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  4. $GSAT waiting for 1.35 ;)

  5. $GSAT University of Miami Selects SPOT for Oceanic Flow Study in the Gulf of Mexico http://finance.yahoo.com/news/university-miami-selects-spot-oceanic-110000678.html?.tsrc=applewf

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  10. $GSAT Turnaround Tuesday will light up the sky!!!

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  19. $GSAT hard time believing this can go any. this may be the last few times we see it under $2 again

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  21. $GSAT I guess when this gets back to 52 week low, CEO will come out of his hole and make a statement

  22. $GSAT You gave me all the signs and I committed... now it s this? I can t give you much more

  23. $GSAT I just want to see you fly so badly, please this time don t bone me... it would be much worse now than last.

  24. $GSAT where s David Einhorn when you need him

  25. $GSAT CEO has got to go!!!