1. @DKoz meant to say that the last time this happened was in August. At that time, $HPJ went from $4.50 to high $7 s.

  2. $HPJ Two consecutive below average distribution weeks in a row were followed by a meteoric rise. Is this a trend?

  3. $HPJ for the love of money... please let next week be more interesting than this one!

  4. $HPJ buyers just waiting for more good news, shorts waiting for their death bed.

  5. $SPY $KNDI $NQ $HPJ $BABA Statistically, shorts are more likely to cover on a Friday than any other day. OPEX Fridays can further distort.

  6. $HPJ No more love here for the time being, eh? I like it as a long term.

  7. $HPJ $INO $HYGS $TSLA Happy Friday Everyone!

  8. $HPJ

  9. @Saeedabroad: $HPJ $KNDI $NQ Algos will be programmed to buy 2day - esp. chinese stocks. momo should be +ve today.

  10. $HPJ $KNDI $NQ Algos will be programmed to buy 2day - esp. chinese stocks. Regardless of what (retail) shorts do, momo should be +ve today.

  11. Any update with trading $HPJ on Scottrade?

  12. @iamrajen: $HPJ I am guessing testing bulls here. I m guessing that since you think this will be a penny stock no one takes you seriously

  13. $HPJ

  14. $HPJ Its already Friday. I am guessing testing bulls here.

  15. $HPJ http://rt.com/news/206667-toyota-hydrogen-powered-car/

  16. $HPJ Wearable Devices To Consumers: You re Putting Me On http://news.investors.com/112014-727394-wearables-smartwatches-fitness-bands-set-for-big-growth.htm?ven=yahoocp&src=aurlled&ven=yahoo

  17. $HPJ here s hoping tomorrow picks up. Not understanding why vol so low now. Evidence of holding I suppose

  18. $HPJ Read & compare how they did 4th Q of 2013 vs. 4th Q of 2012, 80% in lithium sales growth, 25% in rev growth overall, 114% in EPS growth

  19. @iamrajen @Malgotas did you know 4th Quarter of 2013 $HPJ Lithium Battery business grew 80%?

  20. $KNDI $HPJ Very interesting http://autonews.gasgoo.com/china-news/china-and-germany-aim-to-unify-charging-standards-141120.shtml China and Germany aim to unify charging standards for new energy vehicles

  21. $HPJ volume is more key than fundamentals at this point. Hard to attract buying with no liquidity.

  22. $HPJ Probably the best company presenting today at Singular Research, took a look at the rest, non compare

  23. $BRK.A $BRK.B $TSLA Musk and Buffett are investing in the future of batteries. Should you? $HPJ

  24. $HPJ Lost soo much $$$ on this stock.........lucky to those who sold in the 8 s

  25. $HPJ The swings are in right now. Been playing this all week.