1. Largest Telecommunication Services Return on Equity 1: $GSAT 2: $VZ 3: $SBAC Here s the Chart: http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/xy.php?sector=Telecommunication+Services|&x=Equal+Spaced&y=Return+on+Equity+(ROE)&minMarketCap=1070&maxMarketCap=204531&minRevenue=0&maxRevenue=1000000

  2. $GSAT this is a buy

  3. $GSAT time to go or stay ?? i mean sell or buy more ?

  4. $GSAT keeping it low for buy out! I hope not! a lot of potential here!!!!!!!

  5. $GSAT another bad day in GSATland.

  6. $GSAT M2M looking good!m2mnow.biz/2015/05/25/33257...

  7. $GSAT http://www.m2mnow.biz/2015/05/25/33257-globalstar-launches-satellite-industrys-smallest-commercial-one-way-asset-manager/

  8. $GSAT up a penny! Wahoo!!!

  9. $GSAT ok WiFi is the key here $BRCM up really nice due to WiFi next is $GSAT

  10. Out of my 3 main stocks $ENZN $BPTH $GSAT--- I still consider $GSAT my safest play! Although I m deep in the red on it at the moment....

  11. $GSAT broke 2.32 hada sell

  12. $GSAT I do believe this is really close or this is the bottom so its a safe place to buy right now.

  13. $GSAT if this hits 3.30 today, I ll kiss your sassafras

  14. $GSAT s1 bought alot AH

  15. $GSAT and 2.30** lol

  16. $GSAT woops ment 2.50s

  17. $GSAT add now before it goes above 3.30 area tomm. Hello 3.50s

  18. $GSAT lowest this will go is 2.32 if that. We down cause of market. Back up to 2.40s tomm or thursday and 2.60s by friday

  19. $GSAT i have shares of this.. buy more or stay ??...

  20. $GSAT CEO is just fine! Twas the short attack that knocked us down! Jame turned this around new sat new products and services!

  21. $GSAT stupid red market

  22. $GSAT when is $GOOG Gonna buy GSAT? First thing, fire CEO!!!

  23. $GSAT might get over $3 if CEO would resign.

  24. $GSAT 2.70 by eow

  25. Technology Stocks Buzz: http://www.stocksnewswire.com/technology-stocks-buzz-ericsson-nasdaqeric-fairchild-semiconductor-intl-nasdaqfcs-groupon-nasdaqgrpn-globalstar-nysemktgsat/53431/ $ERIC $FCS $GRPN $GSAT