 strike puts for 30% profit :(

  5. $GPRO they kept limited shares tradin on open market just as they did with TWTR for the chasers that are an will get pounded if u chased

  6. Eh @lumberjax, H&S daily? $GPRO? Right shoulder forming? http://stocktwits.com/message/28367178

  7. $GPRO No position- this is total BS. Nobody knew this one was worth $45? They don t want this to go down. Don t bet against it,

  8. @Zubair84 @Jamtrades Shorted amazon @ $390 after it double topped 400 lvl. Will cover tomorrow. Wish I shorted $GPRO over $95

  9. $GPRO Should be an interesting day tom. I say pin below 75. If MMs manipulate, even better to buy nov puts CHEAPER! ER will crush this one.

  10. @NewbEV @Zubair84 this is a warning on $gpro that little guys should yield to.. high p/e wtf names are getting killed..taking no prisoners

  11. @venkysrinivasan @BeckyHiu Yes... $GPRO downgraded by Oppenheimer to underperform w/ 45 PT. http://www.streetinsider.com/Hot+New+Coverage/Oppenheimer+Starts+GoPro+(GPRO)+at+Underperform/9937483.html

  12. $GPRO Amazon, Yelp, Netflix, etc all down big on earnings. Can t wait for this to crash to the ground. Writing is on the wall.

  13. $GPRO It could get all the way to $44. All you need is one more major manufacturer announce similar camera... this will go back to 20s..

  14. @Jamtrades: @Jamtrades $GPRO will get killed this quarter

  15. $GPRO Whoa! here it is: Oppenheimer starts coverage & slaps an underperform rating w/ a $45 PT. Tells clients to sell http://www.streetinsider.com/Hot+New+Coverage/Oppenheimer+Starts+GoPro+%28GPRO%29+at+Underperform/9937483.html

  16. $GPRO Won t be surprised if it slowly start falling to $ 65 before earnings, then to $44 area when it get close to expiration date

  17. @Jamtrades $gpro will get killed this quarter

  18. $GPRO One trick pony... action camera ... but how many are going to it. Majority will take pictures or videos using iPhones or smartphones

  19. $GPRO tanking in AH. GPRO caught ebola?

  20. $GPRO filming downhill move AH

  21. $GPRO downgraded ? @BeckyHiu

  22. @i960 @jrad You know the $GPRO bears would be the sheep right now then right? Learn to use that sentiment indicator on the right.

  23. $GPRO You re also next.

  24. $GPRO Looks like this high P/E stock will take a big hit tomorrow and going forward as investors revolt as in $AMZN

  25. $GPRO Ah what the heck, kurse! Gotta run. My apologies for posting so much hate on this stock. Just been a huge injustice to investors.Curse