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  2. @Shanetrend $GSP or GDP. I am holding $GDP $GASL $XOM $CVX $TSO for long

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  8. $GSP volume spike

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  11. Today’s Watchlist for LONG Stock: $GSP; $USU; $GWPH; $SM; $NCT #stocks #trading

  12. $SPY $GSP - I am not impressed by your performance.

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  16. $GSP volume to downside

  17. $GSP http://y.ahoo.it/O88Z3tY8 Another updated view of the S&P 500, my views are on the chart

  18. $GSP http://y.ahoo.it/sPa7gbB2 The 1st real correction we have had in some time, I see this as a buying opp if it continues down

  19. @venim56 Then on 01/25/2011 we rolled 20 $GPS Feb 23 calls out to the $GSP March 23 calls for $0.09 additional...great roll on @trademonster