1. $GS says China $SSEC has 27% upside. $BABA bottom today?

  2. I am bearish on $GS with a target price of $197.04 on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/0815266284

  3. Goldman Sachs Group Inc $GS Is Going To Work For You http://etfdailynews.com/2015/07/07/goldman-sachs-group-inc-gs-is-going-to-work-for-you/

  4. needless to say this is a perfect environment to do an #IPO $GS $MS $BAC

  5. $BBRY 4.17B Mc with over 3.2 BIllion cash , BlackBerry going nowhere but up after #Faucette #Simona $GS $MS $CS FUD is realized $7.88 pps

  6. $ANF time to sell this POS. Its $GS NY Fed money for the 0.01 %, http://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/omo/dmm/temp.cfm

  7. $GS those calls, worked out... so far.

  8. AAPL $GS watch the leaders for stabilization for a bounce. If these are still LODing wait. DON T CATCH FALLING KNIVES!

  9. $GS tempted but just watching.

  10. $ANF back to 21.00 The $GS stooge NY Fed started hands out cash at 10:30 Remember 17 earnings cut to 0.98 $JCP on squeeze

  11. Fairly low sentiment scores for bullish stocks. $FB $MBLY $AMZN $MU $NFLX $TWTR $MYL $DIS $TEVA $GDX $FEYE $GS $JCI https://www.tradefollowers.com/strength/twitter_strongest.jsp?tf=1d

  12. Financial stocks join the selling party. $JPM, $GS, $WFM, & $C are all sharply lower. $JPM has intra-day support for a bounce around $65.50

  13. Many financials when I saw their charts y day had h sell setup. Example $GS - posted chart last evening.

  14. If U like $BBRY U gotta love $CS $GS $MS & their ipo $MOBL 5.38 0.32 (5.61%) last updated 10:17 AM EDT Jul

  15. $XLF Financial Sector Breaking Down: http://rightsideofthechart.com/financial-sector-breaking-down/ $BRK.B $WFC $JPM $BAC $C $GS charts available via link.

  16. Financial Stocks in Major News- $C $CB $GS http://www.streetwisereport.com/financial-stocks-in-major-news-citigroup-inc-nysec-the-chubb-corporation-nysecb-the-goldman-sachs-group-inc-nysegs/121085/

  17. The one $CS $GS $MS wants $BBRY to leapfrog { $MOBL } looking GR8 today 5.48 0.22 (3.86%) last updated 9:56 AM EDT Jul 07

  18. $GS Pot. continuation Downtrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  19. Eyes Catching Stocks- $GS $CB $WFC http://www.streetwisereport.com/eyes-catching-stocks-the-goldman-sachs-group-inc-nysegs-the-chubb-corporation-nysecb-wells-fargo-company-nysewfc/121035/

  20. Tuesday Morning Market Video http://www.optionmillionaires.com/tuesday-morning-market-minute-video-bidu-spy-tlt-twtr-gs-gld/ $GS $BIDU $TWTR $GLD

  21. Good morning. On watch for 07/07. $PG $GS $ABT $TWTR $GME. ETFs: $TBT $XLV. Spec Play: $NEO. $MACRO: Trade data.

  22. With M&A are hottest this Qtr,expect $GS $JPM $MS to outshine on Q2 Earnings. $XLF

  23. The Biggest Winner From The #Greek Tragedy http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-06/who-biggest-winner-greek-tragedy $FXE $GS #ECB #Draghi

  24. $GS Bounced off of 50 SMA today. Had h sell setup. Momentum indicators falling may be getting ready to turn.

  25. Watching for pullback to cloud. $GS