1. $GPRO latest SEC Form 4 filing by yours truly - The Woodmans. http://google.brand.edgar-online.com/?sym=GPRO http://stocktwits.com/message/33280530

  2. $GPRO Daily chart with pivot points. http://stocktwits.com/message/33280450

  3. @damnmaxims YES! And the next super bowl is right here in Silicon Valley. What a perfect time and place for $GPRO

  4. $GPRO we still have next wed presentation wild card, hope they kill it and burn the shorts

  5. $GPRO whats up with this stock?

  6. $GPRO new update for gpro http://stafforddaily.com/analyst-rating-update-on-gopro-inc/351541/

  7. $GPRO buy in on the lows.. $GPRO is going to go.

  8. $GPRO Nick has announced stock repurchase !! Just kidding ... I m sure all shorts were fainting for a sec

  9. $GPRO An unbearable day is ahead for you shorts

  10. $GPRO the shorts think they are back in control. Rude awakening coming for u bears

  11. TOMORROW IS THE DAY | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2015/02/26/tomorrow-is-the-day/ $GPRO

  12. $GPRO will we see gpro under 40$ ?

  13. $GPRO when company s stock is not doing well, many CEOs face the public to encourage investors the turn around, but Nick care less about

  14. $GPRO ive telling everyones here to get out of this stock at all cause

  15. $GPRO the owners of company deserves every one to get rid of this stock. not buy until he begs and do something to convince real value

  16. $GPRO dump while in the 40s and get back in later people :) I don t see this going up being in a downtrend channel

  17. $GPRO this owners sucking the$from the market and creating ownership of endless shares out of thin air, we end w/worthless stock

  18. $GPRO I m so confused why all the longs are screaming out its bearish. I really thought we were good until tht last hour and ah just took

  19. @invisiblerichman $GPRO good news good news ! ?

  20. $GPRO 27.6 percent increase in short interest on gpro, not much confidence in this company

  21. $GPRO from insider news gopro going to launch 3axis stablize gopro 4 plus !

  22. $GPRO good news good news !

  23. $GPRO this stock movement are not natural

  24. $GPRO is there way to find out what prices morgan stanley or any institutions have on gpro?

  25. $GPRO remember those +5% daily gains four months ago because of the low float? These are just the side effect. :-) IPO callin.