1. $GSAT Given all the negativity in the market the past two days, I think GSAT held up pretty well! Just waiting on that FCC decision!

  2. $ACAD decided this is my buy day- $ACAD $SCTY $SRPT $GTAT $GSAT $MU $ORB $MSFT $EPD on sale - all great long stories !!!!!

  3. $GSAT How about a show of hands of those folks that are gonna buy at this level?

  4. $GSAT this stock hasn t performed long enough to really do any kind of trending. industry tech changes obliterate the trend lines anyway!

  5. $BLDP $GSAT $AAPL stupid, stupid, stupid panic selling. Whatever. I ll add more shares and be rewarded, like always

  6. @reality $GSAT I only ever hear that quote from people that don t know how to use technical analysis. It s a tool, not a crystal ball.

  7. $GSAT Technical analysis good only for back testing, Peter Lynch .

  8. $GSAT Ten different chartists will see ten different outcomes in the same chart, Warren Buffet . GSAT home run if TLPS approved or to $2.

  9. $GSAT Waiting for more confirmation of direction. Bearish trend strengthening, caution longs: http://y.ahoo.it/jNuTCAFU

  10. $GSAT Hourly chart: weak signals, bearish ST, ranging, not a buy today. Catalyst necessary to avoid correction: http://y.ahoo.it/j49FBjad

  11. $GSAT Technicals are holding up pretty well - esp considering that strange drop on Tuesday. Catalysts ahead.

  12. $GSAT the entire market is down! Your barking up the wrong tree go bark somewhere else will ya! look fwd $GSAT worth 5 on regular services!!

  13. $GSAT BUY BUY BUY [insert unfounded pump comment here] going to 7!! Spectrum is free money for retail investors! It s a sure thing!!

  14. $GSAT Still overbought. Headed below $4 tomorrow, possibly: http://y.ahoo.it/MYR8PowB

  15. @Kschaefer74: $GSAT MACD sideways and about to trend upward... Higher highs are coming soon! All I see on the 60min is lower lows/highs.

  16. @InsiderBuySuperstocks owned $GSAT since it was at $0.70. Cramer talks about it now at $4. Per IBSS, time to sell? lol, story remains !

  17. $GSAT MACD is sideways and about to trend upward... along with the price. 50 DMA is good support indicator. Higher highs are coming soon!

  18. $GSAT EOW predictions? I say support at 4.20

  19. $GSAT When is FCC decision????

  20. $GSAT I need this stock to hit 5 by tomorrow!!!!

  21. $GSAT Interestingly, trading this on the weekly using parabolic SAR, we would have gone long 5/20/13 and remained: http://y.ahoo.it/GvBKqINk

  22. $GSAT Technicals weakening.

  23. Will probably take long over today s high if it happens tomorrow $GSAT chart http://y.ahoo.it/DtgBRTj1 via http://y.ahoo.it/m1XsABTz

  24. July 29 2014 Candlestick Patterns: The Hammer http://y.ahoo.it/lKbnA4lw $GSAT

  25. $GSAT Nice 2mil vol on dip today 10-min chart. Daily looks good, but weekly still flashing sell signs. Careful. No Position.