1. $HAL unstable at this level holding short

  2. $HAL is unstable at these levels. Holding.

  3. Wonder if they are attacking $HAL like this in an attempt to shake out $BHI punters?

  4. $HAL Is it just me, or when I see these open dumps, it just looks like someone is trying to get this to crash? How is this even legal?

  5. $HAL I m selling jan2017c @27.50 strike for$22 ,only 2 left

  6. $HAL Crammer and CNBC are pushing down oil really hard. Makes me wonder if old scam master is the one picking up all those cheap calls?

  7. $HAL $NE $SDRL Long large for 30.38 initially on $RIG with juicy divi intact and new activists joining Icahn and Cooperman on gross oversell

  8. $HAL $47 is my next add point...

  9. $HAL its has a target of 45.33 200ma on weekly chart

  10. $HAL look at the chart it will tell ueverything

  11. $HAL its just thinking , u do what ever u feel ,

  12. $HAL has too much liability to acuire bhi and still oil is down

  13. $HAL do u think they gonna keep oil prices low before holiday and then raise it after ,unbelivable

  14. $HAL could also be a hedge vs short stock. Just someting to keep in mind

  15. $HAL i m short ,

  16. $HAL check my twits on this stock from before,they will keep oil prices low to put pressure on russia and iran its systemic

  17. $HAL 1000 jan 2016 60/70 call spread net debit 1.35. They continue to accumluate on weakness. Good to see.

  18. $HAL almost everybody on this stock hoping and dreaming since deal ,its not gonna go back to where it was anytime soon,

  19. $HAL what the hal, i am going to buy more.

  20. $SLCA $HAL I hope people realise, assuming OPEC cuts anything north of 700k bd, these stocks are going to fly on Fri and into nex week.

  21. $HAL If oil goes to $60 I think Hal should still be around $45 imo

  22. $HAL wanted to wait until Friday to buy but its hard to be patient at this cut rate price. Bad OPEC news is now priced in.

  23. $HAL If you want into Energy/OIL this is where you start adding..No one knows how much lower but this is $$ if there is a future in OIL

  24. $HAL adding to my april 2015 60 calls. Cheap here. Easy double.

  25. $HAL What happened to $HAL??? Is it really at 48??? Extremely Cheap I could not believe it!!!