1. Morning Call: Gold Advances As US Economic Growth Slows; NatGas Near 2-Year Low $GLD $SLV $USO $UNG $UGAZ $HG_F http://www.hardassetsinvestor.com/market-monitor-archive/6628-morning-call-gold-advances-as-us-economic-growth-slows-natgas-near-2-year-low.html

  2. Copper &other metals fell on excess supply&after U.S. central bank authorities signal[Rtrs] http://af.reuters.com/article/idAFL4N0V83YZ20150129 $HG_F $FCX $DJIA $SPY LME

  3. $YM_F $ES_F $NQ_F $TF_F $ZB_F $GC_F $CL_F $HG_F All reports have been updated and now available for Globex trading.

  4. $HG_F $PA_F $PL_F $SI_F $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F Gold Pits Closed: H 1273.5 L 1251.0 Close 1256 Open: 1272.5 Note: Heavy paper buyers into close!

  5. $HG_F $PA_F $PL_F $SI_F $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F Silver Closed: H: 17.535 L: 16.74 Close: 16.765 Open: 17.53 Outside day to outside

  6. Mid-January rally fails as #copper falls to new 5-year low $JJC $HG_F http://stocktwits.com/message/31955408

  7. $HG_F $PA_F $PL_F $SI_F $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F Platinum Closed: H: 1243.2 L: 1212.8 Close: 1216.7 Open: 1242 Inside day down on session

  8. $HG_F $PA_F $PL_F $SI_F $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F Palladium Pit Closed: H: 801 L: 792.15 Close: 770.75 Open: 795.3 Down day to outside

  9. $HG_F $PA_F $PL_F $SI_F $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F Copper Pit Closed: H: 2.4695 L: 2.427 Close: 2.45 Open: 2.436

  10. Finviz red band of death day for the metals. Everything s lower $GC_F $SI_F $PL_F $PA_F $HG_F http://stocktwits.com/message/31945871

  11. markets now $NG_F , $CL_F , $ZB_F , $GC_F , $SI_F , $HG_F , $DX_F , $ES_F , $NQ_F commodities hit! oil/natgas new lows http://stocktwits.com/message/31943813

  12. Gold & Silver Drop As US Jobless Claims Hit 15-Year Low,Supporting Fed s Hawkish View $GLD $SLV $USO $UNG $UGAZ $HG_F http://www.hardassetsinvestor.com/market-monitor-archive/6623-morning-call-gold-a-silver-drop-as-us-jobless-claims-hit-15-year-low-supporting-feds-hawkish-view.html

  13. $HG_F $SI_F GC_F $ES_F Copper breaks back into yest range after double bottom holds and fires off reversal pattern.

  14. $HG_F $SI_F $GC_F $ES_F Chilean Copper Commission forecasts copper prices around USD 2.85/lb this year and USD 2.80/lb in 2016

  15. $HG_F #Copper: While below 2.554 high, eventual focus remains on 100 - 123.6 ext area lower between 2.337 - 2.286 #Elliottwave

  16. $HG_F #Copper is at 0.618 - 0.764 ext area of (w)-(x). Can see a small bounce before lower toward 2.39 - 2.364 to end cycle from 2.50 high

  17. @GIR_STOCKS: $YM_F $ES_F $NQ_F $TF_F $ZB_F $GC_F $CL_F $HG_F All reports have been updated. Now available for Globex Trading.

  18. $YM_F $ES_F $NQ_F $TF_F $ZB_F $GC_F $CL_F $HG_F All reports have been updated. Now available for Globex Trading.

  19. $HG_F $SI_F $PA_F $PL_F $CL_F $GC_F $ES_F Gold Pit Closed: H: 1292.6 L: 1282.7 Close: 1285.6 Open: 1292

  20. $HG_F $SI_F $GC_F $ES_F Silver Pit Closed: H: 17.39 L: 17.14 Close: 18.09 Open: 17.39 Next up, Gold Close 5 Min will post numbers

  21. $HG_F $SI_F $GC_F $ES_F Copper, Silver and Gold January 15 futures expire at bell

  22. $HG_F $SI_F $PA_F $PL_F $ES_F Platinum Closed: H: 1266.1 L: 1256.2 Close: 1258.1 Open: 1264.8

  23. $HG_F $SI_F $PA_F $PL_F $ES_F Palladium Pit Closed: H: 796.9 L: 785.8 Close: 796.8 Open: 787.6 Outside day off possible Russian Sanctions

  24. $HG_F $SI_F $PA_F $PL_F $ES_F Copper Pit Closed: H: 2.826 L: 2.801 Close: 2.4785 Open: 2.8155

  25. Breakeven stop opportunity for anyone that took the $HG_F #Copper short earlier. @valuecharts @TradesWithTom #DayTrading