1. Stock Watchlist 1 October: $AVNW $DVR $LOCM $PLUG $SYN $CNDO $HEB $GSAT $WLT #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2014/09/stock-watchlist-1-october-2014.html

  2. @Kschaefer74 $gsat big buyer today of Jan 5$ calls! Just a matter if time..

  3. $GSAT No one ever gets rich chasing old $$$. You shorts just keep creating great ways for me to accumulate more. The smart $$$ is patient!

  4. $GSAT boy those delicious 3.50 puts will be in money shortly...guess smart money did know something

  5. $GSAT closed at lod AND below 3.67 which it has always bounced off of...look out below...free fall tomorrow...next stop 3.35 if fails sub 3

  6. $GSAT all the bag holders above 4.00 will be crying this holiday season after 30% nasdaq correction, non existent earnings and no tlps sub 3

  7. $GSAT 4.53 in July and 3.69 almost 20% decline with market strong...now momentum stocks getting crushed with nasdaq correction...

  8. $GSAT Selling today attributed to end of Q3 portfolio rebalancing

  9. $GSAT Terrestrial Low Power Service (TLPS) will immediately increase Wi-Fi capacity by > 33% on existing devices approval expected 4th qtr

  10. $GSAT http://reboot.fcc.gov/reform/systems/spectrum-dashboard calender

  11. $GSAT So this Teck Bubble or correction you keep blabing on about is only affecting this stock?

  12. $GSAT intc and aapl actually generate profit...intc pays a dividend...unlike GSAT which is a momo with no momo in a market crushing momos

  13. $GSAT lnkd, tsla,bita,kndi, plug etc all momos with high pe getting crushed ...GSAT not even profitable...nasdaq continues falling

  14. $GSAT So what majority of stocks prices are more then what they are worth P/E what are you talking about go away!

  15. $GSAT was 4.53 three months ago...lot of bag holders made that day...no revenue no profit no tlps...High pe stocks getting crushed but buy

  16. $GSAT Stop pulling things out of your you know what!

  17. $GSAT Is affecting Intel broadcomm apple???????? what who where and when or only this stock?

  18. $GSAT what correction where?????what when????

  19. $GSAT rocket ship blasting off...news coming...stock awesome...meantime in reality land market correction continues and gsat red again...

  20. $GSAT http://reboot.fcc.gov/reform/systems/spectrum-dashboard Reserch

  21. $GSAT Blasting off soon!

  22. $GSAT Is there a TECH bubble? did Tech advance to new levels? what are you telling us now? the sky is falling?

  23. $GSAT is there a market correction? if so where? I don t know of one yet!

  24. $GSAT http://reboot.fcc.gov/reform/systems/spectrum-dashboard

  25. $GSAT either way your demeanor is quite negatively BORING us to death your like watching a roadkill on a hot summer day!