1. $HOTR Bottom out please.

  2. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings Closes Acquisition of BT s Burger Joint http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID06072015100032/Chanticleer-Holdings-Closes-Acquisition-of-BT's-Burger-Joint

  3. $HOTR: New SEC Filing for HOTR: Form 8-K, No. 0001493152-15-002825 http://stocknewsflow.com/1106838_000149315215002825_0001493152-15-002825

  4. $HOTR yes, i think we have a bottom!

  5. $HOTR another day, same story ...

  6. $HOTR in @2.28

  7. $HOTR still following the bottom of the down trend channel .....was hoping that news could make a reversal but ....NO

  8. $HOTR Just came out with great news! Let s go Lower? This market sucks and is ready fall apart...

  9. $ONCY $HOTR $WTW in news today

  10. $HOTR just in! - HOTR closes acquisition of BT Burger Joint. Little Big Burger next?

  11. $HOTR hrmmm near the 200sma that might help break the channel ..... watching closely for a reversal

  12. $HOTR Shorts are gonna have to cover sooner or later. Gonna be fireworks, rooster-style.

  13. $HOTR If below $2 is coming. Do NOT Panic Sell. Buy everything you can before a surge to 4 in a month or less. IMO

  14. $HOTR Did not expect to see 2.20 s. Continuing to add more with robinhood. Short interest 4x from April, but

  15. $HOTR In serious buy territory down here....Need to get the word out.

  16. $HOTR still no buy here

  17. $HOTR another day, same story ...

  18. $HOTR – BUY ALERT $2.38 | StoryTrading http://www.storytrading.com/hotr-buy-alert-2-38/

  19. $HOTR -7500 shares traded so far this morning......

  20. $HOTR Institutional ownership up 2.42% Q/Q, with 28,168 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HOTR

  21. $HOTR this thing broke long term support a while ago, sucks.

  22. $HOTR still got this on watch waiting to see a break in the daily trend

  23. $HOTR you dog you. Buy here ppl, you won t regret it in a month

  24. $HOTR almost to by 2.25 buy

  25. We have cut back our positions 50% cash plus $GRBK,$FIT $ALRM, $HOTR, $POZN $VUZI $FB,$FEYE,$CYBR