1. Stock Scan: < NYSE starts trading 22Jul2014 http://y.ahoo.it/tcS5KBv6 $EWZ $KO $AXP $VALE $PRU $HP $HLF http://y.ahoo.it/NNRsfmYH

  2. $HLF down over 2% after-hours as Ackman Plans Exposé http://y.ahoo.it/NUD9kBDJ

  3. $HLF It s all about rob peter to pay paul and with 7.046 bil population there are lots of peter left to be robed

  4. $HLF how far can this go down

  5. $HLF how long has ackman been short and still underwater on the trade? just curious

  6. $HLF

  7. $HLF The Ackman Icahn death match is heating back up. Should be great theater in a few hours.

  8. $HLF Not a fan of HLF but when someone has a billion in short interest they will do anything to bring stock down. What s cred when $ talks?

  9. @HeadandShoulders: $HLF if you can sell this stock it is probably a great idea 2 do so immediately

  10. $HLF Ugly technical chart. Next major supports are witnessing at 51.38 and 49.35. http://y.ahoo.it/bcIMbMKx

  11. $HLF following through on the 7/16 http://y.ahoo.it/016JawQc breakdown. Look out below. http://y.ahoo.it/zkCSJ3pQ

  12. @ShortApple: $HLF Too many shorts...there will be a tremendous buying opp (for a scalp) tomorrow

  13. $HLF I m suprised that it wasn t down more. I know this is all speculation, but seriously, no one bets their reputation if they are wrong.

  14. $HLF Ackman: this will be most important presentation that I have made in my career, we wont disappoint http://y.ahoo.it/YoGIi8Pl

  15. $HLF his evidence from what limited discovery he could perform without a judge or outside counsel beyond what his legal dream cost him.

  16. $HLF .... some serious teasing towards the SEC doing what he feels was their job, so they ll step in say we ll investigate once they see

  17. $HLF To give hints of Enron today says the $50m was spent on some serious due diligence, and I see a flash crash tomorrow with....

  18. $HLF classic pile on short today, we ve been down this swoon path b4 much as Ackman is still a putz, the trade was clear

  19. $HLF We 60 or low 40s tmrw

  20. @VegasTrader13 What happend today that stock dropped so much $HLF

  21. $HLF Too many shorts...there will be a tremendous buying opp (for a scalp) tomorrow

  22. Long $GLUU $PLUG, Short $HLF

  23. $HLF Ackman has the nuts

  24. $HLF HLF analysis http://y.ahoo.it/5x4t4Gl5

  25. @Afortyyearold They ll stop trading in this tomorrow. $HLF