1. @JJDDGG $KORS $DAL $ESV $HP $GSAT $BMY $MO $MNKD $RAD $V $GE and for some gold exposure the ETF $RING

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  3. Stock Watchlist 23 September: $BBLU $FLL $SOPW $GSAT $OIBR #stocks #charts #trading http://y.ahoo.it/EDAGWYP0

  4. $GSAT Seeing its usual monthly pullback. I still think it s going to pop closer to the Holidays. Still holding long.

  5. $GSAT Opened the week below that 4 line it took out on Fri. Daily failed on Ichi cloud. Neither bodes well short term..

  6. $GSAT 3.80 ah this junk us on its way to 3.60 s yet again...One of these times it will blow right through to 3.00...


  8. @greenbull7 Looks like everything is a buying opportunity.. $RING $DIS $GILD $DAL $MO $APPL $FB $RAD $GSAT $MNKD $ESV $HP $BMY KORS

  9. @bobsmith19801980 $GSAT today???

  10. $GSAT short squeeze lol...

  11. $GSAT looks like more weak sauce today...downside volume is picking up ...Friday was the last time this stock will see 4.00 in a long while

  12. $GSAT closed short at 3.90...no position currently...waiting on volume...

  13. $GSAT Ranked in Top 5 Short Squeezes Per SS.N http://y.ahoo.it/m9AWyQKn

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  15. $GSAT getting some interest, possible continuation set up. http://y.ahoo.it/WCd6ldfX

  16. $GSAT -trying to sell all my shares @4, but got 4.03 instead :)... see you again when you hit 3.80

  17. $GSAT Looking at a close above 4.00

  18. $GSAT EOD strength....

  19. I decided to hold $GSAT Jan 2015 calls at least for now. I think by Jan this one should be in the 4 s and closer to 5.

  20. $GSAT 3.80 close??? Gsat you can do it!!!

  21. $GSAT more delightfull weak sauce 3.60 s here we come yet again...#atmgsat

  22. $GSAT Zip notta on AH Volume could be a day or two late

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  24. @PPM7525 $GSAT oh and the personal attack was reported...Funny thing is I have never insulted a person on stocktwits...stay classy

  25. $GSAT out at 3.92 nice profit...shorted this garbage again...