1. I wrote this on a napkin one day while eating a month ago. Put it in my research pile. $HALO $SGEN $GILD $MDVN $ARWR http://y.ahoo.it/ZILN6Q6F

  2. open positions end of month IV: $LOCO new one at today s close 32.31; $NVLX long at 0.29 shown a little of life; $HALO long at 9.91 patience

  3. $HALO IBB folks are crafty MF s, they pinned the price at 9.5 they constantly do this....

  4. $TSLA, $GPRO, $HALO .... happy long weekend to all shorts!!!

  5. $HALO Anyone know what is going on with the PDUFA? Hasn t it been 90 days already?

  6. The basket $SYN $HALO $ZIOP $XON Kirk wins again $$

  7. $HALO goddamn stock is the bane of my existence

  8. @GibbGA: $HALO coming up on a good spot to go long for a data play http://y.ahoo.it/EB6lLaCY

  9. $HALO coming up on a good spot to go long for a data play http://y.ahoo.it/C7RKSovy

  10. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 5.3% in $HALO in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  11. $HALO loaded calls 9$ - 50 units for oct definitely will bounce.

  12. $ARWR $achn$gild $bind $xoma $halo $acrx $ $ino $opk $orex all long Just sold $itmn. Who s got another dark horse for me? Thx much

  13. $XOMA All eyes on eyeguard data, $HALO next week. Have a serious plan folks. Protect ur money!!! $ACRX, $POZN, $FLML, $SYN, $OXGN, $CYTR

  14. $HALO channel 9.23 to 19.14 areas, breakout watch above 10.44, http://y.ahoo.it/RP82oYrO http://y.ahoo.it/vLSgiJwe

  15. Charts: $ANR $ARWR $AXP $BAC $BBRY $BP $BXE $CBAK $CHK $CIEN $CLVS $CNP $CNQ $CRNT $GERN $DE $GPOR $HALO $HOV $KKD http://y.ahoo.it/V6PkEqtU

  16. $HALO PDUFA is to occur late 3Q 2014

  17. $HALO Shares short current month 18.0M Short Ratio 13.5 Short interest as % float 15.02%

  18. $HALO This will be up in the near future past 10 a lot of bullish people on the option side of trading, I ll keep this one on close watch

  19. $HALO tomorrow will open in $10 range, hope closing will be good today

  20. $ACHN Bios r cool again, even $ACRX is moving up. A blind man can pick a moving bio stock today. $GALE $ARIA $MNKD $HALO $CPRX

  21. Portfolio update: $TNA long at 68.46; next target 77, moving to new highs. $HALO long 9.91 this one has potential to going up further

  22. Top biotech catalysts in Sept. $ARWR $KERX $HALO $SNSS

  23. $HALO Why would u let $ACHN just come from $2 and blow by u like that? Ha?? Step it up management

  24. $HALO started taking profits on other stocks Friday and taking profits here today. back to 50% cash. will look to re-enter

  25. $HALO HYQ is a slam dunk, solid options call vol vs puts for sep. pdufa date already extended, so no more ext to worry, holdin thru decision