1. $HPJ gonna get some love?

  2. $HPJ rejected by 5.30 again, the real fun starts happening when we break that level, then liftoff

  3. $NAVB Holding up good. $FCEL Get ready for break out. $HPJ going up.

  4. $HPJ nice move on a weak tape.

  5. $HPJ finally seeing some volume and a decent move

  6. $HPJ What was the large spike to $6.50 in begin of Feb? Looks like a good retrace to get long. Thanks in advance.

  7. $WATT (Energous) working at a distance of up to 5 meters of wireless charging http://www.3d-madonnari.com/wireless-charging-wattup-working-at-a-distance-of-up-to-5-meters/ $HPJ http://ir.highpowertech.com/press-releases/detail/314/highpower-announces-collaboration-with-energous-corporation-for-developing-batteries-with-wire-free-charging-technology

  8. $HPJ $WATT will $AAPL adopt Wireless Charging? http://www.bullfax.com/?q=node-will-apple-inc-adopt-wireless-charging-technology http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Highpower+Intl+%28HPJ%29,+Energous+%28WATT%29+Enter+Wireless+Charging+Technology+Collaboration/9863255.html

  9. $HPJ $WATT reported yesterday on WSJ http://www.bullfax.com/?q=node-car-makers-embrace-wireless-phone-charging Car Makers Embrace Wireless Phone Charging

  10. $HPJ $WATT trading higher going into earnings on Monday AH, they are also presenting at the Roth Conference, keep an eye on developments

  11. $HPJ

  12. $HPJ I think we will see new 52w highs within 3 months. Strong ER, upgrades, new customers/deals and industry m&a s

  13. $HPJ close the gap, and I will buy

  14. $HPJ SunEdison buys Energy Storage Company http://www.forbes.com/sites/uciliawang/2015/03/05/sunedison-buys-energy-storage-startup/?utm_campaign=yahootix&partner=yahootix

  15. $HPJ I will only buy this if it goes to 2-3 level. If not good luck all holding this for a big run up.

  16. $HPJ short term descending triangle, more than likely bearish but we ll see. https://www.tradingview.com/x/KfNkB04D/

  17. $HPJ $WATT Monday just got a little bit more interesting http://finance.yahoo.com/news/energous-corporation-host-fourth-quarter-210800731.html

  18. $HPJ Stahp you re killing me

  19. $HPJ why are we not closing the gap? I mean, it was a given wasn t it? where is the plunge to 4? uh oh, Roth Conference early Monday morning

  20. $KNDI $HPJ of 12.1 Billion Yuan, an increase of 152% 2015

  21. $KNDI $HPJ year 220% increase in the first half of 2015 remained in short supply, 2015 lithium battery equipment total investment...

  22. $KNDI $HPJ according to the 2015 volume of 250,000 promotional hypothesis is expected annual demand for lithium batteries 14.1 Gwh...

  23. Becoming worried about $HPJ they better meet expectations on earnings.

  24. $KNDI $HPJ assoc. with this, lithium batteries, lithium equipment, motor drives, & other industrial chain companies will continue to benefit

  25. $KNDI $HPJ the industry believes that in 2015 to promote new energy vehicles will usher in the explosive growth, or to reach 250,000..