1. $HOTR This will be stagnant until Jan. Hope I m wrong.

  2. $HOTR time to buy the dip and ride this up

  3. $HOTR Institutional ownership up 26.46% Q/Q, with 973,173 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HOTR

  4. $HOTR C mon Robinhood, clear my transfer so I can load up some wings at the Breastaurant!

  5. $HOTR and now $CANF as well

  6. $HOTR and $XOMA

  7. $HOTR I backed up the truck and I am fully loaded!!

  8. $HOTR this has not even started

  9. $LOCO and $HOTR! Eat more Chicken!

  10. $HOTR need some action here let s make this a good week!

  11. $HOTR on its way up just keep on going!!!!

  12. $HOTR steady climb continues

  13. $FOMX $INOV $ONDK $SEDG $ALRM $HOTR do your own DD, I did mine. Solid valuation in a diverse range of industries.

  14. $HOTR dont be scared to load up / buy at this level..your March 2016 self will thank you!

  15. $HOTR slow and steady until one day it blows up...and it will

  16. $HOTR Agreed, if it gets some volume it will run.... not a lot on the ask

  17. $HOTR this has no where to go but up need some more volume!!!

  18. $HOTR I want to see 1.3 this week!!

  19. $HOTR bad way to end the week need to do better next week

  20. $HOTR why isn t there any action? So boring.

  21. $HOTR looking for a nice day in the green!

  22. $HOTR keep the green coming!

  23. $HOTR it almost hit my expected bottom of 1.04 yesterday. Up from here back to 1.30

  24. $HOTR Hopefully this is the first of many higher lows

  25. $HOTR is going to run...we know this is a solid company increasing shareholder value. We will be rewarded for our patience and investment