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  10. $HALO whats going on?

  11. $HALO $ECTE halted news pending....

  12. $HALO 10=20 don t ask why $$

  13. @realtimetrade @fatcat_banker @caballoblanco $HALO my 9 dollar calls in play.. i like this name from here.. got approval

  14. $HALO Bouncing from lows

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  17. TMStocks for today $HALO $ETP

  18. $HALO $11 range is given .....

  19. $HALO shorts for sure will cover atleast 1.5 mill shares below 10.20$ and then will bounce to $11 range and then again might try to short..

  20. $HALO will be heading towards $11 range.....soon

  21. $HALO in just under ten.

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