1. $HOTR comon mann...who opens a burger joint in Kuwait. ...???

  2. 20 Biggest Losers today: $PBMD $ISR $CNIT $LL $XNET $BRKR $OTEX $HOTR $DRNA $BAH $NTAP $DL $GBSN

  3. $HOTR Does not look good. Very low cash in hand. Dilution coming shortly. Will wait for $2.5 at least to buy in.

  4. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings BGR: The Burger Joint to Open Second International Franchise Location in Kuwait http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID21052015100034/Chanticleer-Holdings'-BGR-The-Burger-Joint-to-Open-Second-International-Franchise-Location-in-Kuwait

  5. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings Reports Continued Restaurant EBITDA Growth in First Quarter 2015; 60% Increase in... http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID21052015100032/Chanticleer-Holdings-Reports-Continued-Restaurant-EBITDA-Growth-in-First-Quarter-2015-60-Increase-in-Restaurant-Revenue

  6. $HOTR lost $2.3MM on sales of $8.4MM in Q1 alone. That s a deep hole. Costs increasing faster than sales, not a sustainable business model.

  7. $HOTR inexpensive stocks....game of cat & mouse...which one are you....

  8. $HOTR getting rid of shorts,so dedicated investors can make nice gains...soo please keep selling...!!!

  9. $HOTR here s what you need to know http://cnafinance.com/chanticleer-holdings-hotr-turning-out-the-fire/3416

  10. $HOTR 2.75 first target on downside.

  11. $HOTR I sold earlier this am; will not be buying back, regardless of the price. No prospect of profits for co in the forseeable future.

  12. $HOTR Looks like the hit piece has put the kibosh on today s rally. May retest today s lows

  13. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings Inc (HOTR): Turning Down The Fire http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/05/21/chanticleer-holdings-inc-hotr-turning-down-the-fire/

  14. $HOTR *IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: The owners of TheStreetSweeper hold a short position in HOTR and stand to profit on any future declines...*

  15. $HOTR I can t believe folks willing to pay $3.60 a share for this co after this terrible ER. I don t think current mgt is up to the job.

  16. $HOTR: New SEC Filing for HOTR: Form 8-K, No. 0001493152-15-002200 http://stocknewsflow.com/1106838_000149315215002200_0001493152-15-002200

  17. $HOTR still has life, bouncing back

  18. $HOTR Bouncing off of 3.36 lows. Will be interesting to see where this goes by the close.

  19. $HOTR 3.36 -.48 and they nailed the 10% and the uptick protection. Now the short becomes tough. Hate trading against that w/low floats

  20. $HOTR Street Sweeper Negative. Short Here.

  21. $HOTR Think we all knew this would come back down. Pick your buy target. <$2.90 for me.

  22. $HOTR at $3.52 from $2.55 /// this is done with

  23. $HOTR 3.50 -.34 another busted Twitter Pump. One problem with these pumps...when the real numbers come out and they suck

  24. Street Sweeper out negative on $HOTR

  25. $HOTR wouldn t worry about the miss longs. Lots of acquisitions. No position currently, but may get back in soon