1. Canadian financials ($BNS.CA, $BAM, $BAM.A.CA & $HCG.CA) on sale this week.

  2. $HCG.CA The Fool swings on this stock but here is the latest http://www.fool.ca/2015/05/08/is-home-capital-group-the-top-mid-cap-financial-stock-to-buy-today/

  3. $HCG.CA gonna be an interesting AGM next week MGMT has some explaining to do how achieve their Guidance for 2015 will be achieved

  4. $HCG.CA HomeCapital only has 5% of their loan portfolio in Alberta. CEO on BNN: http://www.bnn.ca/Video/player.aspx?vid=608825. Bought more shares at 43.02.

  5. $HCG.CA Exited half of my short. A tough lesson for bulls today. ie @equityhog @princeps This company is Canada s freddie mac / fannie mae

  6. $hcg.ca reports Q1 & continued strong earnings http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/news-sources/?date=+20150506&archive=cnw&slug=C4620

  7. $HCG.CA EPS 1.03, NIM 2.28%, Prov losses.07% lower (Cred Port strong with oil reg LTVR of 55.7%) HCG is a caut lender where are the losses?

  8. 7 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Canadian Real Estate Market | The Motley Fool Canada http://www.fool.ca/2015/04/28/7-mind-blowing-facts-about-the-canadian-real-estate-market/ $HCG.CA #economics #cdnecon

  9. Earnings announcement: $HCG.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Jul 29 2015

  10. $HCG.CA nice breakout from 48.50 level from my post this morning. Q is if it will stay above it or not. 7.6M shares are short as of 4/15.

  11. $HCG-CA with significant move upward recently have to think brokers calling shorts sellers telling to cover some of it if not all

  12. $HCG.CA trying to get to 48.50.

  13. @EquityHog If you care for TA $HCG.CA nothing looks bullish. Decreasing volume, bearish divergence RSI, under 200DMA

  14. Looking for a way to hedge your Canadian Housing exposure (ie home owner in Canada) Short $HCG.CA | % of CMHC insured mortgages dropping y/y

  15. $HCG-CA typ mtge underwrite Hcg 65%ltvr qualified deal with b20 b21 lend govt rules income I know I m a mtge broker always been like this

  16. $HCG.CA If you got in at $39 congrats! You are up 20 per cent! Be careful shorts always get burned here. Cdn regulations much tighter thn US

  17. @Archer16 You know what has a similar detachment from reality $HCG.CA | insured properties dropping #Cdnecon #economics #Housing #RealEstate

  18. $HCG-CA April 23 to May 5 this is poised big run shorts gonna be scared cover with this housing market 9.5% short position cover 25 days

  19. $HCG.CA Crossed 50 day average and approaching 200 day average of 47.61. Lower rates means more lending. Sales on fire in Toronto.

  20. $HCG.CA Expect Bear Raids like today up to ER all signs point to a short squeeze on May 7 rather cover at this then over $50

  21. Long $HCG.CA in Canada

  22. $HCG.CA Shorts are raiding this again

  23. Buying more Canadian finance $BNS.CA $HCG.CA

  24. $HCG.CA ER on May 6 after close.

  25. $HCG.CA Shorts! Feel the burrrrrn!