1. $GSAT Ranked in Top 5 Short Squeezes Per SS.N http://y.ahoo.it/m9AWyQKn

  2. Daily Short Squeezies $GSAT $PII $INO $HZO $DLB $TFX $WTS $FAF $DB $ANW $KNX $VGR $ORB $TPLM $DECK $XPO $TNK

  3. $GSAT getting some interest, possible continuation set up. http://y.ahoo.it/WCd6ldfX

  4. $GSAT -trying to sell all my shares @4, but got 4.03 instead :)... see you again when you hit 3.80

  5. $GSAT Looking at a close above 4.00

  6. $GSAT EOD strength....

  7. I decided to hold $GSAT Jan 2015 calls at least for now. I think by Jan this one should be in the 4 s and closer to 5.

  8. $GSAT 3.80 close??? Gsat you can do it!!!

  9. $GSAT more delightfull weak sauce 3.60 s here we come yet again...#atmgsat

  10. $GSAT Zip notta on AH Volume could be a day or two late

  11. Daily short squeeze alerts $AZO $WTS $DLB $MDT $SFL $TFX $FAF $IRM $DV $AEL $ORG $GSAT

  12. @PPM7525 $GSAT oh and the personal attack was reported...Funny thing is I have never insulted a person on stocktwits...stay classy

  13. $GSAT out at 3.92 nice profit...shorted this garbage again...

  14. $GSAT All of this action is based on Chartists/day traders. Has nothing to do with the long-term company prospects. Holding

  15. $GSAT well that was a complete fail on attempt at 4.00...looks like the drift down continus

  16. @bobsmith19801980 $GSAT and that is bullish???

  17. $GSAT well it f

  18. $GSAT - New LOD going into the EOD.

  19. $GSAT not liking the afternoon action...horrible volume after strong start, price drifting...need strong volume close above 4.00 push higher

  20. $GSAT waiting for this to take off. Its looking good.

  21. $GSAT SSOOONNN very soon!

  22. $GSAT close above 4.00 with volume near 5million would be significant...After big res. at 4.20 which failed last time and then 4.50...

  23. $GSAT today s after hour volume should be significant!!I hope I wake up tomorrow being much closer to 5!!!

  24. $GSAT broke 4.00 as predicted...close above 4.00 on high volume and we test 4.20...gap between 4.20 and 4.50 if it breaks 4.20 on volume...

  25. $GSAT as pr