1. Earnings announcement: $HLF is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Nov 3 2015

  2. $NUS interesting wheels r coming off the pyramid scheme industry; Chinese got wise quickly; not too worry $hlf will simply fabricate its # s

  3. Vetr users have downgraded Herbalife Ltd. to a SELL Rating (2.5 stars), giving $HLF a target price of $56.48 https://www.vetr.com/research/NYSE:HLF/ratings

  4. Covered Call Alert: HERBALIFE $HLF returning up to 40.85% through 19-Feb-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/10/06/covered-call-alert-herbalife-hlf-returning-up-to-40-85-through-19-feb-2016/

  5. $SPY Time to get lucrative $$$ $SPX $HLF $FIT

  6. $HLF historically that s how these things develop, when out of options just make up numbers. Lights r on & would be victims educated

  7. $HLF ER coming up will likely be the start of completely fabricated numbers; no more options to keep up the charade. Don t believe the # s

  8. some names possibly ready for a $wynn style squeeze $exel $pdce $calm $dorm $wk $navb $kn $hlf $navb - i m long some calls on some

  9. $HLF rising because of Pershing s pain on $VRX. Do you really think Ackman will capitulate on his $HLF short due to this? I am certain NOT

  10. $HLF ackman 2 host a holiday party 4 all his loyal stooges. free food & open bar 4 your loyal contributions 2 his personal wealth! duoh!

  11. $HLF 2 bad shorts,pucker up-and bring some lipstick-ur gonna have 2 kiss a pig ! & bring Vaseline 4 the ackman after party! congrats longs!

  12. $HLF Achman using investor s $ to keep up his worthless and hopeless short.They should get mad.HLF going up.

  13. $HLF moving with momo

  14. Stocks Making An Important Bottom? $STUDY $NBIX $DVAC $HLF $ENZ $TNK $AMBA $WWE $BRSS $NFLX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s-s0lc3X6s

  15. $HLF Mr. Ackman has been caught fudging the NAV of his Pershing Square s publicly traded investment vehicle. http://theskeptic21.blogspot.com/2015/10/eight-days-weekpershing-square-calls.html

  16. $HLF Executive Vice President Alan Hoffman: From the White House to Our House - http://www.herbalifespotlight.com/2015/09/herbalife-executive-vice-president-alan-hoffman-from-the-white-house-to-our-house/?et_rid=1517245845&et_cid=57606301&cmp=A_US_English_EML_150930-WeeklySupplement-USEN_XXX_XXX_US-CA_20150930#sthash.ByLZldiW.dpuf

  17. long list on my portfolio right now ☞ $NBIX $DVAX $HLF $ENZ $TNK $AMBA $WWE $BRSS $NFLX

  18. $HLF Bill Ackman s hedge fund had a brutal September - https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bill-ackmans-hedge-fund-had-151139943.html --- and October is going to scare the pants off of Ackman, imo

  19. re-entered $HLF


  21. Herbalife – Ethics And Pyramid Schemes In The MLM Industry: A Response To DSA President Mariano http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/10/herbalife-ethics-and-pyramid-schemes-in-the-mlm-industry-a-response-to-dsa-president-mariano/ $HLF

  22. $HLF momo is coming into the WE - short term

  23. The majority of users on Vetr are bullish on Herbalife Ltd., indicating a BUY Rating (3.5 stars) for $HLF https://www.vetr.com/research/NYSE:HLF/ratings

  24. $HLF increased short position to 12,000 shares ($650k). All in against this pig!!!

  25. $HLF did not receive the memo about BTFD.