1. $GSAT Is this coversion good or bad?

  2. $GSAT Notice of Automatic Conversion of Globalstar 8.0% Convertible Senior Unsecur.. http://y.ahoo.it/MmC6P5e9

  3. $GSAT Accum/Dist is strong on this one. http://y.ahoo.it/8jGKnWxt

  4. $GSAT took me @ 2.53 for 8692 shares & i dnt like buying in the green but ths bettr be good!

  5. @allpeninsulafire Wht $ u say $GSAT goes to?

  6. $GSAT oh yea :)

  7. $GSAT Building up for Monday?

  8. $GSAT Wow, nice dip this morning. Good time to buy some blue light special shares. All this for the listing Monday. Kick off a surge of buys

  9. $GSAT Took gains at 2.50 this afternoon. Looking to buy back a bit lower here.

  10. $GSAT in again at 2.44! Still riding the bull

  11. $GSAT I started a position today. Back like I forgot something. I love the accum/dist line on this one. Very strong

  12. $GSAT wow. Rough market moves today

  13. $GSAT It ll bounce, but I m crossing my fingers it ll break the 2.84. Other wise lookout for a double top.

  14. $GSAT it ll bounce off the 50day. Watch

  15. $GSAT institutions are holding

  16. $GSAT scared sell off or insider info?

  17. $GSAT holy clearance sale Batman!

  18. @InvestINStarsĀ I like it. Looking to pick up more $NVAX or $GERN while the pharmas are down. Might buy more $GSAT

  19. $GSAT get ready, get set, GO! got a new one ready to blast off $BCCI check it out gonna be the next starbucks!

  20. $GSAT only one of the only stocks I own in the green today. It never disappoints

  21. $GSAT Cool, going to to the NYSE. All those 500k buys months ago were there for a reason.

  22. $GSAT just spiked!!!!

  23. $GSAT Holding strong, considering the market is down

  24. Got $gsat at 1.80 but still loving this!

  25. $GSAT pissed that I have to wait for funds to transfer. Want more more more!