1. $HLF road to self destruction. war of ego http://y.ahoo.it/SheiY43J

  2. $HLF clearly the forced selling is over. The bottom is in. It can t go lower than this

  3. $HLF but of course if the FTC comes back with the same findings as the Conn AG then who is going to sell to the shorts?

  4. $HLF every share sold for 42 days just to cover the short pos

  5. $HLF at vol like today it is 42 days to cover

  6. $HLF @MJbull To each his own MJ. We re saying let people have the freedom of choice to buy and sell what they freely choose to consume.

  7. $HLF I get my workout shakes at Vitamin Shoppe. Would never dare drink whatever HLF is selling lol.

  8. $HLF everyone must drink HLF shakes

  9. $HLF notice the massive swing, press release from Janet Yellen....

  10. $HLF could be to counter the very large puts closing on Friday

  11. $HLF ,if it doesn t squeeze, its going to 39 /below...

  12. $HLF Great, time to reshort.

  13. $HLF @TechTrader17 Since when do the facts matter to the shorts??

  14. $HLF I have to apologize to longs here. I mistakenly said you ve lost 90% since Jan. and It s ONLY 46%. My bad! You only down $38! Congrats!

  15. Whitney Tilson Notes Herbalife, Avon Story; Likes Alibaba http://y.ahoo.it/yKeSRpT3 $AVP $HLF $EXAS $TUP $USNA $NUS

  16. $HLF Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson Statement Marking Hispanic Heritage Month http://y.ahoo.it/HOi9w3cC

  17. $HLF Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson Statement Marking Hispanic Heritage Month.. http://y.ahoo.it/3q3J9kjW

  18. $HLF Down 90% since Jan. LOL! Yeah...shorts are shaking in their boots with this 50 cent BREAK OUT!! Bahahaha! Short this pig!

  19. $HLF Unveils Its Exclusive Website, Herbalife24com http://y.ahoo.it/t2Q8GCF7

  20. $HLF Let s wake up that beast,, come big boys.

  21. $GPRO I will be as persistent shorting this POS as Ackman was with $HLF, when you know, you know, and I know this should be at $30 at best

  22. @SweetSpotCapital Icahn bought most $HLF at $37. Ackman shorted most at $48.

  23. $HLF Folks shorting at lows gonna get burnt. Close to Ichan s Avg.

  24. $HLF good short sellers trade both sides of the market, I am short but still waiting for the Short squeeze I will cover and then go long.

  25. $HLF short sellers are like computer viruses. They show the weakness and urge systems to get better. Once better they get wiped out.