1. watch list 11/30/15 $rgls $plnr $rptp $arwr $hpj $ttph $sgyp $thld $glbl $idra $urbn $on $jblu

  2. $HPJ Glad I held and I hope trading volume picks up and analyst coverage increases. Interesting sector with a massive pie to go after

  3. $HPJ Anshan Iron and Steel http://en.ansteelgroup.com/

  4. $HPJ Anshan is the second largest steel maker in China by output https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anshan_Iron_%26_Steel_Group_Corporation This a pretty large player looking to invest in HPJ

  5. $HPJ wonder about news monday after agm today...

  6. $HPJ This investment announcement gives validation to the direction that Highpower is moving. Glad that I held.

  7. $HPJ Electric buses, solar, and wind power are already running and deployed in China. Take it or leave it and deal with CPP!

  8. $HPJ Next week might be fun, who invests in a company worth $43 million...by jumping in with $100 million.

  9. $HPJ Kind of funny that China wants to go GREEN when they pollute the world the most when producte GREEN products. LOLOLOLO

  10. $HPJ China is going to green direction! Accept the change or your vehicle will not be allowed on the road!

  11. $HPJ I m on vacation not checking as often. Wish I would have seen 3.42. Would have sold few and bought back to cut my loses.

  12. $HPJ Wow it was 3.42 open? And faded to 2.88? I hope the floor is set high with this $100m investment.

  13. $HPJ Shades of NQ. Stay away...thank me later.

  14. $HPJ What a scam. You will lose all your money.

  15. $HPJ as I mentioned, I plan on visiting the company in China late January / early February a d idea from CES in early January

  16. $HPJ So they invested $100 million dollars in a company worth about $43 million? They must see something...days ahead might be better.

  17. $HPJ There is a more urgent push to green and renewable energy to fight greenhouse effects... Everybody is looking for batteries...

  18. $HPJ Did I read $6.39 per share bid?

  19. $HPJ 2016 looking bright

  20. $HPJ What s the news. Why is $HPJ up by 23%

  21. $HPJ this stream has now crossed 1000 watchers !

  22. $HPJ lol junk will remain junk :)



  25. $HPJ LOL money lost next week... good for the day though.