1. $GSAT OK, realized that Twits is a home for short-term traders, scalpers, trolls and FUDboys working the latest trade. Not needed, good bye!

  2. $GSAT Closed under the 20day for the first time since upside channel break on 8/14. RSI cross today... MACD getting close to sell signal..

  3. $GSAT I feel that someone sold at market ah 3.86 yikes...

  4. $GSAT $3.96 ah

  5. $GSAT 3.86 ah...

  6. Globalstar Announces Promotion Of Rebecca Clary http://y.ahoo.it/SvvRXZQx $GSAT

  7. $GSAT Globalstar Announces Promotion of Rebecca Clary to Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.. http://y.ahoo.it/LtbRQiLk

  8. @wrench actually two false statements about $GSAT since you also claimed it is the most shorted stock, which is also blatantly false!!!

  9. $GSAT for all u saying dates for FCC. Ur all wrong. Sept 9th they announce the iternirary for next meeting. No one knows till then.

  10. $GSAT come on GSAT you can close at lod!!!

  11. @wrench you make a completely false statement regarding $GSAT then make a personal attack not stock related...reported...gsat red...

  12. $GSAT I shouldn t bother but someone is need of good bio-med stock here!

  13. $GSAT @thespartacusegroup Glad you re not in charge of my money if you accept a message board post from a stranger as fact, long or not.

  14. @jhm212 reporting this post too...since trusted long @wrench was one who declared 2/15...but keep the libel coming...meanwhile $GSAT red

  15. @jhm212 um your own fellow long @wrench was the one who announced it...longs are always right? Right? Report him. $GSAT still red...

  16. $GSAT THEO???????

  17. $GSAT nope my mistake ruling maybe tomorrow???? I hate when people go on vaca and turn off their phones geez it s a satellite phone too!!!

  18. $GSAT no fcc ruling until feb. 2015, 6 months away...no earnings...massive dilution...no catalyst to buy stock...Low 3 s until next feb...

  19. $GSAT Look at the 12 month chart, not a short, this is a long term investment, and also speculative dependent on fcc

  20. @wrench Short interest is 6%.. $gsat is nowhere near the most shorted stock...

  21. $GSAT if fcc ruling is delayed until next year, this is dead money...will drift lower and lower as year grinds on...Cramer pump was by eoy

  22. $GSAT the word is 2-15 now the time fcc rules on TLPS anybody know different? I m LONG anyway for ADSB too! highest technology as sats go!

  23. $GSAT will be a great trade buy at 3.67...needs volume to get there...intra day dips to 3.90 are nice short opp too...grade trade stock

  24. $GSAT The most shorted stock on the market is $GAST http://y.ahoo.it/WrfT5gBz

  25. $GSAT i think its widly est that there are not any buyers above 4 s. Under 4 is a buy. Above a sell