1. $HOTR Cash dividend from Hooters of America down 200K from last year........

  2. $HOTR recently closed a rights offering that raised $6.6M - Jim Collins. Read more: http://www.theaureport.com/pub/co/8392?

  3. Here s an update on our top Story Trade ideas: http://www.storytrading.com/heres-an-update-on-our-top-story-trades-ideas/ - $APDN $CBLI $HOTR $MEIP $RITT $VDSI $ADAT $JAKK

  4. $HOTR im not letting my shares go until $4

  5. $HOTR looking for a quick jump to the 1.50s if/when it breaks $1.35.

  6. $HOTR Chanticleer Holdings Receives $363,000 Cash Distribution From Investment in Hooters of America http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/78526061/HOTR/101843

  7. $HOTR receives $363K dividend from Hooters of America.

  8. $HOTR

  9. $HOTR: New SEC Filing for HOTR: Form 8-K, No. 0001493152-15-004692 http://stocknewsflow.com/1106838_000149315215004692_0001493152-15-004692

  10. $HOTR Why the jump this morning? general market upswing is finally allowing the good news to take effect?

  11. $HOTR typically receives cash distribution of dividend for 3% ownership of Hooters of America this time of year: http://ir.stockpr.com/chanticleerholdings/company-news/detail/934/chanticleer-holdings-announces-526106-cash-distribution-from-investment-in-hooters-of-america

  12. $HOTR post rights offering last time this climbed steadily all the way to $4.15...just saying.

  13. Read 4 Great Stocks to BUY After Friday s Big Reversal @ http://microcapresearch.com/4-great-stocks/ (Features - $SLTD $VUZi $HOTR & $NVIV )

  14. $HOTR when does the $1 rights offering from the bankers come

  15. $HOTR has 65% sales growth and much lower multiples than $SHAK $DRI $CMG $JACK or $LOCO. Check the table @ http://microcapresearch.com/chanticleer-ebitda/

  16. $HOTR Institutional ownership up 2.11% Q/Q, with 28,168 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HOTR

  17. $HOTR AHs!!! What happened here!?!?!

  18. $HOTR today s closing of the LBB deal marks the bottom. 100k share block in after-hours at $1.10. Volume precedes price.

  19. $HOTR It s a lost cause until we see profit. Nothing else matters.

  20. $HOTR i think it s better to sell now ...

  21. $HOTR Congrats! -5% or more, the first day of Q4. And still going down. Only positive news and every day down down?! this is creepy FAKE.

  22. @TFST $HOTR 1.10 completed key acquisition after completing rights offering.Revenue at the rate of more than $50 million.

  23. $HOTR 1.10 completed key acquisition after completing rights offering.Revenue at the rate of more than $50 million.

  24. $HOTR truly has me befuddled. I know there s been some dilution but the acquisitions are accretive so why no increase in share price?

  25. $HOTR