1. iStockPicker correct predictions for Mon: SRPT 10.71%. Correct YTD $HA added to watchlist http://www.istockpicker.com/dailytradeperformance.aspx?date=5/2/2016

  2. $HA dead cat bounce. I would not make anything out of this. Waiting for another short entry


  4. $HA Bottom is in

  5. $HA out of long position

  6. $HA usd down, yen at 20 month high, oil down, major indices are up. Best time for a dead cat bounce

  7. $VRX $GPRO $RLYP $OVAS $JCP $NFLX $GBSN $LABU $CMG $HA $DUST $AAPL I say it s time to re-evaluate VRX on the future business model.

  8. $AAL $DAL $UAL $LUV $ALK $SAVE $JBLU $HA Compared with the peers in the sector, Hawaiian HA doesn t worth more than $35, even positively.

  9. Some stocks we continue to avoid $VRX $GPRO $RLYP $OVAS $JCP $NFLX $GBSN $LABU $CMG $HA $DUST $AAPL Some we DO like http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  10. $HA the sentiment has changed from all bulls to bears. It is time to go long soon with 8% short interest.

  11. $HA entry point : $40

  12. Market After Hours 📈📉 $ERJ +1.7 $HA +1.4 $APOL +1.3 $GFI +1.1 $WETF +1.0 $ENIC -5.2 $SBGL -3.5 $CDE -2.3 $AKS -2.1 $P -1.3

  13. Cramer certainly liked airline stocks at peak 2 weeks ago and now he is bearish at low? $UAL $aal $dal $ha $alk $luv $jblu $save

  14. $HA Rolling back like I mentioned!!

  15. $HA came back down almost at the b/o point $40.35 . follow to see if it bounces from there

  16. $HA support,and a potential bounce comes in circa 39.70...ah s at 41.50, so I am looking for a sharp down early Mon to or towards that $

  17. $HA this should get a dead cat bounce.

  18. $HA Why is this imploding on itself?

  19. $HA finally a much needed flush

  20. $HA always mind ur risk, consider both sides of the trade

  21. $HA continuing its flush perhaps 35ish in the cards

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  23. $HA covered ha at 42 and went long for a quick trade

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  25. $HA When Cramer advised people to buy airlines stocks on mid March, it was exactly the time to sell the sector!