1. $HOTR the squeeze back up will be historic and epic proportions

  2. Here are a few setups to watch next week on the long side- I will be on vacations http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2015/07/here-are-few-setups-to-watch-next-week.html $AMDA $CSTE $HOTR $IAG $OHRP $PACB

  3. $HOTR are we finally reversing the trend? or just PR based and no long term uptrend?

  4. $PIRS - ADDED - Sold some $HOTR $YHOO and $JAKK for more $PIRS - $6+ target. Learn about PIRS here: http://www.storytrading.com/pirs/

  5. Swing Watchlist: $AMPE $CBAY $ESI $OGXI $PBMD $HOTR $MRGE

  6. $HOTR Institutional ownership up 2.42% Q/Q, with 28,168 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HOTR

  7. $HOTR anyone have any insight on Q2 earnings?

  8. $HOTR Been a while since we witnessed the all-compelling power of the Rooster unleashed.

  9. $SLTD $RGSE $JAKK $HOTR $PIRS $GPRO $YHOO $FXCM - Great day for our StoryTrades! http://www.storytrading.com/good-day-for-our-story-trades-sltd-hotr-pirs-rgse-jakk/ Join us in live chat tomorrow at 9am

  10. Top Gainers: $EYEG +58%. $BUFF +35%. $SLTD +24%. $LPCN +16%. $BZUN +13%. $VASC +12%. $LOCK +12%. $FCSC +12%. $BTU +11%. $HOTR +10%.

  11. Gainers-2 $MOSY 11%, $CLTX 11%, $HOTR 10%, $LOCK 10%, $FSNN 10%, $THOR 10%, $PRTA 10%, $OCRX 10%, $RXDX 10%, $CBAY 10%, $NTLS 9%, $MANH 9%

  12. Market wicked going to 90% cash! Holding $UA and $GPRO and $VUZI and $HOTR Very dangerous market.

  13. $HOTR I have been holding this for a Looooong time. Finally!!!!!

  14. @Trader_Mood: $HOTR Great news, update! $HOTR We need to clear 2.71 to go 3.08!! Push!

  15. Huge day for our StoryTrades today: $JAKK up 10%, $SLTD up 25%, $PIRS up 6%, $HOTR up 10%, and $RGSE up 7%. Join us in our live chat room!

  16. $HOTR http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=HOTR&p=D&yr=0&mn=5&dy=0&id=p77062990682

  17. $HOTR - ALERT - HOTR is quietly up 10% today.

  18. Top % Gainers Since Open: $XOMA 32%, $SLTD 24%, $IDI 19%, $BTU 15%, $UCFC 14%, $Y 11%, $LPCN 11%, $HOTR 11%, $JAKK $SPP $VASC $LIFE - all 9%

  19. $HOTR Up, Up, and away! 🚀

  20. $HOTR 5000 shares traded?

  21. $HOTR please acquire Little Big Burger! The only news we are missing. Cmon Mike Pruitt make it happen, you will be the man!

  22. $HOTR Seems like a lot of Positive PR and no action. What s the deal? Do we need Earnings that bad to get people back on board?

  23. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings Announces Plans for Just Fresh Franchise Opportunities http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID21072015100026/Chanticleer-Holdings-Announces-Plans-for-Just-Fresh-Franchise-Opportunities

  24. $HOTR *Nice

  25. $HOTR Nive bounce off of the lows on a tough day