1. $HALO - I ll take it, but $23.10 would be more satisfying. Many more Enhanze targets, increasing revenue, funding PEGPH20

  2. Sticking with $HALO and $ZIOP for 2H. Both have been strong, but probably have more deals and catalysts. $ZIOP could double on a TCR deal

  3. $RCPT - Classic test of the faithful on a low volume day. $HALO, too. Price discovery at its slimiest.

  4. Weekend holds - $CI $RCPT $WWAV $WMB $RPTP $TTPH $HALO - holding these plus inverse ETFs - $BIS, $SPXU, ($UVXY too tricky for a weekend)

  5. $HALO recruitin moar bag_holders here

  6. $HALO Huge buying opportunity here.

  7. $HALO Damn lizards! Looks like the wild-eyed buyers are taking a 4 day weekend.

  8. $HALO breather? why the dumpage?

  9. $HALO beauty

  10. End Of Day Scan: Lizard Bearish $CB $ACE $BIOC $WYNN $BLMN $REXX $HALO $SBS $FREE $TLOG www.dailystockplays.com


  12. $HALO Killed off my trading shares @ $22.90. Nice long term hold position left. Possibly the best risk-reward in junior biotech.

  13. $HALO - Longs earning their caviar :-)

  14. $HALO ;) pay the hooligan

  15. $HALO - Shorts earning their bread.

  16. Active Stocks News Update: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/active-stocks-news-update-halozyme-therapeutics-nasdaqhalo-3m-nysemmm-discovery-communications-nasdaqdisca-nxstage-medical-nasdaqnxtm/1514117/ $HALO $MMM $NXTM $DISCA

  17. $RCPT $HALO - Hate shooting stars on fundamentally sexy stocks

  18. $HALO continues its move

  19. $TSLA $GPRO $HALO $FIT To all shorts: May god have mercy on your soul…. :)

  20. Premarket: $TLOG +41.0% $HMNF +18.2% $PSEM +5.0% $GLNG +2.7% $JBSS +2.5% // $ALDR -7.1% $RDUS -6.0% $ARNA -5.9% $SRPT -3.1% $HALO -2.8%

  21. $HALO - $23.85 on 200 shares, not just 1 share.

  22. $HALO - $22.99!

  23. in a sea of daily red from yesterday my system reported $ACHC $DXCM $HZNP $HALO $ALR $AHS as long ideas; cash is also helpful :)

  24. $HALO - Let s see how HALO acts without the market leaning on it so hard.

  25. $HALO 22.stop.going.vertical-up. at the open