1. Risk in Greek Stocks Hits New High $GREK (pic) data via --> https://secure.livevol.com/trial/livevol-core-trial/registration-promo-vol-charts?offer_code=LV_OVol $STUDY #Greece http://stocktwits.com/message/30543872

  2. Sharp monthly rise in Greek unpaid taxes to €1.59 bln for November, €12.5 bln ytd - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2026#sthash.r7HdnZHd.dpuf $GREK

  3. Greek C/A balance turns negative in October, 10-month C/A surplus +70% YoY to €3.55 bln - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2025#sthash.3Ym33BY6.dpuf $GREK

  4. Greek PM Samaras softens stance on snap elections as decisive presidential vote looms - http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.politics.2023#sthash.NCc59Uwy.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  5. $GREK Second voting takes place on Monday 22/12 noon . Less than 165-170 votes will increase volatility

  6. Piraeus Bank seals milestone deal with KKR over 1.2 bln of non-core assets - http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2021#sthash.cVDeKGgk.dpuf $GREK $BPIRY

  7. $GREK it s a solid buy at this level they get their election shh together you should atleast grab 5 a share at this level bound to happen

  8. Greek 3 year bond yields fall as confidence rises http://www.ft.com/fastft/253521 (fastFT) $GREK

  9. Greek Q3 unemployment falls to 25.5 pct, lowest since 2012, but long-term jobless reach new high - http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2018#sthash.f7P6NNCB.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  10. The possible scenarios for avoiding snap elections in Greece - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.politics.2016#sthash.jcI3akah.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  11. Conditions for Greek ECCL reportedly outlined in German document - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2017&itemId=2017#sthash.EtJoqss1.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  12. $GREK RS today;)

  13. $GREK vote at noon EST http://www.amna.gr/english/articleview.php?id=7822

  14. Bank of Greece sees growth at 0.7 pct in 2014, NPLs up to 34.1 pct - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2010&itemId=2010#sthash.50dSu0uE.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  15. $GREK $FCG $YMLP $SCPB $HYS $SHM Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers by gainers, decliners and emerging volume. http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-DECEMBER-16-4500.html#comments

  16. $GREK +8.5% not seeing any tweets about this

  17. $NBG $GREK up 7% this one flatter than a pita, not good.

  18. Block Trade: 12:02 $GREK Jan17 15 16 P (PHLX) 2.35 7500x Today s Full Report: http://community.livevol.com/index.php/topic/6354-block-trades-12-16-2014/

  19. $GREK +6.7% interesting

  20. $GREK RS today.

  21. ...& Greece too...2-day winning streak there. Good luck with that. $GREK

  22. Troika document reveals thorny issues, Greek coalition s commitments to conclude review - http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2008#sthash.Y2tj8mij.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  23. Greek primary cash surplus up to 2.61 bln at end of November, according to BoG - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.2004#sthash.TlfuqVBV.dpuf $GREK

  24. Greek coalition sets bar low for presidential vote, opts for pre-election rhetoric - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.politics.2002#sthash.7UI9yZuU.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  25. $GREK going short this one too...against my bios in LT account. $RSX $FXI $USO $IBB.