1. still shorting $hlf $gme $sfly for lose, $pcln $wfm $yelp $ibb short working well, stopped out of momo longs yesterday

  2. $HLF Technically speaking this chart is setting up perfectly for another down move. http://y.ahoo.it/sIMKElsS

  3. $HLF I dont like the co, dont like what they do, it is greasy, but they have to buy it out to stop the attack

  4. $HLF get ready for a buy out, if short into a buy out OMG

  5. @valuewalk $HLF so, what was NYPost fussing about? Honest letter. No hair-pulling or regrets about long $HLF

  6. $HLF - http://y.ahoo.it/9agG7SuZ - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 55.868. Time: 1 day 19 hours. Volume: 3,665,700.

  7. Not a pyramid scheme. That s smart network business. If you just load up on products and teach others to do the same, that is not good $HLF

  8. Would you want to run a McDonalds or own 15 franchises?Obvious..This is MLM $HLF model. Learn to run one then teach others to run their own.

  9. $HLF people at the top makin all the $.?????????????????

  10. $HLF clearTREND Research DOWNGRADES Herbalife Ltd on emerging downward primary trend, confidence rating of 67%

  11. Yeah, there s Herbalife ecstasy pills. $HLF

  12. $hlf The whole short story has been built on lies, misinformation & manipulation. Getting geared up for the next BIG squeeze. GL all...

  13. $HLF When there s no more new recruitment funds to financially engineer as earning will fail

  14. Bronte Capital Investors Letter Regarding Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) http://y.ahoo.it/xcJ9cmCB $HLF

  15. $HLF The only one making money in HLF is the people on top the more you are at the bottom you lose money smells like pyramid to me

  16. $HLF Thanks to Michelle Celarier for the link. This is dated, but EPIC and accurate http://y.ahoo.it/pOwGhHBo

  17. $HLF The investigation is excellent & just on time. The street pumped this one to the roof as always

  18. $HLF has been in biz 34 yrs... But just months after Ackman started losing $100 s of Millon on his short, does all this scrutiny begin, uh?

  19. $HLF Billions of $$$$ lost in 2008 banking crises & NO FBI investigation. HLF sell milkshakes, etc & let s have FBI investigate? Go figure

  20. $HLF CG confirms FBI probe, says no grand jury as of this morning So much for NYT dealbook saying no FBI investigation to speak of.

  21. FBN NEWS: DOJ probing $HLF to avoid missing another Madoff law enforcement sources say i ll explain w @LizClaman on @FoxBusiness 323pm

  22. $HLF its fading faster than i want to chase it...

  23. $HLF Herbalife Returns as Official Nutrition Sponsor of the 2014 Billboard Latin M.. http://y.ahoo.it/ZxkuCK38

  24. $GMCR and $HLF did nothing today but chop =.=

  25. $HLF @rocco1 ...or Ackman is wrong like he was with JCP and Pre-paid legal and Gotham Partners and Target. I m long King Carl and Stiritz!