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  3. $GSOL Spring China Sourcing Fairs to open with more than 6,800 booths.. http://y.ahoo.it/7nKuoSnY

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  13. $GSOL returning cash is positive when in excess but not to the dollar. Good ploy by insiders to pop the price

  14. $GSOL 8.14 +1.38 they could have as easily declared a $50M dividend which would have been $1.40/share. Would stock be up 1.40 don t think so

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  16. Global Sources Ltd. just filed its Written communication relating to an issuer or third party http://y.ahoo.it/kNDa5OD1 $GSOL

  17. $GSOL 8.06 +1.30 +20% so if you were an owner previous to tender a lot better selling here than getting $10 for only 14% of your shares.

  18. $GSOL 8.07 +1.31 say u buy 1K shares here.On 140 u make $270 on tender. 860 Shares stripped of cash and poor outlook back to 6.70 lose $1118

  19. $GSOL 8.08 +1.32 another case of China co paying the insiders. $10 tender for 14% of co but insiders will tender and own 46%.Math not good

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  23. $GSOL Earnings out BMO EPS estimate 0.16

  24. Global Sources Smashes Earnings, Revenue; Shares Jump 15.4% $GSOL

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