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  9. $HALO if the nasdaq tanks 2morrow this goes with it

  10. $HALO Gap up tomorrow as foretold! Beware!

  11. $HALO cost me 6k!

  12. @Lonari: $HALO As foretold Muahahaha. Sell your house shorts. /lmao

  13. $HALO As foretold Muahahaha. Sell your house shorts.

  14. $HALO Regardless of longterm shorts are going to squeeze this today. Too risky shorting overnight.

  15. $HALO Slight gap tomorrow to 10.30ish but that s about all I see here

  16. $HALO has been all over the place today!

  17. $HALO or buy $UVXY

  18. $HALO lol. Especially the mo mos

  19. $HALO nice gains... +5%

  20. $HALO probably a good idea to short everything in today s market lol

  21. $HALO short position taken here

  22. $HALO it will sell off 2morrow

  23. $HALO market is pointing down

  24. $HALO definitely taking profit here. This thing is going to drop. Too many sellers in this market.

  25. $HALO it really does not have a big market peeps