1. $GRPN groupons OK to pull out on a first Date or no? Thoughts?

  2. $GRPN so let s get to 5 dollar mark first

  3. $GRPN Sterne Agee upgraded with price target at $20 http://midsouthnewz.com/groupon-inc-grpn-upgraded-at-sterne-agee-crt/40164/ How come there s such a disconnect between analysts and market

  4. $GRPN Citi has price target on Groupon at $22. Can you imagine going over $20? or $10? I could have but can t any more :/

  5. $GRPN Seems like Zuckerberg should just buy groupon for a few billion. Not like he s going to miss it.

  6. $GRPN longs it still makes me mad/sad 2 see overrated AMZN up another 3-5%.I only shop GRPN first, EBAY 2nd.Just want company 2 survive 4 me

  7. $GRPN Alexa rank +

  8. $GRPN http://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/news/2015/12/01/groupon-breaks-some-records-over-the-black-friday.html?ana=yahoo

  9. $GRPN let rally begin ..

  10. $GRPN Upgraded by Citigroup Inc.

  11. $GRPN .30 away from 52 week low any thoughts if I should grab 500 shares I do like this company

  12. $SQ for $GRPN.... Worth getting in now before it heads north again.

  13. $GRPN Any thoughts on your future movements regarding groupon in the near future? Get out when q4 results are (again) disappointing?

  14. $GRPN http://www.intercooleronline.com/stocks/sterne-agee-crt-upgrades-groupon-inc-grpn-to-buy/273670/

  15. $GRPN Rating....

  16. $GRPN who can explain the waiting Citi 22 and other 17 and 20 and the stock does not rise?

  17. $GRPN huge block buy at 2.85...377k shares...

  18. $GRPN Get up you bit**!

  19. Avoid Square ($SQ), But Do Not Short It Just Yet (See: $MA $PYPL $GRPN $GPRO $FB $YELP) http://seekingalpha.com/article/3720146-avoid-square-but-do-not-short-it-just-yet

  20. $GRPN happy cyber Monday yall!

  21. $GRPN I will wait it out and put it on the back burner. This stock will raise slow and steady.

  22. $GRPN I m out, too stagnant.

  23. $GRPN Lets roll! Time to sh*t or get off the pot!

  24. $GRPN Awesome Black Friday Deals...lowest prices around!

  25. $GRPN We re in a cycle where its will close the gap and it s going to be epic. It s just a matter of 2-3 week now.