1. $HOTR - Quote from the S-3: Operating losses continuing for the foreseeable future; we may never be profitable; -- found it humorous....

  2. $hotr to buy another chain. May get a dip in anticipated dilution but makes this even a better buy long-term. Buy the dip!

  3. $HOTR: New SEC Filing for HOTR: Form S-3, No. 0001144204-15-025297 http://stocknewsflow.com/1106838_000114420415025297_0001144204-15-025297

  4. $HOTR I will be adding to my holdings later this week, wish I could today :)

  5. $HOTR Just added another 130% to my holdings at 2.75. Should have jumped on it when it dipped to 2.60. Still should do just fine here.

  6. $HOTR should bounce off 2.60s worst case. Very predictable trend, appears to be following same pattern for a fourth time breakout

  7. $HOTR rev down from q4 to q1 .1m but up 58% yoy 8.3m q1 revenue trading less than 1x 15 rev

  8. @garbageman If you are trying to get out, it must mean I should be buying. Just like $HOTR

  9. Story Trade updates on $YHOO $TASR $GOGO $SLTD $HOTR $NEON $TSEM $GPRO http://blog.storytrading.com/2015/04/story-trade-updates-focus-yhoo/

  10. $HOTR the estimate is negative -.40. Really

  11. $RGDO $HOTR $SEED $SINO $IFON Trade ideas for these 5 stocks http://taforaliving1900charts.blogspot.tw/2015/04/trade-ideas-for-these-5-stocks_26.html

  12. Want to enter new positions. $V $TMUS $FB $F $BAC $HOTR . don t know which I should start first

  13. Social chatter on $HOTR is extremely low. One reason why this is my largest position. $4-$6 very soon. http://blog.storytrading.com/hotr/ $HABT $SHAK

  14. $HOTR Looking good!

  15. $HOTR it is flying!

  16. $HOTR buy RIGHT NOW at $2.83 - if the trade fails - HOLD IT - great company and cheap! With possible $3 close today

  17. $HOTR great intraday chart - heading for a strong close! Here are my most recent thoughts on it. http://blog.storytrading.com/2015/04/hotr-slow-steady-rise/ Long and strong!

  18. $HOTR slow movement, make more burgers please!

  19. $HOTR http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/retail/hooters-restaurants-have-made-the-most-of-our-changing-world/2226887

  20. $HOTR Any thoughts on how the strong US dollar will affect earnings for this company ?

  21. $HOTR slow and steady. Build a base

  22. With NASDAQ at a new all time high microcaps cannot be far behind. Our favorites $HOTR $SLTD $VUZI $MGT $GLUU visit http://microcapresearch.com/


  24. $HOTR IMO a pop to $4 will be soon

  25. @frpark3 $HOTR - Back bought the $2.60 .....That should have read...Back in, bought the $2.60.