1. Herbalife ($HLF) Responds to The Dismissal of Abdul Awad v. Herbalife Ltd. et al.

  2. RECAP 11/25 Chatter Names: $HLF - Shareholder lawsuit dismissal $YHOO - CXL Conf $CSTM - CXL Conf $MCUR - CXL Conf

  3. $HLF - Always thought Ackman was a quack. It s taken the rise of HLF & the fall of VRX to prove it. His fund is down 20% so far this year.

  4. lmaisour gave $HLF a MODERATE BUY rating & has a 65% success rate w/ a 3.98% return per tip on 49 tips. https://closingbell.co/lmaisour

  5. $HLF Herbalife Responds to The Dismissal of Abdul Awad v. Herbalife Ltd - http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151125005687/en/

  6. Covered Call Alert: HERBALIFE $HLF returning up to 48.94% through 20-May-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/11/25/covered-call-alert-herbalife-hlf-returning-up-to-48-94-through-20-may-2016/

  7. How s this anti-ackman smear campaign by $HLF on $TWTR

  8. $HLF here it is

  9. $HLF 2-day view

  10. $HLF flagging on the weekly and looks like a sloppy inv H&S on the daily; options are pricing no move; when no one is looking ;)

  11. $HLF looking ripe for a squeeze; been basing for a long time

  12. $VRX maybe he should give a 3 hour presentation on VRX like he did on $HLF. Oh wait, he did already - before it went to 69.33

  13. $VRX $HLF in Southeast Asia, we call this type of thing... bad karma. - Mark Rumsfeld The Burbs

  14. MA10-MA50 Bull Crossover: $ARMK, $HLF, $SJM, $TEVA, $TSN http://www.ninestocks.com/2015/11/ma10-ma50-bull-crossover-aramark-holdings-corp-armk-herbalife-ltd-hlf-j-m-smucker-company-sjm-teva-pharmaceutical-industries-ltd-teva-tyson-foods-tsn/

  15. $HLF looks decent on weekly also.

  16. $HLF Nice base - symm triangle w/bullish momentum indicators. BB is opening up. BO > 59.60 ideally.

  17. $VRX Bill might to throw in the towel, $HLF is goin straight up!

  18. $VRX the irony of Ackman s folly is that all the things he wanted for $HLF: endless bad press, government investigations, fraud, are HERE

  19. $VRX Smart like his bets on $JCP and $HLF . This may not turn out so well.

  20. $HLF HLF going up and $VRX pos going down...just like they should...one bullish and the other VERY bearish...

  21. $HLF

  22. $HLF Mr. Ackman SIR - This has been the LONGEST Wait for it... on that HLF dirt you mentioned WEEKS AGO!!

  23. &VRX $HLF messin w Bill

  24. New trend detected on $HLF when price was 57,37 http://shark-finance.com?stc=HLF #TradingSystem #Randomwalk

  25. $hlf cup & handle, maybe?