1. $HPJ Remember when this was in the 5 & 6 s??? .....Me neither.

  2. $HPJ Moodys on Li-Ion http://www.indmin.com/Article/3494167/Lower-Li-ion-costs-will-spur-increased-battery-use-says-Moodys.html

  3. $HPJ 1100 shares. Pathetic. IR department should all be fired. Leadership has no stomach for investor relations.

  4. $HPJ kind of like the old days of up down up down . day trade this stock.

  5. $HPJ Energy Storage driving tremendous growth http://storage.pv-tech.org/news/nextera-ceo-energy-storage-driving-tremendous-growth-could-soon-replace-pea

  6. $HPJ This is also encouraging... http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-utilities-enter-market-small-rooftop-solar-045251466--finance.html

  7. $HPJ Good time to average down and double my position... Bullish on smart phone batteries, bus batteries, and ESS...

  8. $HPJ should be getting some kind of update or news pretty soon

  9. Top% Gainers: $PNX 153% $CERE 45% $GVP 13% $RJET 12% $HPJ 10% $RNTI 9% $DRD 8% $BBG 8% $XENT & $CERE 1/2 exits 1.39 ;)

  10. $HPJ feeling very strong about the Q3 and Q4

  11. $HPJ Institutional ownership up 24.6% Q/Q, with 177,337 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/HPJ

  12. $HPJ here is another analysis predicting 13-15 million the first week http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-s-iphone-sales-will-break-records-this-weekend--foursquare-220723868.html

  13. $HPJ Q3 about a month & half away, HPJ must have been very busy supplying batteries to meet demand for Iphone accessories, huge quarter IMO

  14. $CRUS getting a boost from dealing with $AAPL, $HPJ should get a boost from dealing with Mophie, who deals with $AAPL https://finance.yahoo.com/news/iphones-hit-stores-record-sales-105145689.html

  15. $HPJ the battery ramp up for Mophie packs is real https://finance.yahoo.com/news/iphones-hit-stores-record-sales-105145689.html $AAPL

  16. $HPJ Q3 numbers should be very interesting given the Iphone release, I bet there was a lot of preperation for the launch with Mophie

  17. $HPJ first week Iphone sales expected to be a record be 12-13 million https://finance.yahoo.com/news/iphones-hit-stores-record-sales-105145689.html think Mophie Packs will be selling as well?

  18. $HPJ bought some.

  19. $HPJ Another 1000 shares added - trading below book value with growth trajectory intact so why not

  20. $HPJ 6. Landing Huawei or Xiaomi as a new customer

  21. $HPJ 5. Winning a major Electric Bus contract

  22. $HPJ 4. Winning a major Utility Project contract

  23. $HPJ 3. Starting production for a Samsung product design win

  24. $HPJ 2. Inking a major Drone deal

  25. $HPJ 1. Launching their portable energy storage systems in retail stores across Europe & America