1. $HPJ what s the float?

  2. $HPJ Institutional ownership up 24.62% Q/Q, with 177,337 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HPJ

  3. $HPJ Forbes on the Energy Storage front http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterdetwiler/2015/05/28/imergy-continues-to-forge-ahead-in-the-energy-storage-race/ mind you we are in Samsungs supply chain now & have relationship with Sharp

  4. $HPJ don t get shaken out, big news will come

  5. $HPJ $GPRO venturing into drones. Means more batteries. DJI is biggest player. I hope to collaborate my star-up w/ Skycatch. Drones galore!

  6. $HPJ Winners ultimately always surface on the water no matter the circumstances...

  7. $HPJ It seems that all we hear is good news, but yet we never get that spike to the next level that we re all waiting for.

  8. $HPJ http://apprtize.com/mophie-juice-pack-air-external-battery-case-for-apple-iphone-6-does-what-its-good-at/ Mophie Juice Pack Air External Battery Case for Apple iPhone 6 does what it’s good at

  9. $HPJ short interest lowest since 3 months, I see they are slowly but surely packing their bags http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/hpj/short-interest

  10. $HPJ I love this stock, but why am I not surprised thats its the only stock in my portfolio thats losing today

  11. $HPJ more importantly, about 3 weeks until Europe Energy Storage Exhibition https://www.ees-europe.com/en/for-visitors/exhibition/exhibitor-infos.html?no_cache=1&tx_intersolarexhibitorlist_pi1[exhibitor]=32284&tx_intersolarexhibitorlist_pi1[action]=infos&tx_intersolarexhibitorlist_pi1[controller]=Exhibitor We saw how China s Exhibition went.

  12. $HPJ $WATT Day 2 - Slot 5 & Slot 7 Marcum MicroCap Conference http://www.marcumllp.com/MicroCap/presenting-company-schedule

  13. $HPJ Marcum MicroCap Conference presentation is this Thursday http://www.marcumllp.com/MicroCap/presenting-companies#HPJ

  14. $HPJ An analyst asked Musk if maybe Tesla would shift from being a car company to a battery maker? “It’s possible,” he replied.

  15. $HPJ http://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2015/05/12/all-this-battery-hype-should-make-tesla-investors-nervous/

  16. $HPJ China Southern Grid using HPJ s 100KWH ES system & HPJ receiving Best Design Award speaks volumes going into 2nd half of the year

  17. $KNDI Once some Chinese stocks go into a hole, rarely ever come back to 52 week high again. $SOL $HPJ $DANG $JRJC $NQ

  18. $HPJ Probably the only chinese stock not up 4-5% today

  19. $HPJ I think Costco will love to offer the Best Design Energy Storage System in their list of products

  20. $HPJ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/highpower-receives-best-design-award-123000661.html Panasonic, BYD, Siemens, LG, GE, Lishen, Tianneng, were some of the big names exhibiting http://www.energy-storage.cn/en/?news-news-list-80--1.html

  21. $HPJ The sale price has been extended for another day.

  22. @PressReleases: $HPJ: Highpower Receives Best Design Award at the 5th China ES Exhibition ... http://stocknewshour.com/highpower-receives-best-design-award-at-the-5th-china where was $TSLA?

  23. $HPJ

  24. @PressReleases: $HPJ: Highpower Receives Best Design Award at the 5th China Energy Storage Exhibition ... http://stocknewshour.com/highpower-receives-best-design-award-at-the-5th-china

  25. $HPJ a pretty big deal to walk away with Best Design Award out of hundreds of companies including Seimens, GE, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, etc.