1. @CalvinGecko: $HLF And the bears go into early hibernation.

  2. $HLF

  3. $HLF 90% of the street knows this company is fraudulent.

  4. $HLF follow the 30 period line on the 2 day 5 minute. Been working for 2 days http://y.ahoo.it/cknu7mOk

  5. $HLF 52 handle soon. Bring it

  6. @chicagosean: I DEMAND A RECOUNT! BILL ACKMAN WAS RIGHT! (or at least price says so…) $HLF #SaveAckman http://y.ahoo.it/20OTNO9s

  7. @chicagosean Haha... I say Ackman will declare ultimate victory @ 0.00/share $HLF

  8. I DEMAND A RECOUNT! BILL ACKMAN WAS RIGHT! (or at least price says so…) $HLF #SaveAckman http://y.ahoo.it/v2Dm8z0k

  9. $HLF 80% of my portfolio is 55 jan 2016 puts, sleep like a baby every night . Thx ackman !

  10. Ackman Says ‘My Bad’ on $HLF Presentation http://y.ahoo.it/g0cJYxiV -- Actually, it was dead on.

  11. $HLF Don t get too excited bulls, they skinning this pig and will let it drop end of day. It s called a churn, Old Fishin trick.

  12. $HLF feel sad I covered to early ...will get back again...

  13. $HLF Somewhere down here in the low 50 s there is alot of stops, time will tell

  14. $HLF Sweet took that money and Ran!

  15. $HLF there has to be news pending??? There is no bid catching going on all day. This is quite EASY for shorts.

  16. $HLF continuing to collapse. Now inches from pre-Ackman intra-day low ($52.50) via @LivevolCommunity http://y.ahoo.it/KVCOo0vB

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  18. $HLF Bumping that 53.32 support. Will it break down here, if so, 52.xx is next then 49 I would think.

  19. @notelonmusk: $HLF just agreed w ackman

  20. $hlf just agreed w ackman

  21. $HLF re-testing July 21 lows. So much for the 25% up in one day! New lows coming quickly.

  22. @trippster: $HLF suspected vacuum cleaner pattern http://y.ahoo.it/K7h7kAcx MUST SEE! Awesome chart! Could save longs a fortune!

  23. @marcmayhem: $HLF will be in the green by end of day

  24. Herbalife to expand manufacturing footprint in China--pretty bold... || via @seekingalpha || http://y.ahoo.it/pfGXeFfG || $HLF

  25. $HLF 53.23 is the very tip of the bottom of 7/21 red candle. 52.35 is the last bastion of defense before 49.