1. $GREK it is actually trying to do something good... I cannot believe I said it

  2. what worked part 2: $CLDX $21, $NOK $8, $GREK $17, $BX $34, $GE $27, $AMZN $338 (of 340), $GLD/$NUGT/$IAG/$ANV calls, $NFLX/$TSLA/$CLF puts

  3. $BAC Bank of America popped $ALBKY Alpha Bank of Greece $.1875 +0.0075 (+4.17%) my other fav stock besides $C $GS $JPM $UBS $NBG $GREK

  4. Greece s 2015 budget tabled in parliament: A breakdown of all the key figures - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1731#sthash.aC04pFuq.dpuf $GREK

  5. We will do what we must to raise inflation and inflation expectations as fast as possible, Mario Draghi $san $ewg $grek $eirl $EWP $spy

  6. Greek travel receipts up again in September, reaching 2.2 bln - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1729#sthash.kvQmnmlZ.dpuf $GREK

  7. Greek current account surplus up to €1.6 bln in September after fourth straight rise - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1725#sthash.zE68RJBX.dpuf $GREK

  8. $GREK held up today up over 2 %

  9. @cheri1: $GREK had this on watch yest..looks good strong

  10. $GREK had this on watch yest..looks good

  11. @InsiderBuySuperstocks: GREECE buy signal. $GREK $NBG http://stocktwits.com/message/29376720

  12. Greek industrial turnover posts rise of 1.8 pct in September after earlier drop - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1722#sthash.Bf4L8mLj.dpuf $GREK

  13. Troika & Greece in stalemate over budget targets, prior actions as time ticks away - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1721&itemId=1721#sthash.NFotHlQD.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  14. $GDXJ $GREK $SIL $TAN $SCPB $IYT Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers by gainers, decliners and emerging volume, http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-NOVEMBER-18-4441.html#comments

  15. Emerging market ETFs just fired long: $GREK $EIDO $PIE.

  16. @InsiderBuySuperstocks: GREECE buy signal. $GREK $NBG http://stocktwits.com/message/29376720 Good to see some positive Bull events..

  17. GREECE buy signal. $GREK $NBG http://stocktwits.com/message/29376720

  18. greece sharp bounce, right at resistance now. Falling 20D nearby as well. $GREK http://stocktwits.com/message/29375820

  19. Greek court ruling on property tax levels could hurt future revenues - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1718&itemId=1718#sthash.tzLye6Aq.dpuf $GREK

  20. $NBG $GREK JP cuts Greece to neutral from OW; Wrong positioning worries; Sticks to NBG, OTE http://www.marketall.eu/markets/6992-jp-cuts-greece-to-neutral-from-ow-wrong-positioning-worries-sticks-to-nbg-ote

  21. $NBG $ALBKY $GREK GS: Political stability, reform continuity are the key elements for fresh Greek rally http://www.marketall.eu/markets/6991-gs-political-stability-reform-continuity-are-the-key-elements-for-fresh-greek-rally

  22. Greek central gov t cash surplus rises to €3 bln in October despite drop in revenues - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1717&itemId=1717#sthash.m98O0TC4.dpuf $GREK

  23. Greece returns to growth after long recession, GDP figures show - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1688#sthash.AhhOSjBj.dpuf $GREK $NBG

  24. $NBG $GREK Nomura gives 70% probability of early elections; Sees Syriza victory http://www.marketall.eu/economy-and-politics/6975-nomura-gives-70-probability-of-early-elections-sees-syriza-victory

  25. Greek budget primary surplus narrows to 2.4 bln in October as revenues miss target - See more at: http://www.macropolis.gr/?i=portal.en.economy.1684#sthash.P10q8v7q.dpuf $GREK