1. $HNR Not looking good here, folks..

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  3. @VicsLuck $HNR i block you

  4. $HNR Can $HNR Pop the resistance at $1.94 today? Who is with me? Let s rocket launch this baby to planet EUREKA.

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  9. @VicsLuck $hnr basher whats going on ?

  10. @xel_arjona $hnr hey whats wrong with you ,we see you totally wrong with $hnr

  11. $HNR Is this getting ready to dump?

  12. $GV big hits at hod $1.50 falling looking for a strong close $HNR looking to get back in that next week

  13. $HNR $HNRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come meet me at $1.94. I have been waiting for days now. Break loose!!! :))))))

  14. $HNR 600K shares bought on the open market at $1.50 in 5mins.. keep that in mind from yesterday price action for today! $STLK

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  19. $HNR looking for a 1.43 buy in...

  20. $HNR AH close 1.63 thanks to the AH paint gods ud83d udc4d... $1.83 break and we see $2+ $STLK 300% is very possible tomorrow

  21. $HNR it will drop 20 cents tomorrow and will settle at 1.40

  22. $HNR Doubt itll pop

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  25. $MNGA will go high just like $HNR did today .. Out of nowhere banggg hold tight and keep y alls eyes open