1. @TheREBroker Enhanze deal with Janssen, fast track in US and Orphan status for Pegph20 in US and Europe. $HALO http://www.halozyme.com/Products-And-Pipeline/Pipeline/default.aspx

  2. $HALO

  3. Market close top stocks bull trade ideas: $RHT $FLML $ISIS $PIR $HALO $CTAS $CNQ $MSG $UCO $KMX

  4. $HALO nice few days here after the PR, jeez, I should got this one instead of RXII, lol! HALO is one of my favs, too!

  5. bought back my 1/5 $HALO long 50 cents from where I sold it

  6. PharmaResearch/BioT s on tear today: $CTLT $PBYI $GLMD $ISRG $OREX $ASPX $NLNK $IMDZ $RPRX $HALO $JUNO waitin 4: $VTAE $XENT $MDT $CALA


  8. $GLMD $OREX $ASPX $NLNK $IMDZ $RPRX $HALO all up.. maybe bc of $JUNO .??!

  9. $HALO if you got in on tuesday, you are one smart cookie!

  10. $HALO Keeps getting denied at the 10 mark, if it breaks will go much higher

  11. Top stocks bull trade ideas: $RHT $ISIS $PIR $KMX $FLML $CTAS $PRGO $MSG $HALO $EVHC more http://smart-ticker.com

  12. $HALO still holding 9300 shares. refuse to start lightening up position until this clears 10 s definitively

  13. $HALO better than i could ve imagined.

  14. sold 1/5 of long position in $HALO clearing out my most expensive shares for a 24 cent gain

  15. $BBRY we should be doing what $HALO is doing today….soon my friends….soon

  16. @kld I would be surprised if they are anything but great. $halo shares are a great value currently and gaining steam.

  17. Some stocks from the SMB Radar: (In-Play) $IMGN $RHT $HAS (Strong Today) $HALO $PRGO (Weak Today) $FL $NKE

  18. $HALO It s a beast this week.Sold $ARWR and $TKMR to buy $SGEN. Bakers own all these. Staying away from gold and oil stocks for now.

  19. $halo hod

  20. $HALO nice move. unf I will sell y today because i was too long in red bcs of y.

  21. $halo +4% pre-market Gets European Orphan Drug Designation

  22. $HALO Receives European Orphan Drug Designation For PEGylated Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase PH20 For Pancreatic Cancer

  23. @TheREBroker add $ISIS and $HALO to your watchlist. 2015 will be good on both.

  24. $HALO I m feeling great about the prospects in 2015. Still a bargain at $9. Let s see $20+ on great pegph20 results

  25. $HALO Have my respect