1. $HLF Dropping more in AH. With 5000 put contracts in the weekly expiry tomorrow this could be significant.

  2. @T1ST If that dump at the end was a fund closing out of a position then $HLF will stabilize. If not, we test 52 week lows. I m still ong.

  3. $HLF $post is also getting smoked how long will Stiritz hold on to HLF while his own house is burning?

  4. $HLF gap down at open below the 52 week low tomorrow? Expensive noise FTC let s the market do its dirty work & cleans up the bodies after.

  5. $HLF Wow, someone will want to to be down at the close

  6. $HLF It s all just noise until the FTC decision.

  7. $HLF Sure Option expiration explains that sub 50 close This is where the institutional holders need to fish or cut bait..get the lube ready

  8. $HLF more from bill http://y.ahoo.it/aBELc3Br

  9. bill ackman attacks $HLF, where he is now http://y.ahoo.it/lXwC98qA

  10. $HLF opex

  11. $HLF long puts

  12. $HLF T1 Vegas and Canada you just need Boca Raton Florida and that s the penny stock hustlers tri fecta. Whats you angle. I am short puts

  13. $HLF So tell us T1 who is selling this stock? Whats you take?

  14. $HLF and why should any one believe your story.. you are on the wrong side of this trade for 20pts,tape is talking you are not listening. GL

  15. $HLF It is you who needs education and manners

  16. $HLF T1 this is the second time you called me dimwit...but you have been wrong. not personal for me but you are married to this story GL

  17. $HLF this is a good place for information but opinions r usually just trash talk, the majority of trash talkers have 0 education or training

  18. $HLF some dimwits keep spewing trash about CB without a clue what it means, these statements are total BS, never believe what one side says

  19. $HLF there is a lot of nonsense statements being made on this feed by parties who haven t a clue what they r saying, don t listen, do ur DD

  20. $HLF best part is HLF will fill the CB holders short as per the CB terms. C Suite cashes up and shareholders get smoked. Nice one.

  21. $HLF Stock is down 19 point in less 30 days? CB=death Spiral. Where are the buyers? We know who is selling, its the CB holders hedging.

  22. $HLF Heads up for the snap back counter trend move to maybe 51 is my guess Bulls better make most of this or lights out on a weekly close.

  23. Profits lost last 1 year - sold 1k $AAPL @630, sold 2k $GILD @85, sold 20k $FB at 43.75, sold all my $HLF puts day after Ackman presentation

  24. $HLF Sell off ended???

  25. $HLF I cant read tea leaves & don t have esp but it seems that there is a mass sell down then 3 days of light covering preparing 4 the next