1. $GSG and $DBC ... Im moving more towards neutral now and this MASSIVE short should have stops tightened up to lock a lot of those profits in

  2. commodies are broken big time, i.e. $gsg $slv $oih hitting new lows, $gld weak

  3. The way $DBC and $GSG are sinking, youd think we have no more use of Commodities at this point & we re going Star Trek Replicator society

  4. $DBC and $GSG are just ... unreal to watch ...

  5. A Commodity Index vs. A Long/Short Ag Strategy. http://managed-futures-blog.attaincapital.com/2014/10/13/commodities-volatility-in-one-table/ $DBC $GSG $DJP

  6. Commodity ETF Traders Have to Be Picky $JO $DDP $GSG $UUP $NIB $DBC $BNO $SOYB $USO $CORN https://www.vetr.com/posts/OEGCqNaRzbyhzY

  7. Societe Generale: Low interest rates might be around for a little bit, which is supportive for commodities, not just oil - $USO $DBC $GSG

  8. Almost every single commodity I m looking at is on the floor with the exception of PMs and Wheat $DBC $GSG

  9. Still nothing positive about commodities $GSG $DBC ... but watching that Long Term Support

  10. Asset Class Scoreboard YTD – Look Who’s Climbing https://www.hvst.com/posts/16075-asset-class-scoreboard-ytd-look-who-s-climbing $SPY $DIA $ACWX $QAI $GSG $DNC $BND $IYR

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  13. $DBC or $GSG ... Man ya gotta think that at some point commodities will mean revert but still gotta go with the trend and like the downside

  14. Commodities overall ... just consolidating after this long downtrend. Mean-reversion? Dont know, but this is the wait and see stage $GSG

  15. Said it some time ago, but I ll repeat: In this venue, I ll be discussing $GSG $DBC $GLD and $GBPAUD . Sometimes some others

  16. $GSG will soar next week , more to http://y.ahoo.it/P2bAx1Ns

  17. Commodity ETFs at Multi-Year Lows on Supply Glut $GSG $DJP $DBC http://y.ahoo.it/5cLrK1Za

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  20. $GSG - http://y.ahoo.it/wRlXcHEy - Tidal Wave Volume - Currently at 7 x average daily volume.

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  25. Note re prior post: Tho $GCC is equal wt, $GSG is approx. 70% oil/energy.