1. @servicesdotmsc Got a similar feeling on my $ITMN Oct. 40 & 41 calls the last few weeks B-) (Though kind of bummed about my Aug $halo 10s)

  2. $HALO long at 9.91 waiting for news; $TWTR long at 44.36 slowly regain uptrend. $AMZN long at 313.95 looking for 350/360 target;

  3. Coming back. Open positions $TNA long from 68.46 looks strong and in uptrend mode. $HALO by now holding and waiting long at 0.29

  4. $HALO anyone knows if this is the first time for FDA approval? or they failed before?

  5. Insider Transaction: $HALO Sale at $9.96 per share of 35000 shares by Director Engler Robert on 2014-08-14.

  6. Halozyme Therapeutics director just picked up 40,000 shares http://y.ahoo.it/LIakBUOB $HALO

  7. $HALO 15 min pennant looks great $$

  8. $HALO Big Pharma has an eye on this one for pipeline growth $$

  9. $HALO been hovering around the $10.12 area for a few days, needs to break it.

  10. $HALO 9/2/2014 PDUFA date

  11. @kamihamster @Rtc1970 Never heard about $ELTP but long $HALO

  12. @Dtheone: @Dtheone: Stocks to watch, 8-18-14, $OSTK, $LIVE, $HIMX, $HALO, $DQ and of course $FB. GL!

  13. @Dtheone: Stocks to watch, 8-18-14, $OSTK, $LIVE, $HIMX, $HALO, $DQ and of course $FB. GL!

  14. hoping for big things in the upcoming weeks $HALO $ACAD $LPCN $ELTP $RXII

  15. $HALO Any guesses as to what PPS this hits once the FDA approves Hyqvia on 9/2/2014?

  16. Stocks to Watch for Aug 15, 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/aS0dyYW2 $BBRY $HALO $JCP $NURO $SODA $TWTR $WDC other stocks to watch $AAPL $FB $MNST $GOOG

  17. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 5.6% in $HALO in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  18. $HALO whats the hod today

  19. $HALO Revolution underway in how people are administered medicine, throw the IV s away for subq,

  20. $HALO sell after earnings..higher short volume.. nonblockbuster drug up for fda approval.. cards against us at the moment. Long term hold.

  21. $HALO is in costume today, disregard , they didn t get the memo $$

  22. $HALO 2 Big studies in Ph3 coming soon...

  23. $HALO entry at 9.91 holding this one by now; $TWTR entry at 44.36 same, holding by now

  24. $HALO gap will get filled but it ll take time. lotta resistance at the 200dma around 10.25

  25. @medo2852 I think I should be doing the exact opposite of whatever you re doing lol now I gotta double check myself on $HALO