1. $GRBK over 9 for a run http://stocktwits.com/message/30517813


  3. Updated Focus list: $cuba $hack $feye $cldx $grbk $tasr $wres. Need to find best value in HACK ETF holdings for 2015 play of the year.

  4. #300Club screening w/e 12/13 $ACHN $AGIO $FOLD $GRBK $PTX $RCPT $RDNT $TGTX $WLDN $STUDY http://www.hyhrd.com/2014/12/12/300club-screening-we-1213-achn-agio-fold-grbk-ptx-rcpt-rdnt-tgtx-wldn-study/

  5. Been taking some $GRBK profits in case oil downturn affects TX real estate. Still have a large position though.

  6. $GRBK Why is this down today

  7. @jonhedvat $GRBK is still 30%+undervalued compared to peers cause few people know of it s existence yet but low oil could hurt TX realestate

  8. $GRBK Any thought if this is a good price to get in

  9. $GRBK big $8.70 seller from Friday is there again today. We ll break it. If not today, soon enough.

  10. @laurelanne2014 @AlgoTraderBen @WinningPharmaTrader $FF $GRBK Almost time to grab some. wait wait... or don t --Congrats to those up 30%

  11. Spending time on Fantasy Football on a new site learning the game www.fantasydraft.com/play/hashapi Still in $GRBK $YHOO and now $CY

  12. bad week lost $ on $HAL calls but core $JAKK $GRBK and swing $TASR compensating somewhat. Large buys in $JAKK now...

  13. @GG_QQ: $GRBK Wants lower imo, will wait for possible entry. Not really

  14. #300Club screening w/e 12/6 $ACHN $AGIO $ANIP $GRBK $PEIX $RCPT $RDNT $WLDN $STUDY http://www.hyhrd.com/2014/12/05/300club-screening-we-126-achn-agio-anip-grbk-peix-rcpt-rdnt-wldn-study/

  15. @benrab: @cody1422 @petwos $GRBK $12 is my target - expect it there by January the latest $12 in sight on this one

  16. @cody1422 @petwos $GRBK $12 is my target - expect it there by January the latest

  17. $Grbk just added another couple thousand shares. Loving this chart

  18. We wish all our followers a Happy Holiday.We thank all those that followed us in $GRBK! For December we are thinking about Gold Shares.

  19. $GRBK Action expected, overbought and coming back within the upper bb. Will continue to go up after the holidays, looking again for entry

  20. $GRBK Starting to look overbought, locked in profits yesterday from $7.09 looking to reenter after the holidays

  21. @petwos: $GRBK Not weakness, slowing into a Holiday weekend...$10 coming then $13 into the New Year Agree -- this is headed back to 12/13

  22. $GRBK Not weakness, slowing into a Holiday weekend, still nothing wrong with taking profits. $10 coming then $13 into the New Year

  23. $GRBK Showing signs of weakness...locking in profits from $7.09 for about a 17% gain

  24. $GRBK $8.11 buy order to add to position. Hope it hits.

  25. $AEMD - Still looking strong today up 15%! Awaiting news this week ... $BABA $KITE $COCO $GRBK $ANV $VSLR $NETE $RADA $LAKE $APT $TKMR $BCRX