1. $YELLEN $BABA $BBRY $KNDI $HPJ $NQ 2 b short now the market s mojo is back = payback. Strong declines on no news likely 2 b 1st 2 reverse.

  2. $KNDI $JD $CTRP Long and stalking $JRJC $HPJ. Strong rebounds for trades and long term happening.

  3. $HPJ By the time Elon Musk has built his Giga Factory... He will be left behind far away by HPJ...

  4. $HPJ Report about Lithium Ion expected explosive growth between 2013 and 2020... http://www.slideshare.net/FrostandSullivan/executive-summary-and-more-for-global-lithium-ion-batteries

  5. $HPJ The future is bright for Lithium-Ion... Electronic Producers are lurking around Lithium Ion Battery producers... http://www.batterypoweronline.com/main/blogs/for-lithium-ion-batteries-growth-is-a-game-changer/

  6. $HPJ I love Hump day.

  7. $HPJ ask right now is 6.23, not sure how important that is but find i find it interesting

  8. $HPJ today s news is the kind of news that is needed for a nice upward guidance come March for full year 2015

  9. $HPJ closed with a HOD... Good starting point for tomorrow...

  10. $HPJ I guess I m eating crow that Wednesdays really are PR days...

  11. $HPJ will a single D-bag do a market sell of 10k shares and take us negative at the close?

  12. $HPJ Apple? Xiaomi? LG? Huawei?

  13. $HPJ so we can count Sony, Samsung, Acer, Costco to our Customer Portfolio... Who is next? Any suggestions?

  14. $HPJ Go two hours without Charging something up, and tell me this isn t a great stock.

  15. $HPJ weekly hammer worth looking at

  16. $HPJ cool thing about this PR is... it came from another company. #notapump

  17. $HPJ Finally!!!

  18. $HPJ Needs to get back to the $7 s, but I will take 10% a day to get there

  19. $HPJ

  20. $HPJ

  21. $HPJ Highpower s Huizhou Facility Receives Qualification from Samsung for Addition to its Supply Chain http://stocknewsnow.com/news-inner.php?newsartid=NEWSID17122014100008

  22. $HPJ Can t even get over $5 with this news and less than 80k volume probably all buys....pathetic if traders dip at eod this will crash

  23. $HPJ finally... block at 4.90 getting taken out. Hate low volume days but I guess smart longs are just holding. 4.99 EOD

  24. $HPJ I guess I have a whole new round of questions to ask the CFO come January 8th

  25. $HPJ that small block at 4.90 needs to be taken out!