1. $HK $EOG OPEC calling bottom http://m.fool.com/investing/general/2015/01/31/opec-sees-oil-prices-exploding-to-200-a-barrel

  2. Trader s Alert: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/traders-alert-alcoa-aa-sandridge-energy-sd-halcon-resources-hk-patterson-uti-energy-pten/151102/ $AA $SD $HK $PTEN

  3. $HK If you want an oil stock with good financials in the wake of Obama approving new offshore drilling, look at SDLP.

  4. $HK Rigs still falling. 465 rigs standing in the Rockies as of Nov. 30 Projection is 250 mid Feb. BHI report was currently 358 this week.

  5. $HK Excuse me, Oil up more than 8% now.

  6. $HK Oil up 7%, Headline news on Yahoo Finance, Why Oil won t rebound anytime soon Island reversal coming, big short covering maybe?

  7. $HK current valuation with debt = 4B. At 9 PPS valuation with debt = 7B. You get the math? So, when oil goes back to 80, hallelujah.

  8. $HK No volume. Shorts can have their way with it.

  9. $HK What do you guys think of SDLP? Look at their financials.

  10. $HK Oil over $46 tomorrow. Just a guess.

  11. $HK whoever got in this morning just made one hell of a day trade

  12. @joeG69 Hi I haven t tt u in a long time I still have that $HK that I paid about $6. What do u think (been trading $XOP $iye afraid of $HK

  13. $EXXI $HK maybe today was the bottom in oil?

  14. $HK what just happen?

  15. Share an idea sold my half lot of swing shares $HK for four cent gain... didn t like the morning action so locked in small profit

  16. $HK We believe the recent free fall in energy prices will prove to be relatively short term, so we view this as a good buying opportunity..

  17. $HK $CLR $RRC $RIG $MHR Blackstone ‘Scrambling’ to Invest in Energy, James Says- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-29/blackstone-scrambling-to-invest-in-energy-assets-james-says

  18. $EXXI $HK $SD $GDP it may be a better bet to buy $UWTI on a reversal. If shale goes away, the price of $UWTI will rise with the price of oil

  19. $FEYE $SPX $HK $CLR Here comes crude into positive territory and the market breaking triple digits

  20. $GDP $HK your wish to see this stock at $30 would become a nightmare for USA.Would allow Putin weponize more potently and get more ambitious

  21. @TonyMI Hard to put any sort of timeline on oil recovery. $HK is pretty much a call on oil a year out now.

  22. $CLR $WLL $HES $EOG $HK Bakken Light: $28.19/bbl Bakken Sour: $19.08/bbl. Differentials widening. http://www.paalp.com/_filelib/FileCabinet/Crude%20Oil%20Price%20Bulletins/Daily/2015/2015-018_January_28_2015.pdf

  23. $HK at a tipping point on the chart.... decisions need to be made https://www.tradingview.com/x/uzyHIHqW/

  24. $HK tip of the iceberg? http://oilpro.com/post/10100/leading-shale-driller-starts-mass-lay-offs-eliminating-thousands

  25. $HK $SD $RIG $CLR $EOG $RRC $MHR The Most Bullish Chart for 2015 Oil Prices - http://dailyreckoning.com/indicator-advisor-oil-tradings-god/