1. @Californication: $HAL Oil will be back up once we are done screwing Russia.

  2. $HAL Oil will be back up once we are done screwing Russia.

  3. $HAL Everybody s crazy. Nobody needs oil and gas anymore. Tesla Windmills for the win.

  4. @Think4self Oil/Gas folks! Smfh..hope you all know the meaning of insane?$USO,$XCO,$MPO,$MHR,$UGAZ,$UNG,$XCO,$HAL,$XOM,$SSL,$BP,$HERO,$EXXI

  5. $UWTI $GASL $UGAZ $UCO $RIG $HAL. Followers made profits today! Get ready though I think we will see an oil bounce $oon! Let s make $$$

  6. $HAL People need to realize when the world is taken over by zombies, oil is precious. Bears need to realize this. Long oil, long HAL.

  7. $HAL what s with the after hours action to the downside?

  8. Some technical names on our list we are in or close to pulling trigger... $cmg $advs $jblu $lux $HAL

  9. $HAL keystone approved but obama rejects anyways.

  10. Check out my website for all the most up to date info on the industry! http://ryanoilusa.com $XOM $CVX $XLE $XOP $OIL $USO $HAL $BP $RDS.A

  11. $HAL The hammer about to swing to shoot us above 50 day MA - shaking out the weak hands here this is awesome$!$!$

  12. $ERX is only up 30 cent on a market rally? really? $SPY &DIA $CURE $HAL $XLE and $RAD is down? Men.. Pigs will get slaughtered.

  13. $HAL goes green, congrats to those who had the balls to buy the lows today :)

  14. $HAL Infinity move nat gas us nat gas export act.nat gas can ignite up a dollar in aday LNG news big. LNG 20to 40. Nat gas above7

  15. $HAL

  16. @SmarterAnalyst: $HAL Halliburton: Strong Earnings Despite Oil Weakness http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/28/halliburton-strong-earnings-despite-oil-weakness/

  17. $HAL - In battle today while oil < $44. If it closes a little higher maybe we can have some short-term hope with the hammer.

  18. $HAL Here’s a Reason Halliburton (HAL) Stock Is Down Today http://www.thestreet.com/story/13028316/1/heres-a-reason-halliburton-hal-stock-is-down-today.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  19. $HAL $HAL $HAL. Strong companies like this one will be back at $60.00 this year. When Obama is done driving oil down holders will reap!

  20. $HAL Natural gas LNG fuel of world bat gas can go to7. Premium to oil. Infinity monster squeeze reversal up nat gas historic.

  21. $HAL 30 is coming. It will be there in three months. I m a buyer around that level.

  22. $HAL Historic infinity monster squeeze up in nat gas in day

  23. $HAL The dividend is keeping me from selling, sorry shorts, but it is time to add to my position again. Thanks

  24. Just bought a little more in my 401k. Can it go lower? Yeah, sure. Will it be much higher 1-2 years out? I m betting it will. $HAL

  25. $HAL Nat gas futures can skyrocket up a dollar a day historic move up. LNG fame changer . LNG 20 to 40. New era energy Hal up big.