1. $HPJ hopefully shorts will have a tough time hanging on to their shorts in the future http://i.imgur.com/e5y7z.gif

  2. $HPJ Don t be too greedy, shorts, leave when you can.

  3. $HPJ i think it will test 3.75 today.

  4. $HPJ Where the heck is bottom on this SCAM? Get out now. Going to 0 it seems like

  5. $HPJ - grummpppphhhh I need you to climb baby!

  6. $HPJ taking a long walk off a short plank

  7. $HPJ volume the last 2 days has been primarily short covering, short ratio was 12% yesterday, should see a bounce soon

  8. $HPJ invested in 2013, growth prospects still look good as they now talk about doubling production capacity, but I wish for a higher price

  9. $HPJ Looking for clues for a bottom, trying to understand the past. After the 2008 (global) collapse, what led to the 2010-2012 decline?

  10. $HPJ added another 500 today @ $4.05

  11. Comparing $HPJ and $DQ financials starting to look very similar but look at difference in market cap, no reason for HPJ to be so undervalued

  12. $HPJ As is often the case, shorts will describe the end the world for the company and then disappear as quickly as they arrived.

  13. $HPJ Load up the truck while it is on this level for as long as it is....

  14. $HPJ Ridiculous overreaction... Stockprice acting as if company going bancrupt...While it is ramping up production, improving eps and margin

  15. $HPJ despite the short interest, the price continues to hold at 4. I will not sell at this price either.

  16. $HPJ They love to have your shares for this price... Me too...

  17. $HPJ I sold at 5 or so for a loss @ the end of 2014 after gettin in mid 7s in sept/oct. Hasn t done anything but go down since. Turd.

  18. $HPJ ONLY if better growth. Q4 14 was a CONTRACTION. Delayed rev. Is BS. Also BS is demand exceeds capacity which is higher than ever

  19. $HPJ Funny how some people don t see the buying opportunity right about now.. loading up!

  20. $HPJ Short term pain Longer term, 2016 ttm earnigs should be .60 plus at PE of 10, share price 6/share possible. But only if better growth

  21. $HPJ sold & re-bought at cheaper price bc I believe this is a winner !!! always BULLISH ..cant go wrong just follow the trend :))

  22. $HPJ all I know is there are some lucky cats today getting shares for cheap, & some idiots giving them away, volume pretty good here

  23. $HPJ what a battle we had at $3.98, not out of the woods yet, but good sign.

  24. $HPJ waa waa waa. STFU

  25. $HPJ No bottom on this SCAM?