1. $GSAT Monroe We look forward to the FCC adopting its proposed rules in the near future and thereby making TLPS a reality.

  2. The frauds at @KerrisdaleCap further proved their lack of knowledge and ethics today. These clowns need to be in jail. $GSAT trending up.

  3. @BVTechnology: $GSAT Globalstar Reiterates Value of Spectrum Assets.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/GSAT/communique/793758

  4. $GSAT Kerrisdale seems desperate now

  5. $GSAT Globalstar Reiterates Value of Spectrum Assets.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/GSAT/communique/793758

  6. $GSAT Globalstar Reiterates Value of Spectrum Assets.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/GSAT/communique/793757

  7. Kerrisdale Short Thesis On Globalstar: The Opposing View http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/10/globalstar-make-bets-kerrisdale/ $GSAT

  8. $GSAT say what u want Sahm I still like this stock it is going to take off and up short u r pants aain

  9. $GSAT Market s not buying Kerrisdale s assertions.

  10. $GSAT Nice bounce from LOD up 5% from it already, likely to end day green and cont trend tomorrow

  11. @wrench you have 0 investing knowledge...you never use facts backed by numbers...In fact you are the best $GSAT contrary an indicator

  12. $GSAT Bot on the dip :)

  13. Stocks tagged #MarketExpansion - $UA $AAPL $DIS $GOGO $GSAT $HLF $RAD $TSLA $UTX https://closingbell.co/search?reason=MarketExpansion

  14. $GSAT money flow turning negative and selling volume picking up...needs a major upswing eod or it will retrace back to 2.00 or below...

  15. $GSAT come on @wrench spam us with rocket blast off and 5 on reg. ser. In 6 months...The usual...or just cut n paste the same post 6 times

  16. $GSAT money flow is positive...if volume picks upgonna break one way or another this afternoon...

  17. $GSAT Countries through out the world use and depend upon $GSAT s services for a reason QUALITY!!!!

  18. $GSAT continues to take business from $IRDM due to high quality services with newer technology LONG

  19. $GSAT Warren Buffet investment strategy is always LONG so I guess he is a bag holder!!! I like the probability of success for $GSAT LONG!!

  20. I can t do this with my daughter and son home from fall break. Setting stops for $GSAT $DRL $INTC Have fun trading today everyone.

  21. $GSAT obnoxiouslongbagholdertwits

  22. $GSAT profit taking looking good it needs to stay above 2.40 today to get to 3.

  23. $GSAT DayTraderTwits

  24. $GSAT major battle to go past 2.34...If it fails today on volume get out and reenter on dip...If it breaks above buy...

  25. $GSAT Looks like it wants to go to 2.70