1. $GURE there are no further news coming..this company has been shady in the past. Hopes of getting more news? There must be a Santa

  2. $GURE why are there so many people stuck in this company? It was purely pumped last month..reason it s holding is because of hopes & dreams

  3. $GURE so if my analysis is right, you d wait for it to close above those smas and then watch it pop right?

  4. $GURE 20sma (1.69) just cross 200sma(1.67) for the first time in 2 years and it s at a strong support level (1.64), oil is low...

  5. Watching $GURE $CLRX and phase II news to be released on $ACST.. Nothing released yet but was to be released by eom. We shall see..

  6. $GURE run!

  7. $GURE big bids at 1.59 have moved into the mid1.60s I expect us to move on the over 800k short interest coming by com monday

  8. $GURE was up after hours , maybe we ll see 2.00 today

  9. $GURE Humn http://stocktwits.com/message/33101788

  10. $GURE Tough to tell with CNY.. nothing likely until after that from China.. I will be buying anything under 1.50 to help my avg.

  11. $GURE ready for some good news...


  13. $GURE Completely pulled out after a disappointing week. Putting the residuals into $OPK.

  14. $GURE anyone know what s up?

  15. $GURE Might set up for a nice bullish pennant tonight. Going to the watch list for tomorrow.

  16. $GURE I ve bought 3000 more shares on top of my existing 4000 shares. Short-sellers, get out while you can, so long buyers can profit.

  17. $GURE just skyrocketing. What?

  18. $GURE strong Q4 results coming soon. SCRC takeover major benefit to business model.

  19. $GURE I need more info on this one before I decide

  20. $CGA VIE elimination by $PME cld cause a profitable chain reaction among undervalued Chinese companies like $CLNT $CGA $ONP $GURE $CXDC $ZX

  21. $GURE u disapoint

  22. $HERO & $GURE http://investorplace.com/2015/02/5-stocks-with-superb-cash-flow-yong-za-gure-yzc-cga-yong-za-gure/#.VNkhafnF-8D

  23. @Gixar ye, have heard that natural gas is the new gold.. Any good natural gas companies? Didn t $GURE find a gas source by accident?

  24. $CGA - 5 Stocks With Superb Cash Flow $CGA$ $YONG $ZA $GURE $YZC http://investorplace.com/2015/02/5-stocks-with-superb-cash-flow-yong-za-gure-yzc-cga-yong-za-gure/#.VNjwDObF_0S

  25. $GURE http://seekingalpha.com/article/2898296-gulf-resources-secures-profitable-growth-as-it-purchases-one-of-its-customers