1. $GSS long term bullish but short term

  2. $GSS $HMY $IAG Psychological resistance at $1200 for gold

  3. $GSS - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=GSS - Ouch .. that is going to Leave a mark - Down 15% for the day.

  4. Watchlist for February 9 $ABX $AUMN $AG $AUY $AXU $BGEIX $GFI $GPL $GSS $HMY $IAG $JNUG $MUX $NEM $NUGT $VGZ. Always watch Gold price before

  5. $GSS back to $0.25 by EOD

  6. $GSS Up 6.25% After hours. Very Bullish

  7. #gold %Gnr+Vol $TGD .18+11%Q4, $GSS .27+17% GSV.78+6%YH, v.NXE.88+5%NH #uranium $AUPH #pharm 2.57+17% $GRAM 3.53+10% http://www.investorsguru.com/HotSheet.html

  8. $GSS down tomorrow


  10. interesting stocks on watch! $ANGI $DRD $GSS $AMCO #stocks

  11. $GSS Penny stock is the best pick in Gold and Silver

  12. $GSS I ve bought and sold this more than any other stock. Great swings. Unfortunately, I missed this last one. Congrats to those in from .15

  13. Buy Alert: $GSS

  14. $AUY $AXU $GSS WOW! The lost of confidence in markets push Gold higher and higher.

  15. $GSS UP 40% since last week. Long way to go.

  16. Watchlist for February 8 $AG $AUY $AXU $GFI $GPL $GSS $HMY $IAG $JNUG $NUGT $VGZ

  17. $GSS As I said yesterday, the risk is low

  18. $NUGT $HMY $GSS $AG $GPL My watchlists are on adrenaline this week. Have a nice weekend!

  19. Watchlist for February 5 $AG $AUY $AXU $GFI $GPL $GSS $HMY $IAG $NUGT $VGZ. Always take a look at price of Gold before investing.

  20. $GSS roller-coaster will continue, down more tomorrow

  21. $GSS Low risk. 22 times higher in 2011

  22. Golden Star: News Release Dated February 4, 2016 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2393666 $GSS

  23. $GSS: New SEC Filing for GSS: Form 6-K, No. 0001279569-16-002616 http://stocknewsflow.com/903571_000127956916002616_0001279569-16-002616

  24. Watchlist for February 4 $AG $AUY $AXU $GFI $GPL $GSS $HMY $IAG $JNUG $NUGT Gold silver is hot. Bankers can crush the price of Gold anytime

  25. $GSS sideways to down tomorrow