1. $HD the game is so rigged. I probably won t see a pull back tomorrow. 2k on 91 puts that expire next Friday. I need some cash!

  2. All Time New Highs Today: $AAPL $GILD $HD $UNP $CVS $CELG $LYB $LMT $LOW $GD $CP $ECL http://y.ahoo.it/WtgXfb14

  3. $HD P/E 23.07. Seasonal stock , driven by big ticket items. Should drop like a rock next week.

  4. @StockTwits: @AlphaNow: Net income surge vaults $HD off the charts http://y.ahoo.it/PuilkVnm http://y.ahoo.it/cMDo7bO0

  5. Thanks @Bishopofbattle @trainrain for contributing to my story on Lowe s earnings and comparison with $HD $LOW http://y.ahoo.it/eGIixY97

  6. $HD come on, close on hod for some flair

  7. $HD below EMA (13) in 5 mins chart.. bounced many times on EMA 13 support today.. how it close today will set the tone for tomorrow

  8. $HD Nonstop to $100.

  9. $hd impressive 2 day move

  10. Bullishness in $HD dropped 75.3% compared to past 48hr bullish average of 1.94 on a scale of 0-4

  11. $HD nice run.. need to cool down a bit.. expecting $89.5 range test tomorrow

  12. $LOW Retreats On Lowered Guidance http://y.ahoo.it/mWJ1bp0R $HD

  13. $HD i guess everyone is running to the ATM to grab the freee money while they can in HD. housing isnt improving as much as they think

  14. $HD it ain t algos, it s good old fashioned growth buyers - just like the stock market is supposed to be

  15. $HD doesnt stop... keeps going.. over brought

  16. $HD i personally expected a close around 90.10 today but unbelieve algos

  17. $HD hard to believe there is no profit taking what so ever at these levels... i bought some 91 puts that expire next fri for 1.00 lets see

  18. Home Depot’s Builds Something for These ETFs http://y.ahoo.it/zQavLMBg $HD $RTH $AMZN $WTM $PKB $XHB $ITB

  19. $HD breezed through the fed turbulance, time to resume the move

  20. Visualizing The Magnificent Rise Of Home Depot http://y.ahoo.it/BBXqT9F0 $HD

  21. $HD Where do we close?

  22. $HD out @90.65 from 87.50 entry. Thanks :)...

  23. $HD Never get what I wish?

  24. $HD Come on 100

  25. $HD geez! Can we get a drop now?