1. $HOTR blink of eyes it will be super high any time soon !!!

  2. $HOTR holding well during the market slaughter this week, good sign.

  3. $HOTR buy this and forget it for few years .. This will make your day after few years.

  4. $HOTR why was today s PR met with crickets?

  5. $HOTR what makes hotr so open to shorting? what about its financials is the cause?

  6. $HOTR http://ir.stockpr.com/chanticleerholdings/email-alerts For those who are interested, you can sign up for email alerts.

  7. $HOTR growth conference today. Big things happening

  8. $HOTR letter of intent to open up 10 new burger joints! $2.50 stock all day long

  9. $HOTR Intriguing PR about opening up to 10 LBB stores in Seattle. Notice the non-dilutive statement in their PR.

  10. $HOTR http://ir.stockpr.com/chanticleerholdings/company-news/detail/1213 Some more news! Mike is working it!

  11. $HOTR I love those Burgers but I hate driving in Seattle

  12. $HOTR markets are gonna get hit hard today. But I m holding strong on HOTR. Low volume the last couple of weeks might help us here

  13. $HOTR Serving good fun food and cold beer is also extremely important. And running a profitable business! Have been a regular ...

  14. $HOTR All about the girls has much to do with whether they re great at customer satisfaction, like the management, and get great tips.

  15. $HOTR The reviews I read of their worldwide Hooters stores are lukewarm, from all I see. Each Hooters store is all about the girls .

  16. $HOTR The bankruptcy-equivalent of their Australian partner was an evolving train wreck. Employee complaints, bad customer service reviews.

  17. $HOTR Chart has the potential of putting in a hard bottom at ~$0.65 but my concern is that they could be a repeat of $GCFB long-term.

  18. $HOTR If I were them, I would weigh the downstream pros/cons of getting out of South Africa/Australia, and going to currency-stable places.

  19. $HOTR If I were them, I would change the stock symbol from HOTR to BRGR (or similar). Their story is increasingly burger-centric.

  20. $HOTR I was an early buyer in IHOP shares in 1990. Took a few years for the market to embrace their story. They did very well w/franchising.

  21. $HOTR I m willing to bet they are not profitable and will blame it on FX losses this time

  22. $HOTR With the sales guideance that was released this morning, does that put us at the 13-14M revenue mark for Q4?

  23. $HOTR talked about fx losses in today s pr. Setting up for bad earnings

  24. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings reports on December sales http://seekingalpha.com/news/3095486

  25. $HOTR Dilemna: market bad, HOTR goes up, but the rest of my portfolio is in the dumps. Market good, reverse. Get with the program HOTR!