1. $HPJ Jun 8th= $4.31 good old days only a couple of months ago.... hope you all listened and SOLD! you could rebuy TWICE AS MUCH SHARES NOW

  2. $HPJ buy n sells fighting hard. ......$S slow steady rise......

  3. $HPJ not sure what 3950 employees doing at hpj, they simply recruit 100 more employees just to promote this stock anyways

  4. $CBAK i have been watching $cbak and $HPJ for last 6 months , i know their behaviour, it will be over $3 , iam talking about cbak

  5. $CBAK will be soon $3, look at the pattern, i wish buyers from $hpj to invest, trust me u will earn profits in one week, just take advantage

  6. $HPJ $CBAK at 2.08 like hpj, i recovered my 30 % loses by buying $CBAK 2 days back @$1.60s who cares abt fundamentals, all u need is $$$

  7. $HPJ I think an institutional investor has been exiting for some time and continues to.

  8. $HPJ = another explosive day for the longs. $=just a normal day for the longs.

  9. $HPJ place for a strong upward move once a new development is announced

  10. $HPJ I liked today s volume, seems we are basing here, should be a good

  11. $HPJ = great day for the pumpers , $S= might have to jump back in.

  12. $CBAK $HPJ $ACI $PTN $ACI great move>> $!! & $FORD stronger Vols 12.5 millionS

  13. $HPJ wow , explosion for hpj! congratulations longs.

  14. $HPJ if you want to recover your loses quicly, buy $CBAK , i did its working. Check it out

  15. $SIXD $CBAK $HPJ $ACI $PTN keep @ dip 4swing $!!

  16. @Gukaso $HPJ might be the best deal in the market from a P/E - Forward P/E standpoint, so good it s silly. Unbelievable really...

  17. $HPJ one of these days we will get an $NQ type of deal/pop

  18. $HPJ might be the best deal in the market from a P/E - Forward P/E standpoint, so good it s silly.

  19. $HPJ the forward looking 2016 P/E for this is now 4.2

  20. Lithium Forklift Battery co $FLUX Power presents @SeeThruEquity Sep 10 @ 9:30 am http://finance.yahoo.com/news/industrial-lithium-battery-innovator-flux-124800506.html Peers: $PLUG $ENS $BLDP $CBAK $HPJ

  21. $HPJ when market is down , HPJ will be down. When market is up, HPJ will be still down . This is the beauty of this stock.

  22. $HPJ short interest dropped some more http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/hpj/short-interest

  23. $HPJ i wonder if this is another HEAD FAKE for the fools that thinking they should buy? The super rich are schooling the average peeps.

  24. $HPJ = Red $KNDI = RED everything else GREEN.

  25. @Gukaso: $HPJ Forbes: Batteries Will Do To Energy What Cellphones Did To Telecom: Advanced Microgrid & Tesla http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2015/08/24/batteries-will-do-to-energy-what-cellphones-did-to-telecom-advanced-microgrid-tesla/