1. @Think4self 10/22/2014 $SCMP,$RPRX,$ENTA,$HALO

  2. $HALO Why you gotta be so raaaaange bound

  3. $HALO that while approved and launched in several EU countries, management did not specifically highlight progress for MabThera-SC

  4. $HALO the sub-q formulation remains a key partof their biosimilar strategy, and overall share continuing to grow. We do note however

  5. $HALO Most notably, for HALO, the launch of the Herceptin-SC franchise continues to impress with management commentary again highlighting

  6. $HALO meaningful commercial partnerships with both Halozyme and ImmunoGen, Roche s 3Q update offers incremental data for both franchises

  7. $HALO What We Learned From the Roche Quarter-ubs. HALO continues strong momentum

  8. $HALO Someone buy this thing already!

  9. $HALO look up Herceptin Sales outside of the US x 5%, btw its in the billions$$

  10. $HALO 14:50 mins into the call, 7% growth yr. of yr. in, 29 mkts. 50% acceptance already in the 1st ones $$

  11. $HALO listen to what Roche said, buried in the middle of the call , 50% penetration already with Herceptin subq,http://www.roche.com/investors/agenda/q3-2014.htm $$

  12. Great $HALO news. Frustrating that this stock tanked on one bad PR but little movement with multiple good PR.

  13. $HALO Baxter launches HYQVIA in US. http://pdf.reuters.com/htmlnews/8knews.asp?i=43059c3bf0e37541&u=urn:newsml:reuters.com:20141020:nBw205213a

  14. $HALO Halozyme Receives FDA Approval For Additional Manufacturing Facilities For Hylenex® Recombinant.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/HALO/communique/793038

  15. $HALO Really surprised this is <$9-All they ve done is execute&deliver good news-If they can start getting some good rev s it won t be long.

  16. @Think4self Bio picks for 10/20/2014 $EXAS,$MNKD,$ARIA,$SGYP,$OREX,$HALO Everyone is anxious about market direction this week. GLTA

  17. @sunirg: $TTOO lot of potential. This is a unknown gem. $HALO $LPCN $IDRA $CYTR $BIND $PDSV $MHR $SD $LJPC $OMER $LPCN < Cut the BS TT pump

  18. $TTOO lot of potential. This is a unknown gem. $HALO $LPCN $IDRA $CYTR $BIND $PDSV $MHR $SD $LJPC $OMER $LPCN

  19. Marketocracy sold $HALO and now holds an allocation of 6.9% in their Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  20. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 7.3% in $HALO in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  21. $HALO and yet we r stuck at 9. We have to wait for Earnings from Halo.

  22. $BAX $HALO good quarter $$

  23. $HALO More targets for sub Q $$

  24. $HALO SUB Q is mentioned every other sentence $$

  25. $HALO Conf Call in progress, Way to Go !www.roche.com/investors/agenda/q3-2014.htm $$