1. Prem Watsa bets big on bailed-out Greek bank, Europe turnaround http://y.ahoo.it/iAhMjHQE $FFH $FFH.CA $BBRY $BB.CA $BAM $GREK

  2. $GREK in the era of globalization: FRIGOGLASS on the move in Athens SE.

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  13. Greek rebound is astonishing http://y.ahoo.it/ObReIsaT Greece is undergoing an astonishing financial rebound.$GREK $MACRO

  14. $NBG have not seen any news on this name today but $GREK is down 2%. $NBG calls to puts 10 to 1 with Jan 7 strike most active

  15. $EWI +13.53% $EDEN +13.49% $EIRL +11.58% $GREK +11.32% and getting about $SPY +2% COOL :)

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  18. Top 10 Strongest ETF s $TAN $EGPT $JO $CAFE $GREK $QCLN $EWI $DFE $PBW $EDEN

  19. $GREK So potentially a sell setup, either the main index or sell this ETF, can you short this ETF? Maybe buy puts?

  20. $GREK The Greek composite index looks like it could be close to a reversal #elliottwave http://y.ahoo.it/rdUuu9UI

  21. $GREK +9.32% YTD $GREK +180% since june 2012, has Greece still the Euro? Oh wait it was EOW

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  23. $NBG $GREK is down 4.3% which may explain part of the move of $NBG but negative comments by Numura and Merrill are not helpping

  24. @BeckyHiu $GREK hitting all time highs while $NBG barely breaking out. NBG recent gold cross signal let s see if bulls show up on laggard.

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