1. $gsit added small as well

  2. $gsit but don t really care, as mentioned, gonna close after its being taken over at way higher price or going private.

  3. $gsit and check the 15X average volume recent day... this baby will fly soon. price target, 1st target I mean, 6-7 bux

  4. $gsit HUGE LONG... ridiculous price here LOL. Check commetns about this. Huge smart money invovled. awesoeme long trade

  5. $clsn still not ready to add into this one... need conifrmaiton in price first. $gsit added today small and will try to add more 2mw

  6. $gsit volume already 15X average so far... things getting back to real ;-). see u at 6-7 bux ;-)

  7. $gsit which for a 20K average shares traded daily is the most easy thing there is LOL

  8. $gsit almost no short float at all intraday.... of course we all now why... no shorts this... but its nicely hold down for accumulation

  9. $gsit % Owned by Insiders 30.50% % Owned by Institutions 38.00%. almost no short float at all... <0.5%...

  10. $gsit expected earnings growth: > 50%.

  11. $gsit funny... but its vola has proabbly already stopped aout a lot even experienced traders. funny acting.. love this ;-)

  12. $gsit those games are no joke, thats wallstreet daily business. Either u undrstand it, or u just shoudl let it go.

  13. $gsit managment is almost reacting in aa way that they can accumulate more shares...

  14. $gsit in this stock know how to make u suffer and how to drop ur shares so that they can accumulate more...

  15. $gsit but bc of its very low volume u should treat it like that. just my 002 if u play. as well undrstand that the smart money

  16. $gsit I did research all day on this stock... believe me, the way it is priced here is aboslutely ridiculous...

  17. $gsit and still, just have scenarios... add on weakness. go lower size, very wide stop.

  18. $gsit and nope, u can t trade this stock with a low bux stop or with a vola stop... low volume... very low... it can drop till3 bux her

  19. $gsit anyway, lets discuss this one in some months or years. have fun ;-)

  20. $gsit those guys just take this knid a trades when its just a very very nice oppourtiniy with low risk

  21. $gsit are no idiots... the risk they take bc its very illiquid is bigger and not represented by shares size only...

  22. $gsit they are all very smart people and they are long big multiples on the per day average traded volume in this stock... those guys

  23. $gsit check as well biggest holder, millenium... top fund... long 812k shares...

  24. $gsit another hedge fund legend, is long 650K shares in this... again, I repeat, its traded 21k shares on an average day..

  25. $gsit sorry, george soros actualyl is long 566K shares... jim simons, hege fund legend, is long 443k shares... Chuck Royce, another