1. $HIMX Barclays expects TAIEX to breach 10,000 points in next 12 months http://m.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/2015/03/01/429993/Barclays-expects.htm

  2. $HIMX Rumor: HTC Planning To Release VR Headset With A Possible March Release Date http://androidheadlines.com/2015/02/rumor-htc-planning-release-vr-headset-possible-march-release-date.html

  3. $HIMX Panasonic introduces its first Android 5.0-powered Eluga U2 smartphone http://customstoday.com.pk/panasonic-introduces-its-first-android-5-0-powered-eluga-u2-smartphone/

  4. $HIMX Hololens updates before $MSFT Build Conference April 29. Big announcements @ Build showing off working units. http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us/get-ready

  5. $HIMX MSFT planning big announcement next week at GDC and WMC watch MSFT channel 9 for update https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/This+Week+On+Channel+9/TWC9-Kinect-MWC-GDC-History-of-XBox-Live-Connect-Live-Hololens-and-more

  6. $HIMX SL says hi to all the boys.

  7. $HIMX Kiplinger Mar article StockDown? DoubleDown fits. AvgDown makes sense when nothing has changed except share price. Hope $6 to double.

  8. $HIMX http://www.wareable.com/mwc/mwc-2015-preview-the-wearable-tech-884 MWC 2015 preview. if the whispers are to be believed 2015 will see a wearable tech takeover

  9. $HIMX didn t see this http://www.marketwatch.com/story/holographic-display-market-by-technology-electro-holographic-touchable-laser-product-camera-digital-signage-medical-scanners-smart-tv-application-consumer-commercial-medical-industrial-geography---global-forecast-to-2013---2020-2015-02-25

  10. $HIMX it s longtech our customer? Israel’s RealView Imaging Raises $10 Million From Chinese Investors

  11. $HIMX http://www.gamespot.com/articles/google-and-toy-maker-mattel-reveal-virtual-reality/1100-6425310/

  12. $HIMX very interesting company. It s from Israel and philips involved http://www.realviewimaging.com

  13. $HIMX LG Watch Urbane smartwatch revealed ahead of MWC http://www.wareable.com/android-wear/lg-watch-urbane-news-release-date-specs-price

  14. $HIMX Hands-on with DAQRI’s New Industrial Augmented Reality Helmet http://www.roadtovr.com/hands-daqris-new-industrial-augmented-reality-helmet/

  15. $HIMX Analyzing last 83 weeks only a 10% chance of 3 straight red weeks. Meaning *should* be green next week.I ll catch ya monday-happy wknd

  16. $HIMX Meet the Top 50 Most Influential CEOs In China http://ceoworld.biz/ceo/2014/07/15/meet-the-top-50-most-influential-ceos-in-china-99209872

  17. $HIMX Wingtech Group showed up on this months investor presentation but look at this article. http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2008/11/03/387586/153663/en/Himax-Allied-With-Wingtech-China-s-Largest-Handset-Solution-Provider-for-LCOS-Mobile-Projectors.html?print=1

  18. $HIMX Here’s how you can watch Sunday’s HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 events live http://bgr.com/2015/02/26/htc-one-m9-vs-galaxy-s6-live-stream/

  19. $HIMX possible ER on Monday!!!!! Or for sure by middle of the week. Possibly trade over $8.00 next week

  20. $HIMX I wish I had as much patience towards my ex-girlfriends as I ve had for this stock. I know this is a long hold, so I don t sweat it

  21. $HIMX Skully - first Motorcycle Helment HUD lands $ 11M funding. Launch Q3 Himax inside http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/27/smart-motorcycle-helmet-maker-skully-lands-11-million-in-series-a-to-start-manufacturing-the-ar-1/

  22. $himx TIMBER!!! Look out below. Looks like 7.25 for the day maybe.

  23. $HIMX NOOOOOOO Don t go up!!! That means we are making money!!

  24. $HIMX thank you anyway for cheap shares this morning

  25. after all $HIMX is prepping for HoloLens production right now as confirmed by folks on ground and they already have capacity for $Goog Glass