1. Love Hormel, but the stock is simply overvalued here. $HRL

  2. $HRL I added yesterday before earnings..saw it move up .90- I usually don t chase but elfenbein pushed me re divi. worked out well.

  3. Algo trading: OPEN signals Nov/24 BUY: $INCY $NXTM $MAR $WSH $WTW $EDR $BDX $ACAS $OSUR $A $WTR $AZPN $HD $HRL $POZN $LOW $KSU

  4. Excellent breakout on $HRL I remain long. Good eps report today.

  5. #MarketMovers 11/24 Big earnings for big food #Hormel & #Campbell $HRL $CPB | Tiffany earnings due $TIF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKHU2QmBsu4&index=1&list=PLa_QP0x5ICMWCVXmnuDrNWKIO4bceuSfc

  6. Nice reasons suggested on $HRL conference call transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://thestreet.com/story/13377683/1/hormel-foods-hrl-earnings-report-q4-2015-conference-call-transcript.html

  7. HRL will run like a bull after lunch! $HRL

  8. Trade plays $TASR $ADI $HRL $AVP ... Up +0.11R at least a BreakEven day ... Can t complain the month is great $AVP saved my A** @NDX100

  9. $TSN $CPB $HRL, comedy hour here

  10. Hormel Foods (HRL) Stock Gains on Earnings Beat, Jim Cramer Weighs In http://www.thestreet.com/story/13376937/1/hormel-foods-hrl-stock-gains-on-earnings-beat-jim-cramer-weighs-in.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO $CRAMER #CRAMER $HRL

  11. $HRL Next 10 days

  12. Movers this morning and pretty charts : $TIF $HRL $DSW $CPB $DLTR $AVP $PANW $BRCD http://www.hotstockmarket.com/t/286192/11-24-15-tuesday-movers-tif-hrl-dsw-cpb-dltr-avp-panw-brcd-xrx-vrx-sjm-aapl-more

  13. $hrl $dltr we had these long for the subscribers in our weekend gameplan for this wk. Gotta take gains here however on both...nice job longs

  14. INFO: $HRL TRUST indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) marks stock as trustworthy.

  15. Hormel Foods Corp (HRL) Issues FY16 Earnings Guidance [Beats Estimates] http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/hormel-foods-corp-hrl-issues-fy16-earnings-guidance/680299/ $HRL

  16. $HRL nice daily breakout, this could have a nice up day today

  17. Hormel s profit growth exceeds expectations, sets optimistic targets for 2016 http://www.startribune.com/hormel-s-profit-growth-exceeds-expectations-sets-optimistic-targets-for-2016/353160941/ $HRL

  18. $HRL Hormel Foods Trades Higher Following Earnings Results http://www.briefing.com/investor/analysis/story-stocks/hormel-foods-trades-higher-following-earnings-results.htm

  19. In Play Longs: $ADI $AVP $BOX $FRO $HRL $PANW $SUNE $TASR $VRX $SWKS

  20. Focus list for today $SUNE $DY $NMBL $M $CLDN $OPK $BOOT $ICON $TASR $CNMD $HRL $AMWD

  21. Pre-market en Wall Street 24/11/2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cBCRMnKIB4 $EURUSD $SPY $TIF $HRL $CPB $DLTR $AVP $NASDAQ $DJIA #WALLSTREET

  22. Listen to $HRL Q4 2015 earnings call - live at 09:30 AM, ondemand after - http://earningscast.com/q4-2015-hormel-foods-corp-earnings-conference-call

  23. Notable cos beating earnings expectations this AM: $ADI $AMWD $BECN $BURL $CBRL $CPB $FRO $HRL $NJR $TIF $VAL

  24. Last 4 qrtrs of $HRL s price movement on the earnings announcement. http://www.tradingthedate.com/stocks/HRL?utm_campaign=Earnings+Today&utm_medium=social&utm_source=stocktwits

  25. $CPB $HRL $PF $BDBD Campbell Soup only 30 cents away from all-time highs!