1. $HALO exited my swing w/small gain - looks like it wants higher and I think this sector will run a little

  2. $HALO holding the 10ema http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/pocket-pivot-scan-for-monday-3/ watching this one too. Vertical pole more risky http://stocktwits.com/message/31751346

  3. our trades are very monument. $ACHN bought under 3, added more at 2nd gap and hold it to now,Tickers like $APME $HALO are better than $UGAZ

  4. $GPRO $TSLA $HALO Shorts’ balls are playing the #DeflateGate

  5. $HALO at it again.

  6. $HALO has been on watch for a 20ema bounce play, it s getting closer now, here s the chart with notes: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=HALO&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p56925879370&a=382363411

  7. $HALO @readytoinvest Ridiculous chart comparisons

  8. I m Live now at http://stockmatusow.com/stockchat/ free interactive chat, allow for pop ups Stock talk - $INVE $FOLD $HALO $SGYP and more #STOCK #chat

  9. $HALO similar chart arna and axds were absolutely destroyed.....

  10. $HALO nice dips today

  11. $HALO if this closes weak Barring any pr news event, I think it works its way towards 12 next week

  12. Current puts are $JRJC and $HALO

  13. $ZIOP $XON $syn $HALO Hey guys I m changing broker/platform, any recommendations? Thanks

  14. $HALO got me today.. almost hit my target before a full reversal. But now at resistance can resume fade. http://stocktwits.com/message/31644311

  15. $HALO Whew. was about to sell when it turns around.

  16. $HALO Nice recovery

  17. $HALO although people say not a short ... your talking about up nasdaq days .... imagine on a 2 percent down nasdaq day..

  18. $HALO Nice downside move

  19. $HALO punishing short chasers

  20. @readytoinvest if you think $HALO has been pumped by others/Cramer, then you don t understand the company. Attention came after good news.

  21. $HALO $ADXS $HALO any other over extended pump and dumps to watch out for ... if pumped by cramer .. even better

  22. $HALO the options for this seem very cheap ...

  23. $HALO look out below

  24. Research for 22.01.2015 : $CNET $HALO $AGEN $OIBR $SWHC $FXCM

  25. $HALO Looking for a nice pop to buy some more puts ...